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  1. Stonewall - Northwood Ravin Project

    I love the design, but can’t say I’d agree with the location. Can’t imagine a public park adjacent to an interstate and framed by an exit ramp. You know, public health issues and all.
  2. Carolina Panthers

    Also, new offensive coordinator: Norv Turner. This could be great news
  3. Carolina Panthers

    Look, let’s talk dirty for a second. IF this thing gets to the point where we are looking at a new stadium, even looking down the road to 2030, then let’s aim for underdeveloped land within the loop. We could even pull an Atlanta and build it (practically) adjacent to the current stadium. My nominee for future stadium site would be the insanely underdeveloped pie shape made by John Belk, 77, and Morehead. That area would leave enough room for a stadium, practice facility, as well as a tailgate lot or two. The main drawback would obviously be pedestrian connections to uptown over/under the rail tracks. I’d honestly love for the current stadium, when it’s time comes, to be imploded and the land quartered off to extend the grid so that Graham continues on rather than turning into Stonewall. In a perfect world though, Charlotte and the new owners would be completely satisfied with the current facility for decades to come. Maybe BoA could end up like Lambeau, Soldier, or Arrowhead. Civic pride and all that.
  4. Carolina Panthers

    The latter point was what I was referring to. I have already seen three articles by suburban journalists pointing out potential sites in their cities/counties and the (non-researched) potential economic impact they would have. It’s like they are rallying their readers to drum up support of these ideas. Those readers could then push their local politicians to start campaigning for this ridiculous pipe dream. Which, in turn, would only complicate any negotiations between the new owners and the city. Etc etc etc In the end, I don’t see any city outside of Charlotte having the capital to make a serious move, but they certainly aren’t helping if they even try.
  5. Carolina Panthers

    All these stadium relocation articles are doing nothing more than poking the bear. If the media would stay out of it, the possibility of a new stadium being “demanded” would barely be on the table if even at all. The more they instigate this conversation, the more likely it is that it will be a real problem. I wish I could just tell all the journalists in Charlotte to stfu for a change.
  6. I’m still disappointed that they aren’t just building a direct access flyover from I-85 to the mall that connects to the backside of the mall loop. I feel like this would mitigate traffic better.
  7. Carolina Panthers

    Don’t be such a pessimist, Alex. We’ll be 7-8-1 and make the playoffs. 8-8 if we’re damn lucky.
  8. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Why in the world would you want the “widest” building? It’s fun to dream and all, but Charlotte isn’t going to hold those kinds records, ever. But that’s not a bad thing. Unless we suddenly unearth huge oil fields underneath Mecklenburg County, Charlotte will never be a MEGA boom town. To expect or hope for anything of the sort would be ludicrous. All I hope for is responsible, well planned development that is also pleasing to the eye.
  9. Google Fiber coming to Charlotte?

    I think you missed the placement of your sarcastic quotation marks: Spectrum “Fiber”
  10. Carolina Panthers

    Not attempting to detract from your point, but the super bowl is being played in Minneapolis, followed by Atlanta, Miami, Tampa, and LA (the one was moved to Tampa because of construction delays in LA, otherwise all new stadiums.) Indy hosted SB XLVI and has not yet won a bid for another SB. I’m sure Vegas will be next in line or soon after. Not that I agree with a new stadium, but I feel like the only chance Charlotte has to ever host a SB will be a new stadium. I feel like 2030 is a good goal for a new stadium. IMO any time sooner would be irresponsible for the city.
  11. 615 South College (Portman Office Tower near Westin)

    I’ve been in Little’s current establishment and I’d consider them very sparsely spread out compared to your usual office. They have a LOT of creative space and large areas for models. I’d cut your usually cubicle population density by 80% at least.
  12. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    There are tons of those houses still valued in the mid to low $300k’s right now. If a wise investor came through, they’d see the potential there. I’d wager that most, if not all, of those houses crack $500k in the next decade and approach $1m as soon as 2035 as Uptown densifies and land becomes scarce inside the loop. That neighborhood will be a gem in Uptown pretty soon and we’ll be glad to have it. That may be one benefit of the stalling of N Tryon development. It has prevented a developer from land grabbing most of this residential. That gives the land and houses time to organically grow in value to the point where buying them out wouldn’t be financially responsible. Thanks to N Tyron’s lack of success up until recently, this neighborhood should survive the buildout of Uptown. Also, I’ll second RDF, I LOVE it in skyline shots. So much green (rather than gray parking lots.)
  13. Honestly, I love the design of this tower, the colors (with the yellow/gray combo,) the texture created by offset windows, and the height is a nice addition to extend the skyline without sticking out like The Vue does. The rando box is a bit awkward, but otherwise I can dig it. I wish this project only took up half of this lot as I don’t see a need for THAT long of a midrise section.
  14. Carolina Panthers

    ^^Just imagine what Matt Ryan will do to make sure they get in the playoffs. Panthers don’t have much to play for unless New Orleans loses to the Bucs
  15. I second on a book store. When I was in San Fran last week I was floored by just how many people were in one of the bookstores in the financial district. It appeared to be a second-hand book store, so we aren’t talking Books-a-million size. I’d wager there were twenty to thirty patrons in a store about the size of a Radio Shack.