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  1. I want to hate it because it's taking up space on Music Row...but wow! That's really nice!
  2. ^^So cool!! Now...we need you to go ahead and measure every building downtown...by tomorrow at 5pm No rush, though.
  3. Things I like: 1. We won't have to wait years for something to be built. 2. There will be some retail. Things I don't like: 1. Bad Vandy architecture vs. what is being built along West End. Looks outdated. 2. Vandy buying up an area that would eventually become a really, cool diverse residential / hotel / restaurant / business area (public) as that area continues to develop and putting their own private grad school apartments and adding in some retail / grocery (I just feel what the public would eventually build there would be better for the future of the area). 3. I don't like Vandy continually spreading outward. Once they own the land, it lessens the potential usage in the future by any public entity.
  4. You guys see this video of the Hard Rock Hotel in New Orleans (under construction) collapsing? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5_UtZWK1aw
  5. The only way to solve this is for someone to stand at the top of both building and dangle a 500' tape measure off the side. Who volunteers? Anyone? Anyone?
  6. I just wish there was something different going on that land. I don't like it being Vandy land. I'd rather it be more commercial / retail / hotels / apartments / bars / etc.
  7. ^^the first two photos coming in from I-65 north of town are eye opening for two reasons. First...the skyline change is drastic. But...the interstate is exactly the same!!
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