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  1. Unless it was very recently emptied, it's used as a sort of warehouse space by many different companies, all leasing a section of the floor for warehousing storage. At least the first floor. The rest I think is empty.
  2. I remember going to raves in that building in the mid/late 00s
  3. I figure if you're leasing a space you should be doing it with the understanding that it's not yours forever and may be called upon to adapt. That really should be a given about leasing. So trying to fight when that happens just seems to me like blaming someone else for one's own short-sightedness and lack of preparedness.
  4. All of that water would have joined back into the river before reaching the steamboat landings.
  5. Just like Lyon square. Any bets on when whether or not we'll see announcements of a study to upgrade the plaza in 5 years, ignoring the work that was done here, like Lyon Plaza?
  6. They pumped a LOOOOOT of concrete down into the sinkhole that opened up, so my guess is the voids from that mine specifically, barring any cave-ins that may have separated sections of the mine, are probably all filled up now.
  7. At this point I'm just looking forward to Starlink.
  8. Well, my employer was looking to add additional office space back in March, and at this point we've already shrunk to less than what we had before the pandemic and have sold off a bunch of office furniture while also adding more employees, and some people have already moved away due to the work-from-home. So, I think it will persist. Perhaps not as strongly as it does now, but enough to affect the demand and supply by a measurable amount.
  9. Reducing office space in new developments is probably a good idea though, since there will be plenty businesses that will be coming out the other side of the coronavirus lockdown with reduced office space needs from greater support of work-from-home options.
  10. Oh I would love a science center!
  11. This? https://www.mlive.com/knapescorner/2009/11/rendering_graveyard_devos_plac.html
  12. I don't know what's less readable. This restaurant name or a death metal band logo. Had you not said the name of this place, I'd have to just assume and call it the chicken scratch place.
  13. It often feels like I'm the only one following the arrows and everyone else flat-out ignores them, sometimes even employees.
  14. It feels like I'm the only one following the one way labyrinth recommendations whenever I shop.
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