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  1. 300 South Tryon and Kimpton Hotel

    Wow, that was a lot of posts just to feed the troll. Bringing race into the comment immediately made it so. I, for one, believe there should be options; options for those who want casual, and options for those who don’t. When CEO’s and “higher ups” come into town for business or to scout our city, it’s nice that we have establishments that suit their needs. If we want to encourage these people to move their companies here, we need to have places that cater to their needs. Otherwise we’re going to continue playing second fiddle to cities that meet their personal demands.
  2. Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    That’s not necessarily the issue. This speed bump just seems out of place, like it belongs in a suburban shopping strip, not a CBD. True that something is better than nothing; but IMO this design (or lack there of) does little to nothing to increase awareness of pedestrians.
  3. Carolina Panthers

    The boys played in 2015 form for MNF. Let’s hope they can keep this up. Bye week followed by @Jets. I really hope they don’t sleep on that game like they did for the Chicago game. 13-3 (@Saints 12/3 gives me nightmares) My gripe of the day was how early the stadium emptied out. You’d have thought we were down by 24 in the second half given, I’d say, the stadium was at 20% capacity by the fourth quarter. I just don’t get Charlotte fans.
  4. Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    That crossing is not what I expected. I figured there would at least be a mid-point mini pedestrian haven and/or at least a “must yield to pedestrians sign.” For example:
  5. Carolina Panthers

    Oh yea, for sure. He was terrible at running routes, which is why I think Cam flourished without him. I’m not necessarily sad to see him go, but I feel like we could’ve gotten a lot more for him.
  6. Carolina Panthers

    You beat me to it! I really don’t get this one. I know he wasn’t producing that much this year compared to his potential but still. I guess maybe they just wanted the heat off of Shula for a minute.
  7. Yea... but we could’ve also had this
  8. Am I the only one annoyed by the name of this tower? Market 42 should have 42 floors dernit
  9. Carolina Panthers

    Well, on the bright side, due to bye weeks, we’re still in 1st in the NFC South. Small victories
  10. Carolina Panthers

    Both defense’s did an excellent job in this game. Their defense just got their takeaways with a short field for their offense. Only one of those INTs were Cam’s fault though. Oh, and what in the actual f*** was with Shula’s play calling those last two drives? There was ZERO reason to try and score a touchdown 3 times from midfield when there was 350 left on the clock. If we had scored, that would’ve given the Eagles ample time to get a field goal. We had a great drive going and stalled because we wanted a TD.
  11. How has this project faired in the permitting process? It’s been awhile since we’ve had any movement.
  12. But EIFS on a luxury hotel? Come on man
  13. Carolina Panthers

    Eagles do look tough, but then so did the Lions. My biggest concern is our division. The way the Saints manhandled both sides of the ball in Week 3 does not bode well. I no longer think it was McDermott that caused all those terrible fourth quarters in years past. I now feel like it is Rivera’s game plan. If we can get Kalil healthy, then we’ll have a ground game again and can run in the fourth. Until then, keep doing what was working the first three quarters.
  14. Carolina Panthers

    Always trying to find a way to lose when they’re winning in style... the Panthers need to learn that playing safe early is now how you win championships.
  15. Carolina Panthers

    ^^If you don’t count the last two Patriots drives... I thought with Sean McDermott gone we wouldn’t see weak zone coverage for an entire quarter. Playing safe just because we have a lead is a great way of finding a way to lose. Especially against QB’s like Brady.