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    Lenox Square/Phipps Plaza

    To be honest, it's been so long I don't remember a lot of the specifics such as the fountain you speak of or the Davidson's escalator. My mother rarely shopped at Lenox back in those days because she did all her shopping at the downtown Rich's and Davidson's and my father always hated malls as he much preferred shopping at independent stores owned by people he grew up with or knew personally. All our appliances were always purchased at the old Sears standalone store in Buckhead at the corner of Peachtree and W. Paces Ferry Rd. (I sure do miss that store) or the big Sears on Ponce. Most of our visits to Lenox back in those days was to pick up my sister from the hair salon or purchasing airline tickets for family vacations. I don't think my mother ever once even considered grocery shopping at the Colonial grocery store there. I used to shop at Lenox frequently but in the last 15 years I don't think I've been there more than 4 times. I guess my father's ways influenced me as I usually stay clear of malls altogether. I've rarely seen anything in a mall store that I couldn't find considerably cheaper somehwere else.
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    Lenox Square/Phipps Plaza

    Those of us who've been around long enough to remember Lenox before it even had a roof on it, can appreciate the incredible changes this shopping center has been through over the decades. Even after they enclosed the mall there was a large section in the rear (where the food court is now) that was an open air plaza. Delta Airlines had their round glass ticketing pavilion out there for many years. Then all the expansions started. Frankly, with all the confusion that goes on there now there are many times I yearn for the days when it was a one story open air mall.
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    ***Picture of the Day***

    Actually, the Varsity is the largest drive in restaurant in the world. It's definitely a classic American story of a boy done good. Frank Gordy's professor at Ga. Tech, just down the street supposedly told him at one point that he was not cut out for college and he should think about opening a hot dog stand. So he did. Check out the story behind the Varsity at As it says in the article, lunch time can be nerve wracking for the weak at heart. It's important for customers to learn the ordering lingo in order to get through the line unscathed. DON'T DARE ASK QUESTIONS OF THE COUNTER STAFF!! A typical experienced customer order would go something like "gimme 2 nekkid dogs, 2 bags of rags, 2 F O's, and a peach pie - WALKIN". Of course if the customer doesn't know the lingo, the counter man (many who have worked there for decades) will translate for the grill staff. Nipsey Russell was a car hop there as a child. The place is set up in a rambling set of large rooms with TV's and desks for the customers to sit, eat, and view. Their motto is (and it's posted all over the place) "Have your money in hand and your order in mind, so we can get you out of this line". But on game days at Ga. Tech, the motto changes to "have your money in hand and your order in mind, so we can get you to the game on time". There's also the Jr. Varsity on Lindberg at Cheshirebridge Rd. that is owned and managed by Frank Gordy's daughter. And there's also a Varsity in Norcross. Here are a few more images of the Varsity. And here's the counter during a very light period