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  1. ^^Hope they take that green thing off the roof.
  2. They did a huge, cheaper pre-sale for the first time last November, and sold a ton of tickets that way before they even announced the lineup.
  3. The fact they spent so much money already tearing down new construction...and have taken so long to publicly show any renders...I'm hopeful they're pulling out all the stops to create something truly iconic for that corner.
  4. I think the best way to truly determine a city's population density would be to find the center of the city and then draw circles every 5 miles away from the center (5, 10, 15, etc) and calculate population density in each circle.
  5. How about this sunrise photo from about an hour east of here by Fox17?
  6. But the same could be said for many, many stores. I'm probably not ever going to shop in a boot store because I don't wear boots. I won't eat at a sushi restaurant because I don't eat sushi. (of course, the list could go on and on). I'm just glad it's a "feather" in our cap for downtown...with a worldwide brand that's at least semi-cool. Better than having a hip-sounding clothing store that only specializes in size 0-4 Gen Z girls.
  7. ^^Probably because the airport is easy pickins' for Uber / Lyft and they only allow the ride-sharing cars X number of spaces to park and wait. Uber / Lyft normally ping drivers closest to the airport first...so I'm guessing someone discovered that this little stretch of road gets pings faster than the Uber/Lyft lot...so to "win" a rider, they may drive up and down that road and wait.
  8. Plus...don't underestimate the demographics of the people who frequent LoBro. It's not toothless hillbillies with no money. These are people coming to spend money...and if we have some shops down there that they don't have back at home, they're going to go in there and buy something just to be able to go home and brag about it.
  9. But that's one of the main problems, at least in the downtown area. Just leaving them anywhere and everywhere in such a heavily pedestrian area is causing issues. But yes, you would have to have "corrals" in many places for it to work...but it could be done. Either this or there needs to be some type of "middle-ground" that no one has thought of yet. Just leaving them anywhere in downtown is a problem.
  10. I kinda miss the days of waiting on the newspaper and reading it from front to back and finding the little nuggets of info. But...think of all the paper we're saving by not printing billions of papers a day around the world. I hate that journalism has changed so much (now it seems to be a race against the clock to be the first to report something, whether it's true or not)...but also like that we're able to learn about what's going on in almost an instant with the internet.
  11. ^^Yeah...it’s weird...I’ve used Apple products and been an Amazon Prime member for more than 10 years...yet both companies sometimes feel like “big, mean corporate bullies”...and yet I get really excited when an Amazon HQ and an Apple store decides to come downtown. They’ve got me all confused!
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