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  1. A large portion of international travelers would also likely go to the Admirals or Sky Club where there's free wifi. Also, Boingo gives free wifi to subscribers of many international telecoms and to Amex card holders. I think bag carts are ridiculous - they aren't even offered at DFW which is far larger than BNA.
  2. I know this is old news to y'all but man I can't help but what think of what this building could have been. Don't get me wrong, this is way better than a surface lot, but those original renderings of Siggie are what brought me on to this site when I was 14. I remember just dreaming about how beautiful that Tower would've been... and even the design concepts of 505 he released about four years ago were snazzy. Idk there are so many amazing projects I see when I go home I guess I shouldn't get hung up on one, but this sure ain't the 2007 tower that would make us taller than Atlanta
  3. ita fairly uncommon to see Southwest retreat from anyone in the Nashville market. Good for Alaska
  4. I flew back to Dallas Monday morning after a weekend at Steeplechase and was shocked by the TSA line. On the American/Southwest side it went all the way down, across the main atrium and almost over to where the Delta side's line was pouring out almost to the entrance doors. Unreal. Not sure I would've made my flight if I didn't have PreCheck.
  5. That's what people tend to say about HKS and Corgan on a board similar to this one in Dallas. It may just be that they do such a large number of projects that it breeds contempt.
  6. HKS sucks... but that ground-level looks solid.
  7. Nope! Been here since '06. I remember being livid at my parents when they wouldn't let me drive downtown for one of the forum meets when Tony Giaratanna spoke to the group
  8. Worlds collide. I've been on this site since I was about 16 growing up in Franklin and that building is a block away from my apartment! I love the West Village but those older buildings in the center that are a mish-mash of retro architectures (the building next to that is yellow art deco stucco) are not one of my favorite pieces of the neighborhood. I can walk to my doctor, dentist, grocery, dry cleaner, and about 25 restaurants and bars within five minutes!
  9. I'm interested in how we're getting up to that only one gate left number? I thought there were one or two empty in A, several empty in B after USAir's move to C, and I walked by on Sunday and there were two empty on C. I guess Alaska needs one, JetBlue needs one, and OneJet one gate? Or did AA decide to pick up an additional one on C?
  10. I'd love to see Virgin America start nonstop service to SFO and LAX. Tried our their product two weeks ago and it was simply wonderful
  11. Truly brilliant man who forgets more about aviation than most will learn in a lifetime. I always knew what he was thinking because he rarely held back! I got to know him and Carty who succeeded him (and who now serves on Virgin's Board).
  12. Interestingly, I had the opportunity to ask that once. I became friends with the CEO of American at the time by serving on the Finance and Audit Committees of my university's Board of Trustees, and one day when we were eating I asked him to go into his decision and asked if he regretted it. Long story short, he feels that he blew that one. He said said they got the cities right to start the hubs in (RDU and BNA have both gone like gangbusters since the 80s), but opening both around the same time prevented the connecting flows to get large enough to rival Atlanta. He said BNA was one of his favorite (and customers' favorite) hubs and crew stations, and he thinks American potentially could've avoided being forced to marry US Airways had they kept a Southeast hub. I was shocked I got such an unequivocal "win" for him on the matter!
  13. That's been a persistent rumor from Airliners. New Orleans folks sure seem sure that they'll be the ones to win, but it would sure be a coup for us!
  14. As a Nashville native but Dallas resident, glad to hear you enjoy one of our airports' renovations. I really think they're doing a great job with TRIP on the old terminals, and I agree my breath still gets taken away when I walk through security into Terminal D. If you haven't been through Love Field lately you're in for a pleasant surprise as it's one of the finest small airports I've travelled through. Honestly, I love BNA and get sentimental every time I pass through it. That said it doesn't "feel" big because for an airport of its size it is incredibly spread out. I think the last renovation did a fairly good job fixing the few problems. The swing gates that are on the airport's website as part of the plan will be huge. They'll allow Southwest to use gates for domestic flights during non-Intl banks and to accept international arrivals if they need to. I would put money on a reno to Terminal A allowing Southwest near-Intl flights and moving United and Frontier to B.
  15. Perhaps, but it puts them closer to MTSU students who may well be very interested in buying from IKEA. Re: Collin County / Dallas IKEA - while Collin County may be a lot wealthier than the rest of the Metroplex which would make them seem like a poor fit, they're closer to UNT in Denton and you have a lot of young families that live in the northern suburbs. I guess it's just hard at this point for Nashvillians to accept Memphis getting something we don't have. I grew up in Franklin/Brentwood area where making fun of Memphis is a sport, of sorts, but I have two close friends who have gone to med school there and have taken back their years of bashing.
  16. Providence, Minneapolis, and Kansas City must've gotten really into voting for this one
  17. Re: BNA International Service for near international (Mexico, Caribbean, or Central America) we will likely get several nonstops on Southwest as they continue to right-size for former AirTran hub in ATL. MNAA's master plan involves relocating the international gates closer to terminal C and creating several "swing gates" that can serve as both domestic and international gates as need be. That said, I don't know if the airport works on expanding the FIS station to process more passengers in hopes that WN adds flights, or if WN begins flights, FIS is slow, and then they fix the problem.
  18. Once they close on the land this thing will fly up. I watched the one in Dallas appear out of nowhere in the course of a couple months while similar projects here are still pouring floors to get out of the ground. This may be the track home of high rises but they're good at building them.
  19. ^ Nashville native, Dallas resident here Nashville's Omni may not be the architectural marvel some (or skyscraper John) wanted, but Nashville got a fantastic deal on our Omni compared to Dallas'. The two are shockingly similar with the big difference being that the City of Dallas had to get into the hotel business to get the one here done! The entire hotel being a screen is a cool feature for selling potential tenants (seeing a 23 story logo of your association or company is pretty cool) and it's located on top of the DART light rail station. Nashville Omni's integration with CMHoF and better city integration are nice selling points for it.
  20. Glad to see that "Capitol View" won't be blocking the view of the State Capitol building from the interstate!
  21. ^ Well to answer your question: http://www.tennessean.com/story/money/real-estate/2014/06/30/giarratana-drops-plans-downtown-marriott-hotel/11792183/ Disappointing to see somebody with that amount of vision be so unable to get things out of the ground.
  22. In an ideal world, of course you're right, but 5th and Demonbreun and 5th and Broad are our most important intersections -- Commerce is a very steep block away and no longer visible from down there. I feel like I remember one of the original routes they considered was Demonbreun, but don't know if it would have the same grade issues
  23. Yikes that's a pretty huge change to emerge at this stage in the game. I'm sure the tourism promoters aren't particularly thrilled about it since that removes a stop for MCC, Bridgestone, and Lower Broad. Really disappointed they couldn't at least get one part of the route down to Broad or at least Demonbreun.
  24. I grew up in Temple Hills (another Rochford development beside this one) and I seriously doubt he'll face much opposition at all. Perhaps a little less density on his Davidson plot, but he's enormously respected in WilCo and can get needed approvals.
  25. Not sure how credible the study NBJ cites really is, but neat fun fact that WilCo apparently has highest median home size in the US: http://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/blog/2014/05/homes-in-this-tennessee-county-are-the-biggest-in.html
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