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  1. Other than a few exceptions, if you drive from the west coast to the east coast, you'll notice that everything becomes much more dense the further you head east. I'm guessing a lot of that has to do with the original colonies' growth and then expansion westward.
  2. Yep. That's ALL they had to do to make this structure somewhat inviting. But instead, they took a box and added stripes.
  3. ^^Beautiful shot...but it sure makes our skyline look small.
  4. ^^Couple of questions: On Whiskey River...are they just doing a total "tear down and redo" on the inside and leaving the walls? I would hate for anymore of that structure to be damaged. What a beautiful building. On James Robertson...what's going on on the backside of the building? Is some of that new construction?
  5. They've been doing it for a while...but last night's was different, I think. It was super bright and really fast...and way easier to read. Loved it!
  6. I think that's the AT&T building. Not sure what all is in there, though.
  7. Every once in a while, we get it right. MMC is one. Symphony hall is another. Bridgestone Arena is a cool design. CMHoF is a cool design....and different. But yes...too bad we didn't stick with that first bridge design. If we hadn't changed mayors, I have a feeling we'd be getting the original design.
  8. Anyone know what this is an image of?
  9. And if we could get 2nd Ave Partners' structure with retail next to it...that area would suddenly be hoppin!
  10. But they could rectify that in the future, right? I'm not sure where the offices would go (unless they were able to construct a 2nd floor above current offices and allow retail on the 1st and offices on the 2nd.)
  11. Couple of shots from the Vandy Skycam...
  12. ^^I'm crying a little.