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  1. Did I see on Wiki that TAP is going to Bradley? Any news on it?
  2. If you guys don't stop electing liberals, of both parties, the state will be losing population. I moved to Florida because my boss moved the business to Florida. Without a state income tax, I'm making more money and can you fill up for $2.00/gal? I miss Connecticut, but until voters wake up, I can't move back. If you are sick of taxes, move, but leave liberalism behind, we don't need it. Who's running for mayor?
  3. A casino at the old Showcase Cinemas? Hell no, it should be in downtown, not in East Hartford. The old Showcase Cinemas should be stores...or cinemas. Really, what Connecticut need is new leadership, but so does East Hartford. Connecticut needs a pro Right to Work leader. Yes, I said it...i think you'll see more states going against the union.
  4. The new baseball stadium is helping Hartford. Now get a new civic center...
  5. I would love to see both a hotel and apartments/condos. The hotel could have a restaurant named 'Pierpont' or 'JP', named for a citizen of Goodwin.
  6. VOR: I would love to see a casino I'm Hartford, but the local tourism board should be promoting the area. We have some nice attractions in Hartford and we should promote them. If the commuter rail happens and high speed rail, let's see one casino in Hartford and then get a pro small government governor elected. We need to get businesses to expand in CT.
  7. I heard that someone will build a casino in East Hartford at the old Showcase site. Living around the area growing up (Around the Sunset Ridge area), I think they should get well paying jobs in the town - NOT A CASINO!!!
  8. Beerbeer: An Ohio class sub and the 'Onrust' both would be nice on the Connecticut River. Another would be a floating restaurant. In Tampa, we have a riverwalk from Garrison Channel (where the cruise ships are), past the Amilie Arena (Lightning home) to the mouth of the Hillsborough River up past the Stars Center to the Waterworks Park (where the city of Tampa had their first water source). I think Hartford should have a river walk from the old power plant up to Riverside Park. It would be a nice walk in the spring, summer and fall. Comments?
  9. Interesting... a casino at Bradley International.
  10. I'm wondering if the new Eastern Airlines would fly into Bradley. I heard rumors that two other defunct airlines will come back too.
  11. I know about the baseball stadium. I just think a casino is not going to help Hartford. I would like to see a new arena to replace the XL center. I would like to see a replica of the 'Onrust'. Yes, Connecticut is in trouble. What happened to the two strong party...the Democratic Party of Ella Grasso and Tom Monihan and the Republican Party of Thomas Meskill. Now it is run by the left wing Dems.
  12. Beerbeer, it would be nice to see Aer Lingus at Bradley. I hope it will be the first of many international airlines...(I would love to see Air Jamaica at Bradley, too along with Ryanair.)
  13. Do you think casinos are going to turn Hartford around? If you think it will, take a look at Atlantic City. Did the casinos help Atlantic City? No, even when the Atlantic City's casinos were thriving, two blocks from the casinos, AC looked like a third world hellhole. Hartford needs something different. A casino is not going to help. Will families visit casinos? No... you need to have family friendly places. (A replica of Mr. Block's Onrust and a Dutch history museum.) (Maybe if the hall of fames I talked about in the 9 pillars, along with the Onrust) it would help tourism.
  14. How is the commuter rail project doing? I just hope something will create a few more commuter rail for Hartford.
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