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  1. Does anyone know where Sanders Motor Company was located prior to the building Artspace is in now? This would have been right after relocating from Smithfield.
  2. Paris indeed! Delta to start RDU to Paris in June
  3. Thought of the answer to my own question. It was the Ham and Egger.
  4. I vaguely remember the homestead behind the Oak City Dinner. What did the dinner used to be called? I remember one estate on Old Wake Forest R. where the North Raleigh Hilton is now. My friends and I used to follow Big Branch down from Eastgate subdivision to a little path that led up to the back of it. They still had a big hog and a mule that we would try to ride. I definitely remember Scream in the Dark!
  5. OK when I read KFC is fried chicken I spewed coffee all over my keyboard. But the three letter explanations are greatly appreciated. I'll try to keep up.
  6. CBC corporate offices moved to the Western Blvd complex a few years ago, only 101.5 remains in the 701 building.
  7. The full page ad is nothing new, just a large version of this.
  8. RDU-London Gatwick is indeed a daily flight. I would love to have a direct flight to Frankfurt. It
  9. I believe Jetblue already flies to New York and Boston out of RDU, or did you mean additional destinations?
  10. Although compared to other airports RDU may not be much to look at, compared to 25 years ago it has improved light-years. Back then it was a little dump beside a state maintained two-lane road. Access has been improved greatly. I also think they have done a great job landscaping the entry and exits. Parking has been expanded. In a sense it has been a victim of the regions success. The current terminal A was meant to be a temporary facility that would be replaced after a few years, but the airport couldn
  11. Upon further investigation, I see that indeed Marc
  12. Well now I'm confused. I thought Marc Scruggs was affiliated with Briggs Hardware located at the corner of Six Forks and Atlantic. Is this in addition to or totally separate from the Ridgewood SC hardware store?
  13. Once the city's train station? I've never heard that one. Is it true?
  14. A little googling indicates the Heron mine (I'm assuming this is the one on Leadmine Rd.) produced 20,000 lbs. of graphite in 1887.
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