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  1. I can't. This one would legitimately look better without the 'wrap'. I would like to know what was discussed while these elevations were being drawn.
  2. They're also building this bad boy in STL by Studio Gang...
  3. Looks like no MLS until 2022 in CLT ....
  4. The parking deck is getting a metal panel finish attached so there is hope this still turns out decent
  5. Judging by this graphic and the information released, I would be surprised if DUB/ MAD are continuing at CLT until further notice
  6. Well... that sucks. Any guesses if/ when the previous intl network is restored prior to COVID-19? FCO, BCN, CDG... etc.
  7. What are the odds this includes an uptown component in the near future?
  8. How do you not see it? It's right there...
  9. I’m still salty about that “crown fit for a queen” nonsense
  10. Well the point at which work was theoretically halted would have been an unusual coincidence as they have reached a point where the forms for the current core are no longer needed (which is why they came down) and we are at a transfer floor at L6 from theatre to hotel. You can see the corbels which will support steel trusses for this transition.
  11. Edit: I can never link into a post. also, hope this isn’t what we end up with. Would be strange timing as some new interior renderings were just released...
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