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  1. I do wonder what they have done before working with keeping a street grid in place as so many people have voiced should be done, at least as much as possible. From what I could see on their website, the only example of that was in Pennsylvania...and that was a different situation because that was an expansion of an existing facility, so they just connected the expansion to the existing over the existing street.
  2. of course we will get to see the Pinnacle cranes rise significantly taller as time passes on, so those will become visible from much further away than they are now
  3. Interesting article from the Tennessean today about the Convention Center builder and the reputation from past CC projects. I say interesting because the story starts off seemingly trying to scare you into thinking there will be all kinds of problems encountered with this builder, but then buried at the end is the praise they have received from other groups as well. It's also good that at least the parties involved here in Nashville admit to being aware of these past issues because they are taking steps to make sure they are one of the ones happy in the end like Boston, and not upset like M
  4. Just flew into and out of BNA over the past week a couple times so I thought I would update the renovations. The consolidated security is partially finished by what I could tell...by that I mean you still have two options, one that feeds directly into the C concourse and another new one that opens up straight towards that window overlooking the runway area. In the new one, it is labeled as lines 5-9 or something like that, so I am assuming they will eventually have it opened up even further across so the old ones still going straight to the C concourse will be right there with those... The
  5. I would guess Rhythm will begin rising fairly quickly now since it is above street level. Also Terrazo looks to be at floor 9 or 10 so they have 4 more to go, right?
  6. I just don't see the point in saying anything else is irrelevant. This site fosters discussion about potential projects as well as current ones and all he was trying to say is that the announcement of a new contractor would still indicate TG is working, albeit at a slow pace. We know it's not rising until certain conditions are met, but discussion of other factors and aspects of the project besides sales make this thread still of interest IMO, and that is why it is relevant.
  7. it's about as close to downtown on the east bank of the river as any development will be. If you cross over one of the bridges from downtown (I can never remember which is which) then you pass by Titans stadium and all that surrounds it, then you pass the downtown interstate loop and this project sits right there on the corner. So it is positioned right outside the downtown loop on the east bank of the river. It'd be great if someone could get a good picture of what type of views these units will have...I would imagine they will be pretty nice.
  8. I can't wait to begin to see some renderings and the design process of this. It should be pretty exciting and I have faith that they will do it right. As far as the CC headquarters hotel goes, anybody have any sort of idea about a timeline for when we would hear that location and company announced once the CC gets the final approval? Also, since it is projected to have such a long construction time, would the hotel construction be right on pace to open at the same time as the center, or possibly get done sooner? I guess I really dont have any idea how long to expect it to take to build a h
  9. maybe I am not remembering correctly, but wasn't the 55 story proposal going to be only residential? I know that there was a very early idea of having office space as well, but I didn't think that ever really got very far. Obviously neither did a 55 story version that was just residential... anyways, my point being that with it being scaled back as I remember, he still would have had around the same number of units. My memory is leading me to think that the addition of the hotel was the primary reason it was bumped up to the 70 stories. but someone please correct me if that is wrong
  10. A little off topic, but can you or someone elaborate about what finishing out the Sommet Center entails? Also, I can't imagine blocking the street grid in the SoBro location, especially with the details that have been put forth into making Demonbreun a better thoroughfare to downtown, and more importantly with all the other growth we know will come in SoBro. Someone posted a rendering a while back of another cities CC that had the building over the street grid in certain spots...does anyone remember that or can someone post it back?
  11. That was done a while back and it was just something someone put on there as an example of how easily the skyline could be balanced out after Signature is built with just one other tower around 700 ft I believe they estimated. It is not a real proposal.
  12. I was making my peace with the large possibility of not having this building until I saw this...that view right there makes me want it more than any other I have seen.
  13. Always good to hear about the economic impact of the airport. From today's Tennessean: Nashville airports boast wide economic impact
  14. Boy I can see it right now....excavation will begin late this year and we could basically just copy and paste the conversation over from the WES thread...is it actually happening? is it to try and sell condos? is there going to be a big hole with nothing in it? Unfortunately I am more skeptical about this than WES...but who knows.
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