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  1. Speaking of Dobson here is a link to an interview he did on Good Morning America regarding his year of living like Jesus.
  2. An ice cream shop would be nice downtown! I am thankful for the two options I have down the street: The Parlor and Sweet Connections
  3. I thought I was the only one who enjoyed sometimes listening to the police scanner while checking out UP
  4. I saw a black Lamborghini driving down Cherry St. in GR last Friday or Saturday.
  5. I know 5 of the 6 are: Gallery on Fulton D&W Fresh Market on Michigan B.O.B. expansion Millenium Park amphitheater North Monroe hotel I can't remember the 6th
  6. The cheap seats are great. I have a hard time paying full price for a ticket when you can go there a little while after the premiere for $3 bucks.
  7. I too checked out Johnny's Lunch on Saturday, I was there with my wife and a few friends around 1pm or so. The food was good, nothing too special, but good.
  8. Chris Knape asks a few questions about the BRT and potential for a streetcar system in his latest blog post. What do you think about bridging east and west opposed to north and south within the city? I think I agree with what he is saying, it takes little time to go north and south within the city, mostly because of being able to easily access 131. I agree with Knape, heading east to west can be time consuming at rush hour. What are your thoughts on his blog post?
  9. Also, you could use a free utility called Cute PDF to create a PDF. If you are using Office 2007 you can create a PDF using MS-Word.
  10. The menu is now online for The Green Well.
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