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  1. Buffalo is 0-3 during the postseason. Either way, somebody is going to win their first Bowl game.
  2. While on a local level a CLT-App game would be awesome. I’d rather see a rivalry develop with NC State or another SEC/ACC team to help the program get more recognition on a national level. I’d love to see a day when Charlotte earns a place in one of the Power 5 conferences.
  3. From the overtly pretentious rooftop bar at Le Meridien, CityLights Rooftop. $7 for a bottle of OMB Copper... never again
  4. Bowl eligible and lookin like a 7-5 finish if this game keeps up. That’s after a 2-5 start. Here’s hoping a bowl invite will come somewhat locally. Where ya at now, @monsoon?
  5. A few shots from Uptown’s forgotten park and forgotten 4 star hotel. Had planned on staying at the Kimpton, but Le Meridien had a ridiculous rate for this week. Figured the view would be worth it too. Was not disappointed.
  6. One item of note. In the far left of this picture, you can see that they paved a brand new surface lot on one of the blocks. A full block. Complete with non-temporary light posts. What in the actual hell?
  7. Smitty suited up one last time. Also, got to watch a little crane porn all game long.
  8. New $9.5mil police station approved for the site of the current DMV next to the fire station and IHOP. New Chick-fil-A (re)location opened on the 3rd at the former site of the suntrust on Harris to make room for the future office building. https://universitycitypartners.org/coming-soon-in-university-city/
  9. It’s my understanding that it will go where the current parking lot is. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. In a touch of irony, I got my wish today. Heard through the grapevine, and then fact checked with a trusted source, that the large parking lot next to Dollar Tree HQ is being replaced by a parking deck. Braking ground Q4, timeline of 1 year to complete. Should be “exact size” of other current deck. “All Dollar Tree” so it would be a surprise if this included any semblance of ground retail or residences.
  11. Seriously! I mean, trying to create an urban landscape is great; but not if you’re going to pave parking lots. Build another garage and use all those parking lots for more buildings with some street presence; otherwise this is just going to be another office park.
  12. Man, that rendering of the new office tower going up is incredibly underwhelming compared to previous renderings... Thanks, VE
  13. But, let’s be honest here, why are they keeping it? It’s gotta be a joke. Somebody is reading this thread and getting a hell of a kick out of all the comments related to it. That or KJ bribed the foreman.
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