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  1. Ours is easily the most conservative and un-flashy.
  2. I wish! But alas...not enough land.
  3. ^^At least the street activation is going to be outstanding. In the end, that's the most important thing anyway.
  4. Sounds like they've hit a saturation point. Is this happening with most festivals nowadays? I know Bonnaroo has had some attendance slips the last year or two.
  5. ^^The hippest sign in Nashville.
  6. Yeah...I would take Greer over the Fairgrounds...but we still have a bit of an infrastructure issue, similar to the Fairgrounds. At least with the Fairgrounds, you have 440 close by. But neither are ideal. If we can't have a stadium on the east bank near Nissan Stadium...I wish there was an option on West End...but I don't see anything large enough for this. I wish they could build it where the TA truck stop is on the east bank...but I'm sure the cost of that land + stadium construction cost makes the Fairgrounds look appealing to them.
  7. Yep...I'm pretty sure some of us are going to screw it up.
  8. The only way this is a good location is for infrastructure to keep improving in WeHo all the way to 440. If that happens (and I suspect it will)...the fairgrounds will be an ok location. The major issues I have with that area is that the RR tracks...I-40...and Fort Negley kinda block any smooth flow to downtown.
  9. Definitely means the State Fair is going elsewhere if we're selected.
  10. Nothing overly impressive (compared to the other proposals)...but nice. Will do, I think.
  11. ^^I seriously think that tower would look awesome if this was the finished look. Something about the top floors without windows and then the crown on top make it look like a combination of modern and industrial. (yes...I know that would mean rooms without walls...but just talking about how cool it looks like that. )
  12. Heartbreaking to lose such jewels.
  13. Sadly, it seems Americans went through a phase where there was little to no love for anything old...no matter what it was. Just tore it down and built something gross to replace it.
  14. ^^Reminds me a little of our upcoming Embassy Suites.