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  1. Okay. Let’s make this clear, I’m not for a new stadium. I love BoA Stadium. It’s definitely one of my favorites. I’ve sat in just about every section over the last twenty-five years. There isn’t a bad seat in the house. Is it on par with the newest, shiniest, billboardiest? No; at least not in the same way. I once heard Eagles fans complaining before a game about how the admission process is awful. I can’t argue there; there aren’t enough gates for sure. But that’s it. Now, as far as how Tepper is going about this. He’s doing well to keep away from strong-arming so far. He’s suggesting hotel and rental car taxes get raised to help fund the stadium. That’s doable; Charlotte definitely has much lower rates on those than most peer cities. That would not directly impact residents as a whole. Another source could be raising property taxes within the loop. Would this be enough to pay that off? Nope, bonds would have to be paid on over time. State level, that money is a drop in the bucket through bonds. There is a tourism fund for these types of things. This won’t take away from other programs. This state spends money on ornate bridges to nowhere and claims the ornamentation as a tourism draw. Would this impact publicly supported museums and such? Absolutely. But when was the last time Charlotte got a state-funded facility like that? Again, not for it; but let’s wait to see how this all plays out before we turn on Tepper.
  2. Ya’ll, I can’t. I guess Spectrum likes DEC1 so much they wanted it on there twice...
  3. No. Just no. Take it from a guy who drives in/around a reduced conflict intersection almost daily. While they are pretty good at moving traffic, they are about as far from pedestrian friendly as you can get. Which, I’m sorry, should be a top priority for University City. Make an alternate route to get to Harrisburg south of 49. Do not destroy the area’s ability to grow organically. Also, RCI’s have about as much pavement as a Walmart parking lot. Also, I’m happy to see the lake getting proper development; I just wish they could’ve shown the multiphase master plan. Or at least I hope that isn’t it.
  4. Close. It would be 4 playoff victories (technically you wouldn’t have to get in as a wildcard spot; but, again, insanely improbable; the math is sound,) 0 regular season losses, and 16 regular season ties. So a regular season record of 0-0-16 and a playoff record of 4-0-0. For example. The Panthers 2014 regular season record was 7-8-1, and their playoff record was 1-1-0. So, their overall record came out to a fairly improbable 8-9-1. That said; it’s amazing the mutterings that can come to form after a few Coppers.
  5. I was gonna say, oh ye of little faith. Remember, in the not-so-distant past, the season the panthers made it into the divisional round of the playoffs after going 7-8-1? In theory, a team could not win a single regular season game and still make the playoffs. 0-0-16 is still a .500 record. In practice, the most improbable record possible, even if you were trying and every game was rigged; but there is still that microscopic sliver of a chance. All this jabbering leads me to my ‘19-‘20 prediction: 19-0 or 4-0-16
  6. At least they masked the parking deck; so it’s not as painfully obvious just how ridiculous that deck is. Kinda looks like it belongs on UNCC’s campus I like the hat, I like that it hides the deck, I like that Honeywell is going Uptown, and hey, bonus, it hides some of the awkward proportion problems of LU1. Win win win win
  7. Well, at least it isn’t blue. But I miss the HOT pink
  8. Taken this morning. Almost doesn’t even look real from above.
  9. Charlotte back in the national spotlight. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you all why. When will this madness end?
  10. The answer is: you wouldn’t.
  11. It IS! I was actually caught very off guard here at first when I saw people zippering properly. I’m so used to drivers in Charlotte cutting in too early and/or not letting other people in when it is rightfully their turn. One very simple infrastructural aid up here is the lack of a dotted line to denote the lane is ending. Instead, there simply just isn’t paint after a certain point so it makes it hella obvious you are now in the same lane as the car next you and you better move! Hell, in some places there are even signs that say “stay in lane” and then “merge here” to help out those less mentally fortunate.
  12. I can offer first hand testimony on this idea due to my current commute. Interstates 264 and 64 in Norfolk/Virginia Beach use some shoulders from 7a-9a and 4p-6p during the direction’s correlating rush hour. There is still a small bit of shoulder room left over for emergencies; but VDOT responds quickly to any obstructions in these lanes. They have adequate signage, overhead lights, and the road surface is a different color/texture so it’s very obvious what the intended purpose is. These lanes do go for a few miles at times; but in the month+ I’ve lived here, I’ve never seen this cause a single issue. These are also coupled with dedicated, divided HOT lanes that go exclusively with the flow of the heavier traffic. The imagination and ingenuity of the VDOT’s implementation of the interstate system in this metro far exceeds anything NCDOT has ever done anywhere. Side note, people here know how to properly use/zipper/yield to merge lanes. Charlotte drivers could learn a thing or to and use a little patience and common sense. Drive to the end guys, drive to the end.
  13. Wanna know a great way to make what should be a pedestrian-friendly area that already has poor walkability even worse? Widen it and make gigantic u-turn lanes. R.I.P. UCBlvd’s potential to become a more urban street.
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