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  1. But this track has been there 100+ years. It had top level NASCAR races there until 1984. It’s had local weekend races with loud cars for decades, every year for over 100 years. There will have to be some give and take with the locals…but this is really not going to be something new for the neighborhood…just something that may be a bit more of a nuisance to some who bought into the area not fully understanding there is a racetrack nearby. Hopefully Bristol’s sound mitigation can help…but I would imagine the neighborhood is just going to have to live with the noise to an extent…and of course, keep the track honest on any times they break the “rules."
  2. Guess that was the reason Dale Jr. was in town. Wonder if he has a stake in what is going to be happening? Good to have some big names attached along with Bristol.
  3. With the garage? Or just 505? Either way…that’s impressive. I can’t imagine what size the lot must be for some of the tall skinnies in NYC.
  4. .21 acre?? So…we may get a tall skinny there, huh? What’s the smallest plot of land where a skyscraper was built in Nashville?
  5. Would be crazy expensive, but this would be amazing if they had gone with the red brick 100% over the entire building. Would be a building that even 100 years from now would be seen as a beautiful structure in that part of the city. It will look good with the Aluminum Composite, though (I think).
  6. ^^Still trying to figure out what the finished product will look like. It definitely looks a bit different than the renders (so far). Is there a side of the building that has the “finished” look?
  7. You guys afraid that Nashville is losing its soul by having current country stars (and some from the past) opening bars IS the soul of Music City. It’s what Lower Broad is meant to be. There’s still a ton of other stores / bars / restaurants…and once 2nd Avenue is back at full strength, it will provide something different. Not to mention Bridgestone Arena, the NMAAM and 5th + B. Plus…when they one day implement my Paris-style cafe district along 1st Avenue (oh…it’s GONNA happen one day!)…that will be another “non-country music” thing happening down there. Don’t panic…yet.
  8. I will be disappointed if the upper half is Nashville fake stucco. Would be incredible if it were brick as well…even grey brick.
  9. What's impressive is just how immense the tech scene is in Hville. It brings with it a unique twist on the city that no other city of that size in America has.
  10. Had a friend that ate at Blanco last night (pre-opening) and said the food was outstanding…as well as the vibe. Got to walk around the development and take video / photos.
  11. I bet this thing will look GREAT once it’s done. Can’t wait to see it.
  12. Crane jump will give us a true glimpse of the total height. Once it’s up, you can just look a few feet below the arm and know. Can’t wait!
  13. The parking lot to the apartments on 11th (next to this lot) would also be prime space…but I’m guessing the apartments till keep it as parking.
  14. Oh man….I’m so jealous!! That would look AMAZING in Nashville.
  15. Hopefully. Not sure what changes may come to the development from AEG after the pandemic.
  16. Remember when we were mentioned as a possible site for expansion…but Sacramento was a shoe-in? Then…we’re the first to get one…and Sacramento still is on the outside looking in.
  17. Wow! The tech scene in Huntsville is impressive.
  18. I agree. There needs to be better preparation…and the entire US grid needs a long, hard discussion not only about issues like this, but about issues concerning hacking and the possibility of terrorist attacks. I have a close friend who worked in corporate of Allegheny Power and he always told me how surprising it is to see just how vulnerable our energy infrastructure is. I don’t know what all is going on behind the scenes in protecting this infrastructure…but I’m willing to bet there’s still miles to go.
  19. In the end…we need ALL of the energy sources we have at our disposal. The more the better. None of them are perfect…but together, they provide a healthier energy situation in America. Thankfully, even the large corporate oil companies are putting money into renewables…and as long as we continue to use everything we have at our disposal in a manner that meets “clean” standards…good. I’m also hopeful we’ll continue to do research on safe nuclear power for the future, as well.
  20. Can someone reason with the dog? Surely the dog has more sense than the man and will let us take down that statue, now that the dog owns the statue.
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