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  1. What’s awesome is that when I first moved here, the section of the Gulch where the train tracks are seemed to be this mile wide wasteland…and now, it’s going to be surrounded on both sides with towers and hardly noticeable…the way it should be. Now…for that commuter train...
  2. I’m hearing they’re replacing the dairy with a huge milk cow statue…to pay tribute to the land’s history.
  3. If we had a Billionaire ready to lay down a ton of money on a super-cool MLB stadium, could you imagine if they been able to use that portion above from the meat processing plant as part of the stadium. A mixture of new and old…with that portion above being more of a section of “outer shell” to give it that old Nashville feel…then basically build everything new on the inside and other outer sections. Close to downtown…on the river…view of downtown…etc. Yes…just a dream…but every time I see that building, I think of an old style MLB stadium.
  4. And yet, no matter if they stay at 1 Hotel or visit Kid Rock’s place…their money still spends the same way. They’re still human beings who deserve respect.
  5. Mark…do you think the potential new stadium helps us? I guess there’s no guarantee it will be done by then…but that has to at least spark some interest from the committee…right?
  6. It's amazing how many people on here mock the tourists and actual citizens of the Nashville metro…as if they all have single digit IQ’s.
  7. Noticed on the HIP Murfreesboro and HIP Smyrna Facebook pages that a lot of Californians who have moved into Rutherford County are always asking questions about where to shop…eat…etc. Surprised how many pop up.
  8. To me, without a connection to a large movie studio and access to their characters, this definitely seems like just a local, regional-at-best, offering. Hoping I’m wrong.
  9. I really love the look of it. Hope they change their minds.
  10. I agree. Somewhere near 840/40 near Gladeville is best, IMO. Flat land…easy to get to…close to Nashville / Mboro and the most populous region of Middle TN.
  11. Hate to see that much land within Mboro taken up by a parking lot. Great to have the amphitheater…but there are several ways to make this more “urban”.
  12. Sounds to me like they realized the original Titans stadium was the bare minimum we could build to get Adams to relocate the team from Houston…and that’s what we did…and that trying to somehow turn the bare minimum into something more substantial would be tough to do. Plus…knowing how much the city and state would love for Nashville / state of TN to have a retractable roof stadium (for many reasons)…and of course, the Titans peeing down their legs hoping they could ‘get so lucky’…it seems obvious this choice was actually something they had all hoped for years ago. Whether or not the “books were cooked” to make the 2.2 Billion stadium look to be the smart move is my question. Of course, the train is already halfway down the tracks and I don’t think it’s coming back.
  13. Someone needs to let W and Albion know you’ve been slumming it with Haven.
  14. Don't forget interest rates. Not sure how high those will go…but has to effect some developers.
  15. Do either of the sites excite you?
  16. Kinda reminiscent of “blacks eat in the back”. (not the same of course, but still makes me cringe) Crazy to think they would make the “poor” use a different door.
  17. More good news... https://www.tennessean.com/story/news/local/davidson/2022/05/17/nashville-court-upholds-process-approve-more-height-downtown-buildings/9798985002/ A Davidson County court hesitantly upheld a decision to allow two contested development projects to scale taller than outlined in the Rutledge Hill and Lafayette subdistrict community plans. The ruling cements the Metro Planning Commission’s authority to grant a seemingly uncapped number of additional stories based on a structure's overall contribution to its neighborhood. Three residents of nearby Rutledge Hill condominium City Lights sued the commission in March, arguing that the panel overstepped its authority by approving additional height based on subjective factors on a site-by-site basis. The commission relied on the Overall Height Modification process, which includes criteria such as "contribution to the skyline" and "improvement to the character of the neighborhood,” to approve more floors. While Davidson County Chancery Court Chancellor Anne C. Martin agreed the criteria were subjective, her May 2 ruling ultimately acknowledged the Metro Council's amendments to the Downtown Code grant the Planning Commission power to decide what constitutes the “exceptional design” required to extend height beyond neighborhood limits.
  18. ^^^Man! You’re good at this! Seriously a great looking design. Hope the city / Titans are listening.
  19. Wonder if that means Whiskey Row is gone…or will they keep that there? Also…is this the first potential sign of the star bars not making as much money now as pre-pandemic? Just pondering.
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