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  1. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    A couple observations from riding the entire length of the line Saturday: 1. As many have mentioned, a lot of areas look incomplete or forgotten about. It definitely feels like they rushed to finish to make sure they didn’t have to push out the opening date again. 2. The area between Sugar Creek and Old Concord Road is yeeeash. I actually overheard a few people mention “no way would I ever get off at this (Sugar Creek) stop!” I know a lot of areas on the original line weren’t developed at the time, but this portion of the line looks pretty hopeless. 3. Nobody seems to know how to board public transit. I think CATS really is just lacking proper markings on the platforms. There needs to be lines and arrows so people know where to stand to board and where not to stand as not to be in the way of departing passengers. Plenty of other mass transit lines around the country have clearly marked indicators to make it easier for people to understand. 4. The “do not stand here zone” at the edge of platforms should probably also include those words. Too many people had to be continually ushered away from the edge. 5. Of the three trains that we rode on throughout the day, only one had an updated map. 6. Opening on the same weekend as the NCAA tournament, the parade, and the bar crawl may have made the line look extremely successful; but I got the impression that the overcrowded cars and stations turned a LOT of people off to the idea of ever using the light rail again. 7. People actually think “light” rail means it is solar powered and, therefore, that is why it is called Lynx, not light rail... I overheard a middle aged gentleman explaining this to a group of people. It took every last iota of my patience not to correct him for the betterment of society. 8. People. Are. Asshats. Not all people, but just enough to ruin a good thing for everyone else. My two friends and I are riding back to the beginning of the line, we sit in the seats that face each other; we have two king-sized pillows, a shopping bag, and a purse. We leave enough room for someone else to sit with us if they’d like, someone eventually does. Well, this woman on the other side of the aisle sits in the aisle seat, puts her feet up across to the other seats, and then proceeds to act like she’s asleep every time more people would board the train. A couple said something, she ignored them. This went on for about seven stops before a lady, who had two kids with her, just kept tapping her on the leg until the woman finally moved her legs with an over-the-top eye roll and sigh. Then she puts her purse on the seat next to her; so the kids had to sit on the same seat together with their mom... People blow my mind sometimes. Sorry, that’s a LOT more than I meant to type!
  2. FNB Tower 401 S Graham St

    I don’t mind the box in this instance. [email protected] said, they need space for an amenity deck, so unless they purchased the air rights over part of the existing deck (which would be preferable IMO,) the flat top is unavoidable. They could have done some screening on the 77-facing side to give a little more texture/depth at the top, but that’s about it. So sure, the squareness could’ve been played off a bit better, but, given the limitations, they get a pass. Tryon Place, however...
  3. FNB Tower 401 S Graham St

    I’m just happy they toned down the blue on the redesign. This is more of a steel or slate blue, I can live with that. Also, those sidewalks on Graham!
  4. Northlake Mall

    Well, speaking of comparing Northlake to Southpark... went to SP last weekend during the CIAA tournament. Was surprised by the demographics inside. It looked a lot more like Eastland IMO. Sephora was blasting (and I mean BLASTING) hip hop music with a DJ and a large crowd built up in and outside of it. You should’ve seen the look on the older, whiter, more ummm “distinguished” people walking by... Deer. In. Headlights. That being said, there are cultures in Charlotte that still value “high end” clothing and accessories, and use them as status symbols. It’s more prominent in Atlanta, but it does exist in Charlotte as well, and it definitely showed last weekend.
  5. Crescent Stonewall Station

    Please tell me those are LED’s
  6. If I remember correctly, they blocked off the top level the adjacent parking deck (the one that used to have the super-long skywalk going to Founders Hall) and used it for staging.
  7. The RailYard SouthEnd

    This project reminds me so much of many of the quality mid-rise projects being constructed around D.C. proper (thanks to height restrictions in district limits.) While I probably know the answer, my question to those who really are in the know: What is so prohibitive to this design that keeps so many other developers from designing something similar? Why do we end up with projects like The Mint? Are designs like this riskier? Or are they just not as profitable?
  8. Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    Didn’t expect it to be nationally ranked. I mean Asheville certainly has a lot going for it. But of all the cities in America I didn’t expect it to be in the Top 25.
  9. Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    No way. I love Charlotte, but we aren’t even in the top ten in the SE. Leaving out TX, the “Southeast” is represented 8 times in TripAdvisor’s list of the Top 25 in America, none of which are Charlotte. #6 Orlando #10 Key West #11 New Orleans #14 Charleston, SC #16 Savannah #18 Nashville (I’d consider that SE) #21 Asheville (didn’t expect that one) #24 Miami Beach I’d expect Knoxville, Atlanta, Biloxi, and pretty much every decent sized city with a beach in Florida to be listed above Charlotte as well. Aside from this “whose is bigger” list though, I’d certainly say Charlotte would be on the “most improved” list.
  10. I’m not sayin it’s gonna happen, but IF 10T gets delayed, I’d LOVE for there to be a decent sized dog park in Uptown. Why not here? Add a proper gate, a few water faucets, some kiddie pools, and this site is all set!
  11. Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    While I’m not sayin we need one or should ever get one, because... why? I was actually very surprised when one didn’t get incorporated into the NHoF instead of BWW. I’d say it’s a possibility if tourism ever truly becomes a real thing in Uptown outside of sporting events.
  12. While I applaud this post, it made me think. Take out the Skyhouse towers (which shouldn’t count as they’re part of the same development,) and this area looks pretty much the same, albeit with nicer trees
  13. Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    This project is certainly going to have a major impact from the south
  14. Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    I think once more office comes online, the need for housing will rise again. I feel like this “boom” only happened because of the severe deficit that has existed for so long. We may have reached a point where the demand is leveling off. But honestly I feel like this is just seasonal, housing markets are historically slower during winter months. The same thing happens in University where there has been a glut of apartments for more than a decade. Apartment complexes are just using standard tactics to keep at least some interest flowing. If I’m wrong, I just hope this won’t impact Market 42. What we need now are families to broaden Uptown’s horizons. It will take a much larger cultural shift in Charlotte to get suburbanite commuters and their families to live in Uptown Charlotte. The conveniences they are accustomed to just don’t exist yet. Maybe once Whole Foods, Publix, and some more sundries come online Uptown won’t be as difficult for a family to call home. Even then I’d be astonished to see many families with children living here. Maybe it’s time for the condo market to rebound subtly. IMHO home ownership is much more attractive to families. I’d love to see condos as part of this complex, if even only a limited amount.