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  1. ^^I really think 5th & Broad, Nashville Yards, The Tennessean property and Endeavor will eventually "check mark" most of downtown's missing perks...like grocery, retail, movie theater and other entertainment venues that we don't have. The next 10 years could take Nashville to a level we can't even imagine. Btw...I'm not crazy about what all is surrounding the MCC. We have a huge, nearly walled-off MCC...and we're basically building nothing but hotels on all sides. I realize we need the hotel space, but I wish there was a little more of a mix of hotels, offices, retail and entertainment just to make sure we don't turn Demonbreun / KVB into a convention area only. I'm also hopeful they'll start demanding some high quality construction south of KVB. With that area from KVB to I-40, why not insist on a high-quality mixed-use neighborhood?
  2. Slightly different render of Virgin Hotel.
  3. Probably counting from the current top floor (a floor or 2 below the core). I could be wrong...but I imagine that's what they mean.
  4. Pretty sure we passed Memphis in 2015.
  5. Any idea where Healthstream may relocate it's employees if they leave Cummins Station? Also...I wonder how large of a space they would need. http://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2017/03/23/exclusive-frists-health-care-company-scouts-new.html
  6. Makes me wonder if the Pinnacle listed height is without the crown.
  7. Vrtigo...you can post those USS JWM photos anytime you want. I can't get enough of those!
  8. Not a fan of the word "foodie" either.
  9. Hopefully they'll at least use some type of LED lighting at night to make it look a tad more palatable.
  10. Vrtigo...that video is amazing!
  11. Seems we have a carousel stashed away somewhere, right?
  12. Makes me wonder if that's what the city thought when they approved the design.
  13. Did we ever hear a height on this project? Over 300'?