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  1. Along with you, Orluz, I've liked it, too. Or at least was ambivalent about it. I was sitting at the light on Wednesday looking at the building trying ti imagine how they're going to spiff it up. I hope they don't put the very trendy stamp on it that most of the buildings lately have had. They'll be dated in no time.
  2. Lootles

    Asheville Mall

    Don't forget about online shopping. That's made a huge difference in retail.
  3. Demolition has begun on the Dave Steel building between Roberts Street and Clingman Avenue. Any word on this yet?
  4. Word came last week that Dave Steel closed down their facility at the corner of Roberts Street and Clingman Avenue in the River Arts District. Today I understand that the property has already been sold. Has anyone heard what the plans for the property are? Or who has bought it?
  5. Lootles

    Asheville Mall

    I've worked down the street from Innsbruck since 1980 and can answer some of your questions. Brendle's was in the space currently occupied by Big Lots and Office Depot. It occupied that entire space for a very long time. I don't really remember if they downsized to half the space before closing or not, but I don't recall them and Office Depot being occupants at the same time, side by side. Ingles was (obviously by the outside decor) on the other side across the parking lot from where the new Ingles store is. That space is still vacant. Eckerds was in the space where Anna's Linens is now. The lower strip portion used to have two occupants, one a religious publishing company and there was an underground restaurant. When I moved here it was called The Rathskellar and then was The Windmill, and then the Windmill European Grill. I think it may have been a location of Franks Roman Pizza at some point, too. The restaurant closed a few years back when the mall underwent renovations. The restaurant was owned by the Shastri's, parents of Vijay Shastri - who has the Flying Frog downtown. Vijay worked there as chef as a teenager. I'm trying to remember what was in the Dollar General Store location before it was DGS. I don't recall Sky City ever being at Innsbruck Mall - but maybe they were before 1980. Also, there was a cafeteria at the eastern end of the second floor of the mall where all the large windows are. It may have been a precursor of J&S. I do remember it had a similar name but which letters exactly, I cannot recall. It was there for a very long time before closing.
  6. Lootles

    Asheville Mall

    Oh, man. Trying to remember that second story at the A-Mall is going to drive me nuts. I do believe there was one and, like Orulz said, that it connected to Ivey's which is the current Dillard's location. I've worked within a few blocks of both malls for nearly 30 years now and, though I'd rather be nibbled to death by ducks than go to either one, I have been around for many changes. Yes, Brendle's was the main tenant in Innsbruck Mall for many years. It took up the entire location that is now Big Lots and Office Depot. After Brendle's closed, they divided the space into two stores. There was not a Montgomery Ward there at all. There was a large cafeteria on the upper level on the northeast end. One of those places with initials for a name, like J&S, but not J&S, best I recall. As for the A-Mall, I seem to remember escalators being in the hallway area that now goes down alongside Dillard's and to the Gallery South area. There was a Litchfield's restaurant in that area, too. They had great Rueben's, btw. The opening into the Ivey's store was in or adjacent to the kitchen/housewares department. Belk's was never a two-story store until their renovation several years back and the second floor section of the mall didn't connect to that store. The Asheville Mall offices were in the second floor and, it seems, there were a few stores up there. Maybe the cigar shop?
  7. I believe it is open during the day. It certainly used to be though I haven't been by there for a while. It's a lovely little church, I hope you like it. http://stmarysasheville.org/worship.html
  8. St. Mary's at the corner of Macon Avenue and Charlotte Street is another church on the same level, in my opinion. We call it "the Enchanted Church."
  9. Guastavino had been in the US and was already quite successful prior to being hired by George Vanderbilt for the work at the Biltmore Estate. There are a number of famous structures in NYC and throughout the country that bear his mark. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guastavino_tile There was also a stonemason by the name of Bitter who did a lot of work on the Biltmore House and his descendants remain as Asheville residents to this day. By the way, if you do get a chance to tour the Basilica, try to get a tour by one of the docents. You'll be privy to a lot of additional information about the building that you wouldn't otherwise get.
  10. I did notice at Costco.com today that their M-F opening hours for regular members is 11:00 am, and for executive card holders it's 10:00 am. Sam's gives a better deal for business members by letting them in as early as 7:00 am on weekdays and regular members at 10:00 am. Just thought I'd point that out in case that would be a concern for you. Luckily, my Sam's membership is a free employee benefit for me so that leaves me to pay for Costco - which I happily do. Costco's store brand (Kirkland) is excellent on everything I've ever gotten of it. The Kirkland canned tuna is especially good.
  11. I hear that Costco in Spartanburg is opening today and the one in Greenville will open tomorrow or Friday. Can anyone confirm this?
  12. Thanks, again. If anyone hears of a opening date, would you mind posting it here?
  13. Does anyone know if Costco is still planning an August '07 opening? Living in Asheville, I don't get much news about it. Thanks.
  14. Lootles

    Asheville Mall

    Excellent! How'd you come by this information? By the way, I'm still hearing reports that Whole Foods is coming to Asheville but don't have any information on where yet.
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