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  1. This is a sunset picture I took in the Flatside Wilderness area of the Ouachita National Forest.
  2. Its simply the phase 2 expansion of Woodland Heights. They're adding a symetrical wing to the existing building.
  3. Good riddance to Bennigans in Little Rock...My last two trips there were extreme disasters and I vowed after the last visit to never go back.
  4. When my wife and I travel, we always seek out the Factory Outlets stores. There are several good ones in Branson, Memphis and No. Miss., along with others. Although we've had factory outlet stores in Little Rock before, they never brought in enough of the quality name brand stores to anchor them. They all went belly up. Just one example of a quality name brand store is the Coleman Outlet store in Branson. The University Mall is past renovation and is going to have to be demolished and started over. In my opinion, a Factory Outlet mall would not only be a good fit, but would be prosperous and cater to a demographic that doesnt compete with Park Plaza and the newer Midtowne development.
  5. Speaking of malls, today I passed the Summit Mall site on I-430 and they are steadily clearing the site. It appeared that about 80 acres is already cleared with a buffer of trees around the perimeter. Looks like it is moving ahead.
  6. I'd suspect that Little Rock, like every other city in the country is trying to do both.
  7. On the block to the northwest from the site is the Pulaski County Courthouse...to the north is the old Post Office Building (formerly housed the UofA School of Law, and now the US Bankruptsy Court...the block to the northeast is the Stephens Building...and immediately east is the Pyramid Building. The trolley runs west down 2nd Street and turns north along Spring Street.
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