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  1. This seems like a great logo... for the Hilton Honors program
  2. One of the most popular clubs in the world- Real Madrid CF - real means royal in Spanish. There’s a lot of history with that name and club. They started off as Madrid FC. Only later did they earn the title “Real”.... would seem foolish to go that route. Charlotte FC is my vote and ideally one day we are crowned “Royal Charlotte FC”
  3. I don't like Charlotte Town FC simply because I think it'll add more confusion with Charleston. Too much. Charlotte FC is all we need.
  4. Charlotte FC followed by Charlotte Athletic... anything else and I will protest
  5. I posted this shortly after purchasing tickets on Spirit from EWR - CLT
  6. Spirit still doesn’t know the difference between Charlotte and Charleston
  7. What is the targeted West Elm opening date? They're keeping both locations?
  8. We could (should) be 7-1. Definitely would've beaten the Bucs with a healthy QB and likely the Rams as well.
  9. Haha. At first glance I was like holy **** this picked up some steam
  10. Probably someone heading into work as their office is at 615 College right by the Westin. As a former employee I know they do a large amount of supermarket projects... they have an entire studio devoted to it. I know we have some active posters here currently employed by little who could divulge if they are indeed working on an urban publix
  11. Panorama is under construction
  12. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/biz-columns-blogs/development/article234479997.html? The city said Wednesday that it had selected White Point and its partner, Dart Interests, to begin discussions over the redevelopment of the Charlotte Transportation Center, potentially a nearly $400 million project.
  13. Read in-between the lines. New Krispy Kreme tower coming to Charlotte!
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