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  1. AT&T fiber is not yet available for me in Ballantyne... anyone know what the expansion plans are?
  2. Tiger King. Starting episode 4 now. Who else thinks Carole Baskin is guilty?
  3. If you're going to be hyping yourself up as the next great biscuit joint in Charlotte it had better look a hell of a lot better than that. I've lost any and all interest in checking it out. Hopefully they turn things around.
  4. Let me know when you're in NYC - I'd be happy to assist with QC on some fresh doughnuts lol
  5. I would personally give the facade a 2.5/10. Missed opportunity
  6. This seems like a great logo... for the Hilton Honors program
  7. One of the most popular clubs in the world- Real Madrid CF - real means royal in Spanish. There’s a lot of history with that name and club. They started off as Madrid FC. Only later did they earn the title “Real”.... would seem foolish to go that route. Charlotte FC is my vote and ideally one day we are crowned “Royal Charlotte FC”
  8. I don't like Charlotte Town FC simply because I think it'll add more confusion with Charleston. Too much. Charlotte FC is all we need.
  9. Charlotte FC followed by Charlotte Athletic... anything else and I will protest
  10. I posted this shortly after purchasing tickets on Spirit from EWR - CLT
  11. Spirit still doesn’t know the difference between Charlotte and Charleston
  12. What is the targeted West Elm opening date? They're keeping both locations?
  13. We could (should) be 7-1. Definitely would've beaten the Bucs with a healthy QB and likely the Rams as well.
  14. Haha. At first glance I was like holy **** this picked up some steam
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