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  1. Depends. If it's based on square footage and not being able to demo and build something substantial in its place...probably not. If they're able to build something larger...then probably so.
  2. It's official. Pretty bland...but I do like the highlighter yellow color. Just wish there were some stripes (other than the shoulders).
  3. ^^I kinda hope it stays one story. Don't really want it to block Tootsies or the view of the Ryman from that angle.
  4. I thought you guys didn't want any money spent on roads outside of Davidson County. Why the change?
  5. That still seems like a lot...but then again...I haven't checked out 3 bed condos in other cities.
  6. A friend of mine posted this on Facebook. Said he was checking into leasing an apartment in Endeavor...and these were the prices for one of the units.
  7. Hey guys...I'm needing to travel to Little Rock next week as my mother is getting her cancer prognosis that day and I want to be there for her. However...because of an accident I had a few years back, I've become unable to sleep in a regular bed. I have to sleep on either a leather sofa or a recliner. Do you guys know of any hotel chains that typically have recliners in their rooms? Once I figure out which ones MAY have them...I'll call that particular hotel and make sure. Thanks in advance.
  8. I've already heard rumblings from some people within the film/TV industry that some large film company is about to build a huge "studio" in Lavergne specifically because they can get a better deal outside of Nashville...but want to be in "Nashville." Also...hearing that Amazon is close to doing something major here in film / tv for Prime...but again...they may look outside of Davidson County. Guess we'll see.
  9. Are there no state incentives at all that go to these corporations like Amazon and A/B?
  10. I stayed at the Gramercy about 15 years ago. Was not impressed.
  11. Yeah...I'm not a fan of the hotels that seem to use that light beige color. I realize it's probably the easiest to match other colors / shades to...but it does end up looking like Nashville stucco from a distance. To me, it's like someone painting the rooms in their home all beige because it's the least "offensive" color that the masses will accept. I'd rather they be a little braver with colors. This isn't a knock specifically on this project...but on all projects who go this route. Some take chances...some don't.
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