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  1. Read in-between the lines. New Krispy Kreme tower coming to Charlotte!
  2. Amelie’s will relocate in spring 2020 to 136 E. 36th Street, occupying the former location of Hart Witzen Gallery.
  3. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/biz-columns-blogs/whats-in-store/article234176402.html Amelie's flagship location moving
  4. Wish we could do something iconic. The helix bridge in Singapore comes to mind. Only around 50M USD in 2010
  5. Great shots. Looking forward to seeing the terminal lobby expansion move forward.
  6. Rendering vs Reality... Often you will see lower quality materials substituted to reduce cost vs what is usually shown on initial renderings... there are numerous ways to reduce the overall cost of a project.
  7. So many projects at this same point. It’ll be exciting once they all start rising.
  8. Bellevue's tallest building is at 450'? Charlotte has 11 buildings at 450' or over... not including anything currently U/C or proposed. Bellevue does have a gorgeous backdrop though...
  9. Bellevue is nice, but I personally wouldn't put it in the same league as Charlotte...
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