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  1. Well, my employer was looking to add additional office space back in March, and at this point we've already shrunk to less than what we had before the pandemic and have sold off a bunch of office furniture while also adding more employees, and some people have already moved away due to the work-from-home. So, I think it will persist. Perhaps not as strongly as it does now, but enough to affect the demand and supply by a measurable amount.
  2. Reducing office space in new developments is probably a good idea though, since there will be plenty businesses that will be coming out the other side of the coronavirus lockdown with reduced office space needs from greater support of work-from-home options.
  3. This? https://www.mlive.com/knapescorner/2009/11/rendering_graveyard_devos_plac.html
  4. I don't know what's less readable. This restaurant name or a death metal band logo. Had you not said the name of this place, I'd have to just assume and call it the chicken scratch place.
  5. It often feels like I'm the only one following the arrows and everyone else flat-out ignores them, sometimes even employees.
  6. It feels like I'm the only one following the one way labyrinth recommendations whenever I shop.
  7. They've installed these at Knapp and Grandville locations also.
  8. I've got a meeting that could go as late as 12:30 and so might not be able to make it. Bummer :C Gives me a sad.
  9. Downtown Market/Meijer now supports MPerks
  10. I would love to learn about modular construction!
  11. Oh that was more than several years ago. So long ago I had to spend a few moments trying to remember that I actually did. Maybe I could start it up again.
  12. I'm exactly the same. Don't care for rock climbing at all yet spent an hour yesterday searching around google maps. Nothing.
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