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  1. I think only the bottom is going to have any “spice”…but even that didn’t look great. However…it can’t be worse than the ugly red it was before.
  2. I really scratch my head on why in the world they continue to think that blue metal cladding on the front needs to stay. There is nothing about this front facade, including the windows, that help this fit into the Lower Broadway “landscape.” With Garth buying this and putting money into it, I had really hoped they would update the front to look more early 20th century / late 19th Century…but instead, they stick with 1970’s blue metal nonsense.
  3. They've decided they can make more money selling tickets to see “The Great Old Ruins of Nashville”…so it’s staying this way for the foreseeable future.
  4. A little manipulation to make that last shot pop a bit….
  5. Two things I wish would change to help us get more tall buildings in the future is for the Metro government to back off some of their restrictions…and for BNA to do something about their flight path over downtown.
  6. I pretty much believe in “whatever the consumer needs”…give that to them. I realize some people want to push consumers in a certain direction sometimes…and hey, if that works for you…more power to you.
  7. Well…of course. If the city was willing to lease SMI some land to build towers they could make money from including the track, it would probably be easier to swallow.
  8. The biggest issue with the Fairgrounds is that as a company, you have to be tied to Metro government…so you don’t get to call all the shots. When you’re investing that kind of money and not owning the track…there’s a bit more risk. I’m not sure if that’s the hold up to getting the deal done or not.
  9. Talking about the Fairgrounds? Aren’t they trying to get it up to 30k? That’s about the size NASCAR is actually looking for…something in the 30-50k range instead of the behemoth tracks that were built with over 100k seats. Yeah…it’s nice to pack out an insane venue like that…but once things cool off (like they have)…it’s better to have a packed house everywhere with people begging for tickets. They overbuilt. The good thing is that you now have a new generation of race fans…and a larger group than before the crazy growth of the 90’s and 2000’s.
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