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  1. Hopson Flats already have only one window per apartment in 4 bedroom units.
  2. Want? Nobody. Will take what they can get? Students, and anybody desperate for (assuming) more affordable housing. Which in this economy of rapidly rising rents, is going to be a lot.
  3. Wasn't that a goal of Whitmer's, to better synchronize road and utility work to happen in one shot instead of one after the other? Or was that someone else? (Granted this road isn't even a state project anyway, but still something worth learning from, I'd think.)
  4. I work for a tech company which was rapidly expanding its downtown gr office before the pandemic despite offering full remote options even before the pandemic. The office expansion didn't complete, the existing office was made even more spacious than it already was, and the company is still expanding regardless.. just instead of all my co-workers being in either GR or Maryland, now they're from GR, Maryland, Utah, Brazil, Ohio, Georgia, etc. It's became a primarily remote work company. I've been to the office physically only once in the last two years, and it was optional. And while some other companies are enacting "come to the office twice a week" rules and similar, pretty much all of the software devs I know of are passing those by for full remote jobs. The market is going to dictate where things go with remote work, and the market to me seems to be pushing for remote work. Only a few holdouts will remain that require on-site work, plus whatever jobs actually require one to be on-site as a nature of the work itself, like tech manufacturing.
  5. 20 floor buildings get downgraded to 12 all the time. Seems within character for 7500 seats to be downgraded to 5000.
  6. Good for landlords. Bad for renters. Probably explains why my rent jumped by almost a third earlier this year. A lot of the decent rentals have waiting lists now.
  7. Found out the hard way yesterday that this construction on 196 is also causing the closure of the Kent Trails under the highway.
  8. I don't see the Apollo capsule in the rendering. I hope it's not going poof.
  9. There's a company here in GR that does container buildings, I could be wrong but I think they're somewhere by Roger B. Chaffee Ave? https://gotblox.com
  10. 1913 is our first close-up look of the street in this Sanborn map. This puts the street North of where the Parcel mapper shows it (the alley on the right) and south of where Google Maps puts it (the alley on the left.) It seems all that remains of the street to this day is a driveway.
  11. It first appears in the 1895 Sanborn map as "Mohrhards Ct.", lining up perfectly with More St. which also first appears in this map. Today, this isn't where More St. is. The west end of it matches, but it angles downward to where this map shows Flat St, and Flat St. west of Highland Park is now More St. https://www.loc.gov/resource/g4114gm.g04023189501/?sp=1&r=0.465,0.569,0.424,0.277,0
  12. Interestingly, this area seems to be adjacent to, but not a part of the Mohrhardt addition, according to this 1888 Sanborn map. And the railroad seems to predate the street.
  13. While the plot map shows it in place of the Bradford Alley, Google Maps shows it further north, close to where More St. would be if it continues. Mohrhardt when pronounced, it's first syllable is synonymous with "More." Perhaps it was originally one stretch of street with More St., but was cut off by the railroad when built, and one end ended up becoming just "More St." (which seems a very odd name for a street).
  14. I'd predict a few office -> residential conversions starting in a couple years also, although not many, and probably limited to the smaller buildings that offer office space.
  15. AFAIK, used EV batteries see a second life as a battery storage solution. There are some efforts to make batteries without having to rely on cobalt, which will help. There's also efforts to make batteries with different materials altogether. I know I'll take a bunch of disposed batteries over burnt coal, though.
  16. Well, actually, there HAS been a wood shortage with prices of lumber like 4-5x what they usually are, so..
  17. There's no such thing as 100% green, and if you expect that you've missed the point. Windmills, solar farms, and battery storage is greener than any form of coal.
  18. Oh yeah, I'm still going to be getting Starlink once receivers are capable of being fully mobile and not reliant on being tethered to a location. Planning on road-tripping across the country and doing work-from-road.
  19. Unless it was very recently emptied, it's used as a sort of warehouse space by many different companies, all leasing a section of the floor for warehousing storage. At least the first floor. The rest I think is empty.
  20. I remember going to raves in that building in the mid/late 00s
  21. I figure if you're leasing a space you should be doing it with the understanding that it's not yours forever and may be called upon to adapt. That really should be a given about leasing. So trying to fight when that happens just seems to me like blaming someone else for one's own short-sightedness and lack of preparedness.
  22. All of that water would have joined back into the river before reaching the steamboat landings.
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