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  1. Question for you guys. Once this Amazon “campus” is complete, will it only be Nashville, Seattle, DC and NYC with Amazon corporate locations (so far)?
  2. ^^Something about that building looks odd. I think it's the black...which gives it a sophisticated look...but then the texture and color of the wood makes it look like a log cabin. A different color and texture wood could have made it look better...IMO.
  3. I was actually surprised, too. I figured they would want a tall structure with the word "Amazon" sitting high and proud.
  4. We're getting an extra tower!!!!
  5. Nice that we're getting 2 towers...but dang it...I was hoping for a super tall Amazon tower.
  6. Well...this is a bummer... These newly released renderings show a 20-story tower containing 566,000 square feet of office space and street-level retail. The building will be located at Church Street and a yet-to-be-constructed road named Upper 10th Avenue North. That street will be stacked atop the existing 10th Avenue North, which crosses underneath Church Street below the Downtown YMCA. The renderings also depict a neighboring tower that is described as a "future phase," in documents filed Dec. 6 at Metro's Planning Department. https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2018/12/06/first-look-amazons-office-tower-in-downtown.html
  7. titanhog

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    We get it. You hate the suburbs and the people who live there.
  8. titanhog

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    Yeah...because it's the people outside of Davidson County who keep voting down Davidson County's chances of mass transit.
  9. I just did a little research...and it looks like 10 years is the longest period (I think from 1991 to 2001). This appears to be the 2nd longest growth period in US history...so it's probably about time for another recession...though it hopefully won't be anywhere close to 2007-2009. I was looking at those recession numbers from the 1700's up through WWII...and WOW! Talk about volatile! Some of those would have like a -35% growth!
  10. What's the longest the US has gone without a recession of some sorts? I know it's all kinda like an accordion....growth, growth, growth, recession, recession, growth, growth, etc, etc...
  11. titanhog

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Something I saw the other day about Memphis (and the area) was very interesting. As we all know, Mississippi started allowing casinos along the MS River a couple of decades ago and it's mostly focused on Memphis and the million+ people there. Just across the river from Memphis (and way closer than those casinos) was the Southland Greyhound Park in West Memphis, Arkansas. Thing is, Arkansas didn't allow casinos...so unless you like greyhound racing, there was no reason to go there. But...Arkansas saw a chance to grab some $$ since TN doesn't allow casinos...and Arkansas ok'd "gaming" at both Southland and Oaklawn Park (Horse Racing) in Hot Springs. Well...in 2017...Southland brought in $2.7 BILLION...while all 8 of the MS casinos along the river brought in just over $600 Million...COMBINED! Now...Arkansas is allowing full-blown casinos (allowing table games now)...and adding 2-3 "Indian" casinos (Quapaw and Cherokee). Gotta believe those MS casinos are hurting. And...gotta believe Memphis is dying to have a casino of their very own.
  12. ^^That top photo where the buildings look gold is amazing!!