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  1. The announcement is in the Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis law offices. 10:30 am. We'll have a story up as soon as I get the word, which hopefully will be before 11 am. Still mulling over whether we should put up for free or subscribers only. If the former, we may be the one that gets sourced in media outside Nashville.
  2. Any guesses on what hotel operator it might be?
  3. Thanks... here is the link to all the FractionAir stories. http://www.nashvillepost.com/news?search_string=fractionair I looked on the Houston Chronicle site and a story yesterday said the agreement to nix the Wright amendment has run into a snag with anti-trust issues. Amazing that the amendment has been able to hang around so long. So much for competition.
  4. I just happened on to this forum out of curiousity and that I've done stories on News 2 and NashvillePost about some of the new renovations about to take place at the Nashville airport. You guys crack me up. You can chat about airliners as much as you can about urban development. A few things. One, I bet Memphis tourism and maybe business development would soar if Southwest got into the market. Two, is there any update on the Wright amendment? I'm a huge Texas Rangers fans and would love to be able to take a Southwest flight to see games. Three, I did some stories on FractionAir, a fractional ownership company that is in the toilet if anyone would like to see them. We posted them all free on our site. Bob Clement was on the board of this company. Al Gore was a fractional owner along with a bunch of other big wigs around Nashville. I'll post a link if anyone is interested.
  5. Wow reading these posts on this string is like following the stock market. Up one day down the next, up, down, up down each with a headline explaining why. Signature is probably one of the priciest products on the market is going to take some time for it to go. My guess is if they get to the target and construction begins, sales could take off. I bet there's some fence sitting on this. Pure conjecture on my part.
  6. Adelica is sellling for on average $3325 per foot. Last week, they had 40 of 186 left. But they are holding back 30 until after topping off at the end of the year.
  7. Minotaur is correct. The project will take longer than Icon, which was fueled by a lot of speculators who hope to flip quickly. Adelicia has been slower too because of the higher nonrefundable deposit.
  8. Interesting that a skyscraper would make us like Atlanta. I thought it was that vast sprawl we were trying to avoid like Atlanta.
  9. I'd say they are better than 50-50. But I wouldn't want to say yes it will or no it won't. I'd almost give it a better shot of starting construction before West End Summit starts. You should see his sales staff., mesmerizing. I'm going to check on the potential reservations coming out of appointments yesterday and today to see how that is going. A strong start would be a good sign. Of course, then you have to see when people put hard money down. There's always some fall out on reservations.
  10. Yes and no... No good selling the penthouses if nothing else sells. Actually, he's holding off really selling those top ones until closer to completion of construction. Obviously, if a buyer is insistent, then it would be reserved and sold.
  11. In TG's deals they've been 50-60% of total value. So a $1 million units is like three cheaper ones.
  12. He wants to sell 200 to 400. Lender requirement is probably 50% pre sold before releasing the money
  13. Very true on all accounts. That area of West End seems to be attracting that type of development. Brentwood requires all brick and it's rather boring. I swear if you drove home drunk -- which one shouldn't do -- you'd very likely end up at the wrong house because they all look the same.
  14. Am I screwy or does the design look like a mix between an urban styled building and a suburban apartment complex with the roof line? Seems to me that the building should almost have a flat roof and be bricked all the way up.
  15. There was a Climax Hotel? How ironic given the location of Printer's Alley and Brass Stables
  16. One idea floating around is not only redoing Utopia but filling in the air space above the smaller buildings next to it. That would help in the cost aspect as well as addressing codes issues. The developer who created the model didn't necessarily have the creativity or wherewithal to get it done.
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