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  1. Haywood Park redevelopment

    Maybe they'll just adjust the design to keep the upper floor design on a shorter building. I was reading something today in the AC-T and some of the condo owners from next door were complaining about their western views because there were only western windows in their units. They implied that they would only have views of the side of that building. From the drawing in your link, orluz, it appears that will only be the lowest floors and maybe not even those. Or am I missing something? By the way, the Housing Authority never took over The Vanderbilt. That building is owned and managed by National Church Residences which also owns the Battery Park. As far as I know, the HA has never even managed The Vanderbilt. At least not within the last 30 or so years. Maybe before that, I'm not sure.
  2. BB&T building conversion to hotel

    Along with you, Orluz, I've liked it, too. Or at least was ambivalent about it. I was sitting at the light on Wednesday looking at the building trying ti imagine how they're going to spiff it up. I hope they don't put the very trendy stamp on it that most of the buildings lately have had. They'll be dated in no time.
  3. Harris Teeter on Merriman is scheduled to open on September 4th. And Trader Joe's to follow soon after on September 27th.
  4. The Trader Joe's building has begun to go up in the last week or so. Also, what's up with the huge mound of dirt next to the parking lot where Harris Teeter is going in? I thought originally it was just from the grading work, but it's still there after most of the site work has been done. Anyone know anything about this?
  5. KMART Plaza (Tunnel Rd.) 1975-?

    Thanks. That's interesting and I could see how it would work. However much I'd like to see Costco come into Asheville closer than the airport area, like you I don't think this is the spot for it. It'd be nice though as I work about 3 blocks from there.
  6. KMART Plaza (Tunnel Rd.) 1975-?

    Are you expecting them to do a lot of infill to bring the lot up to the grade on Tunnel Road or near so? If that's the case, how do you think the south boundary should be handled with the entrance to Overlook Village and the bank?
  7. KMART Plaza (Tunnel Rd.) 1975-?

    While it would be a first on my wish list, I think it's a bit unrealistic to think Costco will go there. I think the property isn't deep enough to allow a typical Costco footprint and the necessary parking lot, gas station, etc. If they throw out the other businesses in the strip, Dollar Tree, Radio Shack, and Tuesday Morning and level the entire thing, I still don't see them having enough room. If the Costco were to go at the back of the property then the parking will be uphill towards Tunnel Road. I don't know about you (the royal you, not you specifically) but I don't relish pushing one of those big Costco shopping carts, loaded down, uphill to my car. Word on the street right now is another hotel. I hope not.
  8. LOL I was just sharing what has been all over the news for the last two days. And speaking of news, when the Lowe's Foods/Harris Teeter swap was first reported a couple of months ago, it was specifically mentioned in the article that the new store on Merrimon would be a Harris Teeter and not a Lowe's. I have no idea why, but that's the word from their corporate HQ.
  9. Posted on Facebook tonight: Benjamin Moore and NY Fashions confirm they have a deal with Trader Joe's on Merrimon Avenue. News 13's Frank Kracher will show you the paperwork tonight on News 13 on My40 at 10 p.m. and News 13 at 11 p.m. Woohooo!
  10. 4 Kmarts, but 3 Walmarts? Oddities abound...

    Yes, its off of McArthur Lane.
  11. 4 Kmarts, but 3 Walmarts? Oddities abound...

    The Carmike is only about ten years old, if that. In your opinion, how long does it take for something to attain the description "old".
  12. I was at Kitchen & Company today and the woman who checked me out said they haven't been told who the new tenant would be though she implied there was definitely one. Actually, she said they (property management) weren't telling. Which does rather sound like TJ's since they like to keep a lid on things until they are ready to announce. I noticed there were some vacant store fronts still so the fact that this location already has a tenant lined up sounds promising.
  13. I rarely ever get their prepared packaged foods, but their frozen fish selection is awesome as are their dried fruits and nuts. Cheeses are good. Unusual things like dried spiced mango, falafel chips. Their hummus rocks as do their peanut and almond butters. Fig butter, mmmm. Pretzel rolls, yum. I rarely buy meats now anywhere other than The Chop Shop so meats aren't on my shopping list there. Or produce either unless I see something I need right then. Basically, I see TJ's as a place to round out things that I might get at the regular supermarket. Something special to make life more interesting. And not at a cost similar to Earth Fare or Whole Foods. Edited to add: Oh, and the wine. : D
  14. In your earlier post you said this: "Trader Joe's in River Ridge? Odd place because their clientel isn't around there at all. But I'm guessing if people find out it's there it might do well." So, in your opinion, people in Black Mountain, Weaverville, North Asheville, East Asheville, Fairview, Central Asheville, - well, actually anywhere other than Biltmore Park - are not going to shop at Trader Joe's so they shouldn't put it anywhere other than Biltmore Park? I take it you think they won't manage to get any customers if they aren't there. I think you underestimate the draw of Trader Joe's.
  15. I was refering to the traffic in the area near River Ridge which doesn't seem to be bad at all most times of the day, not on Patton Avenue, the medical center area, or other areas you mention.