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  1. AuLukey

    Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    Omg. If William Carter really does teach at The University of Florida, then he should not be thrown off by the median location. There are dozens of these on the turnpikes in Florida. They make so much more sense. Instead of having two smaller, less safe (security concerns,) rest-stops, there’s a single one that encourages more foot traffic and better maintenance.
  2. AuLukey

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Even knowing this was in Uptown, I was still incredibly caught off guard. Annoyed to find out yesterday was the last day. If we had known that we would’ve gone for a ride. Why can’t we keep nice things in Uptown?
  3. Starting to peak out on Church St
  4. Pictures don’t do justice just how massive these steel beams really are in person. You’d think they were for a tower three times as tall.
  5. AuLukey

    Carolina Panthers

    *facepalm* forgot he was out for the year. Well at least there’s that.
  6. AuLukey

    Carolina Panthers

    Guys our chance at the division title went up in smoke when the Saints beat the Rams and then picked up Dez. I’ll settle for the wildcard spot this year. Playoffs four years in a row? Please and thank you. Depending on how the Vikings finish, I’m predicting the NFC South 3 make it again.
  7. AuLukey

    First Ward Urban Village / North Tryon Vision Plan

    Ugh. More Charlotte beige
  8. Yea you guys just progressed through my entire thought process. 1. Glass box=Apple Store 2. Wait, it’s too small 3. Could be underground! 4. Naw KJ’s photos don’t show any digging there so that’s not the case. 5. Damn
  9. AuLukey

    University City Projects/News

    Haha I feel like I saw a plan JUST like that about ten-fifteen years ago. Traffic circle at Harris and Tryon and all. Which clearly can’t happen. This plan is obviously pre-BLE conception.
  10. AuLukey

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    This tower definitely has a mini me. The Westin at Virginia Beach Town Center. Not awful but the pyramid is much better proportioned.
  11. AuLukey

    Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    FWIW, while on vacation in S Florida/Keys this past week I made it a point to never say the words “North Carolina” when asked where I was from. Not one person batted an eye when I said I was from Charlotte. The most common response was either to do with having a house in NC or not having been to NC in a few months. So, South Floridians know their geography at the very least.
  12. AuLukey

    Carolina Panthers

    Not a bad game. Definitely some things to work on; but we looked a LOT better all around. Jackson & Obada really came out of nowhere; glad to see some future stars on D. Patchwork O-Line held up somehow. And, man, CMC... Keep it up! Really not a lot to complain about besides Cam’s continued habit to overthrow. That, and I just wish we had given Anderson and Moore some more touches.
  13. AuLukey

    Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    My question is, what the heck is this? I see this almost every day and I can’t wrap my head around it. As far as I can tell it doesn’t exist in the renderings.
  14. AuLukey

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    This is really all just a practice round for the mega-violent-protests at the RNC under the guise of “Marine Week.” They’re just prepping for martial law
  15. AuLukey

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    With light rail out, we drove to Uptown yesterday. I saw a few A frame signs at the N Tryon stations indicating the station was closed and where to go for the busses. Only saw one person sitting at a station, and they had a CATS hat on so idk. Would’ve said something, but she had the grimace of a DMV worker who is overdue for their smoke break. That all said, I’m not sure if it was the lack of light rail or the fact that there was a Knights game, but parking in uptown was packed compared to a normal weekend.