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  1. Thinking the anchor may be a bank...but not sure yet which one. Also...not sure if this one will really start until the virus stuff slows down a little. Guess we'll see.
  2. I will always...always respond to people on here who take shots at conservatives. Conservatives on this site are the minority. I've been on here over 15 years and this site used to not talk politics...and definitely did not attempt to offend...but it has changed. I've seen at least 2-3 conservatives run off this board in the past few years....and honestly, I refuse to not respond. If that means the mods will eventually have to run me off as well...so be it. I don't want to talk politics at all...but I also will not sit back and continually watch the anti-conservative barbs be thrown around as if liberals are the only ones on this site. I love Nashville and I have respect for my liberal friends and their beliefs and wish them no harm at all. I come from a place of "live and let live." But I will respond to the anti-conservative comments...especially if I feel they are unwarranted or one-sided. And Cooper is a Democrat =/= liberal. That's YOUR PSA for the day.
  3. True liberal like the rest of the Nashville mayors. Can’t call a liberal a conservative just because you don’t like his politics. As a conservative, there’s nothing about him that’s remotely “Republican.” I realize that may hurt the feelings of all the liberal mob on here (this used to not be a politically motivated site like t is now)...but you can’t suddenly push your wayward child off on the opposition party. The Cooper family is true blue...and you guys know it.
  4. The biggest issue with Cooper isn't whether he's a liberal or conservative (pretty sure all Nash mayors are liberal...with a few exceptions)...it's that he went and lied to the populace about not raising their property taxes (which should have been raised a long time ago) so he could get elected...and now he's having to come forth and ask for a big property tax hike when everyone is out of work and hurting because of this virus. He's in a huge pickle.
  5. Just like Cooper to lie about property taxes to win an election...and then wait until the middle of a pandemic when most people are out of work and tell them he's going to raise their taxes. Good luck with that, Mayor Dingleberry,
  6. It will be interesting to see what the actual unemployment numbers look like by mid-summer...nationwide. Gotta believe some companies will actually go bankrupt (who were already on the edge)...and some will start back slowly with slim staffs. Could actually take us years to get back to early March 2020 employment numbers. Will also be interesting to see what happens with the airlines and travel.
  7. Yeah...I have a bunch of liberal friends saying the same thing.
  8. Instead of everyone being in total "fear" mode and panicking if their next door neighbor in their building has the virus...maybe it would be best if everyone banded together and made sure they provided for sick people. Call them...get them groceries and medical supplies and leave it at their door...keep in touch and encourage them to keep a close eye on it. Help them. This way, these sick people won't be desperate and pretend they're not sick just so they can leave and go out into the world and scrounge for supplies. Humanity. Face this with humanity.
  9. ^^Interesting that the suburb counties are growing faster than Davidson. Is that because of cost of housing in Davidson?
  10. It’s weird how the Hutton looks better and better with every new building constructed near it.
  11. We wake up sometime in April with a new light rail system running all over the metro.
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