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  1. Think how much better the Westin would look with JWM's windows.
  2. How does it impact traffic? I'm assuming it does away with continuous turn lanes?
  3. If there was a way to actually pull that off, it would be one of the biggest tourist attractions in the city!
  4. I'm really hopeful they'll go wild and ring each floor with LEDs...but that may be too radical for Nashville.
  5. Some of it could also be from more rain east of here, raising river levels up stream. Either way...I'm glad it's nothing like 2010.
  6. Water getting high along the river downtown.
  7. ^^Longest construction in history.
  8. I'd be getting out the trusty ol' foot wedge.
  9. ^^So...is there anyone hired to keep the putting greens free of debris?
  10. ^^Nice addition for downtown residents and a cool reuse of that building.
  11. I'm not a fan either...but if the orange part was actually brick...it would be an improvement over that first render. Either way, though...it's going to be a less-than-palatable hotel design.
  12. Noticed that Knoxville is getting one of these "Olli the Trolley" self-driving trollies...which looks pretty cool. Wouldn't mind a few of these in Nashville going up and down Broadway. (posting here because Transportation thread is locked)