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  1. I drove by the popeye's in Boiling Springs today. They have sign saying that they are opening for business this Monday, July 25th.
  2. Haven't seen any mention of these two items, so I thought I'd post and see if anyone has heard any rumors. Plus, it's been forever since my last post, so I'm just glad to be back on the forum again. :-) Last year, some land was cleared right at I-385 and I-585. At one point, I had heard there would be a mini shopping center. Someone else thought it was going to be a truck stop (man, I hope not). So there's that. I think this one might be all rumors. It's been sitting idle for a long time. Other thing is that the Ingles near FBNS has had part of it's parking lot roped off and gravel laid down. So far, there's been no actual construction. My gut tells me it's going to be a McDonald's, because that's what they did in the Bi-Lo parking lot @ Hwy 9 and Old Furnace Rd. Can someone please tell me I'm wrong? lol
  3. Is there a Mexican restaurant in Spartanburg that has a Mariachi band? I've done some google searching with no luck. I think it's been a decade since I've last seen one.
  4. I saw an article just now. Good news about the high speed rail. $4 million and $22 million grants. http://www.examiner.com/transportation-in-atlanta/us-dot-awards-26-1-million-to-atlanta-charlotte-high-speed-rail
  5. Yes, they've started on the widening project, but haven't really addressed Hwy 9 yet. They redid Old John Dodd Road, which was critical. There's a ton of subdivisions off of Belcher Rd that use that side road to get to Ingles/Schools/Daycares/Churches and you would also be afraid you'd hit someone on it. They've widened and paved it and I'm quite happy. No bike lane there, but I wouldn't expect one on a side road anyway. They've done a lot to Old Furnace Road and it looks good except for one of the mailboxes is pretty much in the middle of the sidewalk. lol Also, the sidewalk doesn't extend to the park (tennis courts, ballfield, etc...) which was only another 7 or so car lengths down the road. Major blunder in my opinion, but maybe there was a lack of agreement between different parties. I wouldn't be surprised. It looks good, and the traffic at the intersection of Hanging Rock Road is a LOT better than it was. Overall, I'm pleased. Can't remember if there's a bike lane or not, but there's a lot of room for bikes. You'd have no trouble passing someone on a bike on that road. But I do hope they've learned some lessons from this part of the project that will apply to the rest of the project. Is Spartanburg (and the Upstate) still the best place in SC for cyclists?
  6. I almost wish it was a gas station. Turns out it's gonna be a Dollar General. And we have one already on the other side of Ingles - not far away at all. While I'm happy there will be a newer building - the old building was smaller and they never ran the a/c or heat, maybe because it was broke and they knew they'd be putting up a new building? - but I'm not sure I'm happy about this yet. We already have an abandoned Ingles, Winn Dixie and even a brand-new commercial rental property that hasn't been used (all 3 or 4 units) for over a year. I'm afraid nobody will use or tear down the original building after the move. I hate to be upset before I really even have the right to be, but the old building has issues. And why would anyone rent it when there's more than a few new rental properties that are new, easy access, part of the shopping center and are literally right next door? (Though it's next door in vicinity, the old Dollar General is not accessible from the shopping center) I'm just upset because I see no reason anyone would want it unless, please oh please, someone wanted that specific piece of land and tears it down to build something else. It just seems unlikely when there's other land nearby that's available that doesn't require demolition. Plus, leaving old buildings as decaying relics seems to be the norm in the area. I really hope I'm wrong. *rant_mode=off*
  7. Looks like there's going to be a new something next to the Ingles where 176 and Asheville Highway meet in Boiling Springs. Looks more like a store than a restaurant. Has anyone seen this or knows what it is?
  8. I want a Popeye's chicken. I just felt like saying that.
  9. There's a new Indian restaurant that's opened on 221 across from the Hospital, next to Coggin's Floral Shop. It's called Pachranga Authentic Indian Cuisine. It's a buffet/menu style restaurant and is not bad. I'm so glad to have a buffet-style Indian Restaurant. The food is a little hotter (spicy) than I'm used to but that's just fine with me. I've only been once, but they had naan, onion chutney, mint chutney, bhaji, chicken saag, chicken korma, curried veggies, salad, etc... when we went. They've been open for a couple of weeks but didn't seem busy when my wife and I went. I hope they stay in business. I LOVE 5 Spice, but I like having buffet as an option too. To be honest, I can't give it more than a 7 out of 10, but to be fair I went at 3pm, which is not the best time to go to a buffet.
  10. Playing devil's advocate here, I didn't realize there was a need for another Abbott Farms stand. On the other hand, it is by I-85, so it's sure to suck in some traffic. I wonder if one of the existing locations moved or if this is a new location. I'll have to ask next time I buy some peach salsa. Or peach bread.
  11. If it does end up being a fresh market I'll be there every week. :-)
  12. Something's going up right off of I-85 next to the Denny's and Northern Tool. My wife saw a sign that said Hoover, but she saw it only briefly. It might've been the name of the construction company or something though. If that's actually the store name, I've never heard of it. Anyone seen this or know anything about it?
  13. But everyone knows that you can't move power lines or bury them. Seriously though, in International Law, if a country decides to build on the land of another country, and the border invasion goes undisputed for 20 years, the borders are rewritten. I promise I'm not just making it up. And I think that's a good law too. It should apply here. If Duke had a problem with it, they had, by their own admission, over 20 years to make a dispute. I say the trees stay and Duke needs to bury those cables. That's the way to go these days anyway. They can consider it an investment. It's not like this one tiny section will make them go broke. And besides, with buried cables there will be less outages when in snows in April (man, SC weather is wacky).
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