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  1. 4 months for Buckingham Gulch to make up their mind. (can anyone see behind the paywall and tell if there's any new info?) http://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2017/06/22/developer-nears-key-deadline-for-38-storygulch.html
  2. Some people's view of a "box" is different than others. I'd call Bridgestone a box...though a nice box. 505 is a box...though again, a nice box. Westin is a box...with a little bit added to the top to give it some pizzaz. Same goes for Skyhouse.
  3. Pretty sunrise this morning...
  4. Yeah...it would be nice if our downtown was so packed that we HAD to start building at River North.
  5. Not boxy enough.
  6. I think I like the earlier iteration rather than the current:
  7. There's a lot they didn't think about when designing the MCC...especially the fact that wrapping the structure in retail would have been ideal for the area. Already, they're adding on in ways that will detract, instead of add, to the beauty of the building.
  8. I think a lot's going to depend on the glass and finishing touches on whether or not this is a plus or minus.
  9. Can you imagine Broadway with the historic honky-tonk district...Bridgestone Arena...5th & Broadway...Nashville Yards....Tennessean site redevelopment...Endeavor...and then one day, a huge development at the Beaman site? An amazing transition.
  10. Good grief!! $400?! No wonder they're going tall.
  11. Sounds like it will basically be the same size structure, right?