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  1. Glass almost topped out on the new office tower. Is the land being cleared now on Terra Vista and Executive for the apartment/garage or the office tower from the master plan? Seems a little early to be building the third office tower. Unless the second has already been leased.
  2. Probably. And it’s not even near the oceanfront where most tourists stay. I think the only reason it is able to stay open is because of government subsidies. I stayed in it once while my company was trying to convince us to move up here. Stellar views for sure.
  3. You’re not wrong there. Maybe they’ve been updated since the mid/late-90’s; but I remember admiring the, even then, dated green marble floors and walls in some of the elevator lobbies during First Union’s Kids Day at Work every year. Getting to go out onto the “jukebox” balcony was breathtaking for a preteen future Skyline-Enthusiast. I’d be surprised if WF did that sort of thing anymore.
  4. Sort of. LU1/BOAT’s hotel doppelgänger, Westin-Town Center in Virginia Beach, is the tallest building in Virginia at 508ft to the top of the spire, 413 to the roof. So it’s all in who you ask. Difference being that the Intercontinental will be lost in CLT’s skyline while VB’s Westin sticks out like a sore thumb.
  5. My lone warning point on here came 14 years ago from that very same ray of sunshine. While a linear park or waterway would be a wonderful pipe dream, Charlotte is far too car-centric to allow either half of 277 to be demolished. For the foreseeable future a short cap would be the most financially viable given we were able to sell some of the air rights to help pay for it and use a block or so for a small urban park. Reinforce the sections that air rights will be sold for obviously; but park sections wouldn’t need much more supporting structure than a standard bridge would.
  6. 8, maybe 9, cranes in this one shot alone! All these new offices are making all those post-blue-line 4/5-story stick apartments look dumb. #CranePorn
  7. All I can see here is that you managed to kill off 7% of your battery in three minutes. I think it’s time for a charge!
  8. I can’t say I disagree. However, access to Craney Island from the entire metro would be prohibitively expensive unless the entire plan for the third crossing comes to fruition independent of the airport. Also, protected wetland waterfowl and planes don’t mix well.
  9. Work has already begun on the next parking deck on the spot of the old Dollar Tree employee lot. Most of the old lot has been barricaded off and island/pavement demo has started.
  10. Luke Kuechly retires at age 28... I totally get it... but damn
  11. I don’t know what to make of the ground floor downgrade; the awning disappeared and it looks overall less engaging.
  12. Tough loss on Friday. But an appearance in a bowl game so early on in the program’s history is a milestone in itself.
  13. Those shipping containers have been in use at the airport for at least the last year. To me, the difference in concrete pours directly overhead (CLT) and potential falling debris (Duke) aren’t exactly hand in hand; but hazardous nonetheless. And the containers aren’t blocking anything at the airport other than the current construction zone itself. I guess my biggest peeve is the blocking of half of Tryon with a closed off blank-walled tube for the next two years. At least paint a mural on them or something. I’m obviously in the minority on this, so I’ll drop it for now. I’ll revisit this discussion during July/August when those BLACK shipping containers are baking in direct sunlight while the heat index is already at 110. Wait and see how many people elect to use them then.
  14. True. Forgot about the ones at the airport. But I feel like those, being in what equates to a parking desk-esk surroundings, are a more appropriate setting than the city’s main street just before a major national event. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d rather cross the street twice than walk through those.
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