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  1. Highway 74/76 east of the Highway 87 juncture near Rigelwood has been long overdue with the underposted 55mph speed limit. So ridiculous. Now if only all of Highway 17 south of Wilmington to Little River, South Carolina at the state line can be all 60mph.
  2. Two really good restaurants ive been to were Wasabi Sushi off US 64 in Cary and Char-Grill by the RBC.
  3. I am not suprised Italian cities lead Europe in density but damn, Palermo is the densest city? I def have to check that out next summer when im back in Sicilia. I was a bit suprised that Bari has a bigger population than Bologna does
  4. Great profile page! The WB and UPN no longer exist, WB is CW and UPN is MyNetworkTv (MNTV).
  5. Your getting warmer but no, its not a freeway. The jersey wall.... keep talking about that.. what do you notice about it (no trick question i swear!). Its not Collingswood or Burlington but Glassboro is the closest you are getting so far. Your getting warmer too SJ7 but its not Woodbury. Thats all im saying because otherwise, you'll figure out that photo.
  6. 1st clue on both photos, they are south jersey locations
  7. I agree that you should fine companies who are hiring illegal immigrants. Nationwide, if this was enacted, we would see a sharp decrease in illegal immigration.
  8. No No No No No No Everything is not even close.
  9. Ok, its my turn to help out. Name the following in these two pics: 2pts for road 2pts for town 1pt for county Photo II Yes, im into roads and so what... 2pts for road (bonus pt for what direction im heading) 2pts for town 1pt for county 1pt for any significant thing(s) of the highway i was driving on
  10. First long paragraph, i totally agree on what your saying, as ive driven all aforementioned highways. NCDOT though, is on top of things when it comes to rural secondary two lane roads. 2nd short paragraph, could you further explain on the alternative part?
  11. This can easily make US 1 south of Raleigh a very useable road to get to Columbia(SC), Augusta(GA), Columbus(GA) and into Montgomery(AL). That of course if the following occurs: - Improvements are made through Tramway between the southern end of the Sanford bypass and the beginning of the Vass-Cameron bypass. Improvements such as installing superstreet intersections and/or frontage roads to eliminate traffic signals may be the best move. An interchange at NC 78 would have to be built but would be difficult to do so. No word on when improvements will be made through Tramway -Improvements between the southern end of the Vass-Cameron bypass and the northern end of the Southern Pines bypass. This would be much easier to do than in Tramway. Also no word on when improvements will be made over there. -A bypass relocation of US 1 through Southern Pines, Aberdeen and Pinebluff. There are talks of this project but the horse country owners and homeowners of southeastern Moore County will likely put up a strong fight to stop this. Currently, after the Southern Pines bypass ends, you must travel through the 5 lane Sandhills Boulevard for a couple miles. It is not that painful to pass through (at 45mph) but if a lot of out of town traffic uses US 1 in the future, it will then be very congested and maybe the center turn lane will have to be closed off. Between Aberdeen and Pinebluff is ok but would have to be bypassed because it is a short four lane semi rural stretch. - US 1 widening project finishes between the Moore/Richmond border and the SC State line. Sometime after 2010, construction will start. A bypass of Rockingham is also part of the plan. - Four laning of US 1 through the Midlands region of South Carolina from the NC/SC state line to Camden, near I-20. There are no plans to widen US 1 through this part of SC simply because the traffic volumes are very very low between Cheraw and Camden. - Up until Augusta(GA), traffic would be using I-20 because US 1 parallels the interstate. -Approaching Augusta, US 1 would use the Fall line Freeway (WARNING: PDF) alignment, which most of this project is under construction. Around Wrens(GA), the fall line freeway alignment then goes due west towards Alabama, departing from US 1. The highway would then terminate in Columbus(GA) just before Alabama. US 80 west of Columbus (??not sure if it needs improvements??) would then get you to the I-85 juncture, about 20 miles northeast of Montgomery. So really, this corridor could be one large bypass of I-85 between Durham and Montgomery, years and years from now.
  12. Grouping SaNford and Southern Pines together is incorrect, there in two different counties and are not together by any means. If you are in Sanford and trying to get to I-95, the suggested routes are: To the north: US 1 NORTH to Raleigh I-40 EAST US 64 EAST to I-95 in Rocky Mt Mapquest says: 1 Hour and 33 minutes 93.83 Miles Results can be clicked here Even in shortest distance, you cannot get the US 421 alternative. _______________________________________ To the south: (using Florence, SC as an example if I-95 is taking you beyond NC) NC 87 SOUTH I-95 SOUTH Mapquest Says (to Florence) 2 hours, 20 Minutes 124.33 Miles Results can be clicked here The shorter route shows this result NC 42 and US 421 are NOT GOOD ALTERNATIVES and take much longer from S.P. and Sanford since they go too far east. On NC 42, you have to contend with sprawl from southern Wake County before you get to Fuquay-Varina then, traverse through more sprawl in Johnston County before approaching I-95 near Wilson. US 421 is not any better either as it goes too far east towards I-95. Ive done both routes so i know this from experience.
  13. Thats a good question. The HOV lane setup (situated along the median) on I-95 in northern Virginia provides entrance and exit ramps. One of the downsides to this is that it only opens for peak hour travel for one traffic bound, not both.
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