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  1. I can’t get it to come up. Using MacBook Pro…Safari
  2. I wish this land and the Reed land were owned by someone like the guys who own NYards with deep pockets, connections and were able to basically combine the two as some huge development.
  3. I agree. It’s weird how all of these little cities outside of larger cities were once more “urban” in design in the early 20th century before Interstates came along. They had town squares with sidewalks…the businesses ran up to the sidewalks and houses were nearby, with sidewalks and small yards. Even my little hometown in Arkansas of only 3500 people was built like that. More compact with everything within walking distance.
  4. Definitely will eat up more farmland…but I also think suburban cities in metro areas will eventually start building upwards. I think we’ll see cities that were once considered “suburban” develop their own “urbanity”. I could see Murfreesboro eventually becoming more urban. You can only stretch outward for so long before realizing it takes an hour to get from one side of the city to the other and developers start looking for more centralized areas to build…thus starting to go upwards. Also have to imagine Franklin will start doing this as well (in small steps). Don’t know if Brentwood will
  5. So will this likely mean more suburban areas will also become more “urban”?
  6. Definitely. But I would think we’ll definitely be widening I-24 from 4 lanes to 8 lanes from Nashville to Clarksville if the Joelton area ever actually explodes with residents. Also…have to believe I-40 from Bellevue to Dickson will have to eventually get 8 lanes if the Fairview area ever explodes. And…I could see more lanes on 65 from Hendersonville to the KY line…from I-840 to Columbia…and I could see I-840 eventually going 8 lanes. There may even one day be at least 6 lanes from M’boro to Chattanooga. Some of that will be just because of the increasing number of trucks on the roadways.
  7. There are still many roadway improvements that will need to be made…and there are certain areas where widening will be needed. But in the end…that only goes so far. I’m not sure how much other modes of transportation to and from surrounding counties will help unless it’s something massive. I don’t know what it will take for the metro area / state to invest over $20 Billion (probably more) to do it right.
  8. Yeah…Ft Negley and much of the old Greer Stadium land should be a Civil War park…run by the NPS. It should include historical tours…a Middle Tennessee Civil War Campaign Museum…and a lot of history about how local slaves freed by Northern troops helped build the fort and how many are buried on that land.
  9. We all want a building with a crown…but that little nubby thing placed on top of that box has me kinda laughing. I think it may look better without the “nub.” Do love the LED lighting at top.
  10. Mark…do you have idea what they’re going to do with the outer shell of the AT&T switch building? Really hoping they do something different to make it look less like a huge, blank wall.
  11. Best Western staff - August 2021: “Yes…we can handle 300 sex-crazed college-aged students for a semester." Best Western staff - January 1, 2022: “Never again. OMG.”
  12. That’s pretty amazing that someone feels like we’ll rise to the top. It’s another reason we should have done everything we could to build the MLS stadium on the east bank…and yet another reason an MLB team had better find a location there if they want to succeed. On the street race…I wasn’t crazy about the course. I understand there’s no way can build it where they’d go through Lower Broad and shut down all of the bars…but I do wish there was a section of the race that would travel down a street that’s more “Music City”-ish.
  13. Looking like this white building is being demo’d. Is this part of the Tennesseean site…or something else?
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