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  1. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    The exposure in this picture almost makes the top of that deck look green. At first I had to do a double take thinking this picture was a rendering of the deck's remodel. Made me think how I'd almost be praising this deck if it had some street level retail and green/rec space on top. A boy can dream...
  2. First Ward Urban Village and Parks

    My only concern is, what happens to GF in the long run? Do they sell their customers and assets off to the highest bidder? Or do they continue to operate as a small fiber utility for the long haul? I'd much rather the latter honestly. I don't want AT&T or Spectrum again. Back on topic, walked by Levine's parking deck a couple days back... crickets
  3. MLS in Charlotte?

    Cleveland Browns fans
  4. There's nothing particularly wrong with blue glass. In fact I find it quite stylish/handsome on a tower. But I'm not a fan of uniformity-- the entire skyline will start losing its visual interest if every new tower is the same color; they'll just blend together. For example, I like the Museum apartment tower, but the biggest flaw in its design was matching DEC. It sort of gets lost in the skyline because it blends in with its neighbor. Were it any other color glass, it would stand out much more.
  5. No. More. Blue. Glass. The skyline is shifting from being the Emerald City (layout-wise) to the Sapphire City. I'd like to see more creative use of color and materials in modern CLT towers.
  6. I'm not going to stay on this topic long as this topic has been beaten to death here and many other places on UP. That's exactly the [email protected] Uptown was just a 9-5 town and still, in many ways, is. Uptown streets may be full of activity during the work week, but businesses still close early and many still aren't open all weekend. The void of retail Uptown is a direct result of the lack of foot traffic during non-business hours. That traffic has VASTLY improved over the last four or five years, but that critical mass clearly still isn't there if we have chains closing up for the weekend.
  7. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Duke is actually working on this as we speak. As part of their $13 billion power-grid improvement plan they announced back in April, they will be burying power lines over the next ten years. Obviously this doesn't mean all of them, but it's a start. IMO developers should be required to foot the bill for burying power lines within and adjacent to their properties.
  8. Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    Yea I get that, but the freight headed to and from Northlake from the north is what exacerbates the congestion. I didn't mean Northlake itself.
  9. Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    The trouble with this logic (theirs, not yours,) is that there is a hefty amount of freight facilities within Charlotte, especially in the Northlake area. I'm assuming these facilities were built long before Northlake existed and 77 wasn't such a nightmare. I wonder if any of them are considering moving to more logistically sound areas.
  10. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Quick shot down Central today
  11. Crescent Stonewall Station

    What an underwhelming building... I feel like you could drive down to Concord Mills and see five hotels nearly identical to this. It just doesn't scream "Uptown" to me. I know I'm probably asking for too much for a spot that will be tucked away in a sea of mid-rises, but I feel like the one interesting part of this tower (the skinny, crowned portion,) should have gone on the corner of the lot instead. It looses its visual impact being jammed up against the rest of this project.
  12. I'm glad they haven't tried to add signage to boacc, that would be a crime against a beautiful design. I hope they never do.
  13. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Today was certainly a great day to be out and about in the city- nice breeze and (respectively) cooler temps for July. I loved this bit of grit on Tryon that I've never noticed before: Piano Parking. Did my best to teach my better half "Chopsticks," with a little bit of success. Had a bit of an audience at the end. Also, obligatory Bearden pic: #UptownStunner's deck doesn't look so bad when you crop most of it out of the picture!
  14. Perhaps we bumped into each other today. I love the "job site dress code" sign. At first glance it almost looks like a "you must be this tall to ride" sign.
  15. Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    Well, according to the terribly put together website for the widening project,, there will be alternate routes being built within the state to alleviate this... funny how I've never heard of said routes before. "Q: How will tractor-trailers benefit from the I-77 Express Lanes? A: The non-tolled general purpose lanes could see relief as passenger vehicles choose to move to the express lanes. Other recently completed projects have seen 10 mph improvements in average speed in the non-tolled lanes. Additional relief will come as projects across North Carolina offer multiple corridors for through tractor-trailers that use I-77 to get from South Carolina to Virginia." I'm calling hogwash