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  1. tSlater

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    It's been like this for far longer than the Leonard construction.
  2. tSlater

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    And can't go south onto 131 from Franklin, either, if south was your goal.
  3. tSlater

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    The lack of stop and go traffic on 131 NB today, the lack of traffic backed up to the previous stoplights on EBL and lack of stop and go traffic on EBL around 96 and Leonard, and lack of stop-and-go traffic on EBL from 5-mile to West River Dr... it was almost eerie. I had to check my phone to make sure it was actually 5 and I didn't leave at 3 or something. This explains it all.
  4. tSlater

    UP Advice

    I would suggest seeking information in the Grand Rapids History Facebook Group for photos of the building. If anybody knows what's under that siding, they'll be in there. My guess would be either wood clapboard, or the vinyl siding replaced previous wood clapboard. Unless you were to convert the roof from peaked to flat, which I imagine would be pretty expensive, I think the siding it currently has is probably the best bet, unless there's some historic facade underneath that you know you can preserve. Perhaps an interesting way to enhance the facade would be to add some classic roof support things I forget what they're called. Seen often on Victorian homes. Some subtle, simple ones might do the trick to enhance the facade without redoing the whole facade.
  5. tSlater

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    It's delaying the opening of WB 96 as well, even though 196 construction is starting. So we now have a detour of a very busy highway going through a construction zone on an already congested highway. Plus construction at EBL & Leonard. Things are getting horrible for those of us who live in the Northeast side.
  6. tSlater

    50 Monroe to get de-skinned?

    Alley ways are cool. Maybe it could become a neat outdoor dining area for a restaurant. Or just use it for utility services like alley ways are originally intended for.
  7. tSlater

    East Beltline Developments

    In what way will that be awful for y'all?
  8. tSlater

    East Beltline Developments

    Maybe they could be converted into dorms for Kuyper College across the street, provided that college grows quite a bit over the next 20 years (which I don't think is too likely.)
  9. Division doesn't seem too bad at 8.30a, but at 5p it is a complete nightmare. I tried turning left onto Division from a street that doesn't have a light (I think it was Bartlett), eventually turned left into the turning lane, and waited multiple cycles of the traffic light ahead without anyone even letting me into a traffic lane. Eventually I had to just quickly nose myself in as traffic started moving causing the person behind to slam on their brakes just to get anywhere. I think it took me damn near half an hour to get out of Downtown using Division. Haven't used Division ever since for the evening commute. Do the same to Fulton and you'll have the whole downtown break down into a complete mess. Instead of citing parking issues, you'll have offices citing traffic issues when leaving downtown for the suburbs. As for the building, the international-style lack of frontage for the street level has me worried.
  10. tSlater

    East Beltline Developments

    Is it easy to converted assisted living into general purpose residential?
  11. I don't think I can agree on reducing the width of Fulton. It's such an important arterial road. Like the ideal of replacing excess parking for active use, in practice it can go too far and cause more problems than it solves, and I think that'd be the case here. The cost (traffic congestion) for Fulton just seems too great for the benefit. And as we can see from Michigan St in Chicago, urban fabric and activity can span a wide road with ease.
  12. tSlater

    50 Monroe to get de-skinned?

    I find it interesting how the easternmost building is turning out to be a red building rather than white. Red looks much better on it, honestly. And I think I recall them saying that the arched windows and parapet would not be restored. Although I hope they don't keep the blocks either.
  13. Elevator shafts are rising!
  14. Are you talking about the big building fenced off from Division on the west side of the road? It's currently in use by a food distribution service. And all of them being in one spot is kind of what's caused this problem in the first place. It would seem wiser to have them better distributed throughout the city. Locating in an industrial area seems a good idea, though. Less NIMBYs to oppose the action, and puts them right in the middle of a plethora of jobs. How amount move one to South Division & Grant area as was mentioned, one to the Cottage Grove area, and one to the Ann St. area. Where did that homeless camp on the railroad property by Ann St. move to when more tracks were added? If they're still somewhere in the area, seems like that'd be a good place for such services.
  15. tSlater

    New projects on the West Side

    According to WOOD, the prices are actually cheaper at Bridge St. than at other locations, to take account for the lack of mperks and coupons available. I always forget to use those damn things so maybe Bridge St. will be my new go-to location. https://www.woodtv.com/news/grand-rapids/new-urban-meijer-has-surprising-prices/1405233865