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    Well I spend too much time on this site for one!!
  1. Portfolio.com has a survey of the 67 largest metro areas and ranks them based on various criteria to come up with a Quality of Life score. GR lands in the middle overall. Check it out.
  2. They did a nice job with the interior. I wouldn't mind grabbing a cold beer and watching a bit of a game on their flat screens while I wait for my wings.
  3. These words sound familiar, "Are you actually suggesting that homelessness can be solved? Maybe reduced."
  4. Have you ever been to Times Square? There are shelters in close proximity to it and plenty of people from all cast of life passing through. It is still successful. I no Division is no Times Square but it is one of our most visible virbrant corridors into the city. We should find a better solution than simply relocating the shelters. Heck it is good for everyone to see and be seen rather than be relocated and forgotten.
  5. What's up with all of the construction equipment. Are they finally getting ready to do something?
  6. Break ground in the Fall of 09' or 08'?
  7. All things being relative, I wouldn't say that we get BIG BUCKS, although I wish we did.
  8. Now how can we have a good old fashion witch burning if you don't hand us some witches!!
  9. Any idea of what hotel if any that he has spoken to? Theatre chain? It is a movie theatre not a performance..right?
  10. Do you know how many firms showed up, and if they were all local?
  11. That is why you hire an architect and work with him/her to develop a solution that you like. I am sure that you complain about not getting jobs, your complaints just never leave the office. The work you do while putting a bid together has a value as does the work we do when we are designing. Architects should not get into the business of giving away design services. We have entered competitions for projects that clearly outline expectations and usually have some kind of stipend associated with them. We put together proposals the same as you put together bids. Putting together a proposal for a project takes a good bit of time and resources and we do it understanding that we may not get the job. You are not comparing apples to apples. If the potential client asked you and 3 other companies to start pouring foundations and maybe erect some of the steel and when you were done he would pick the best company to complete the job, would you go for it? Does anyone know which Architectural firms showed up to this event?
  12. If your going to do it go all out, how about some Bernini
  13. If that is true then it is a little disapointing, since it looks like it is multiple tenants/stores. That would make it more like the Cascade Meijer (before the latest renovation) where it had multiple false store fronts in a Disney sort of way. The second set of doors does not look like a set of automatic doors like the main entrance so maybe it is additional retail.
  14. Any idea who the architect is? Where did you get the renderings? I think you are comparing apples and oranges. Both designs are nice but this one has a lot more going on because it has retail built into it, and it is intended to be seen from all sides where the Michgan St. one probably will not have as many exposed sides.
  15. Attached is the brochure from Clinton Township, this delevopment has just come through its first winter. With all of its heated sidewalks and outdoor firepits business was still slow during this harsh winter. It should be interesting to see how successful ours will be considering West Michigan snowfall. It sure would be nice to see the rest of the urban fabric on this towncenter site. Lifestyle centers must drive Leon Krier and the rest of the new urbanist mad!! http://www.taubman.com/images/pdf_cache/3152.pdf
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