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  1. It often feels like I'm the only one following the arrows and everyone else flat-out ignores them, sometimes even employees.
  2. It feels like I'm the only one following the one way labyrinth recommendations whenever I shop.
  3. They've installed these at Knapp and Grandville locations also.
  4. Construction is considered essential.
  5. I've got a meeting that could go as late as 12:30 and so might not be able to make it. Bummer :C Gives me a sad.
  6. Downtown Market/Meijer now supports MPerks
  7. I would love to learn about modular construction!
  8. Oh that was more than several years ago. So long ago I had to spend a few moments trying to remember that I actually did. Maybe I could start it up again.
  9. I'm exactly the same. Don't care for rock climbing at all yet spent an hour yesterday searching around google maps. Nothing.
  10. The round sign reminds me of those round lamps atop old gas pumps.
  11. This is why I'll be soon looking to own a home outside of the city. I want to live in the city, but I think I value my freedom to have my home as I see fit more. And the numbers are just so much better outside the city.
  12. The retail scene. We lost Schuler's, and as the city has grown the potential for Downtown retail still has not been realized. I think the city really needs to get serious on this issue and work towards solutions. Downtown is still just a glorified food court, but now with craft beer. The city's handling of parking. It feels like the idealism of a perfect city where nobody drives in a grand new urbanist utopia has been getting in the way of the realistic needs of the city and the people who live and work in the city. Less surface lots is a good thing, but there needs to be more ramps especially for leased spaces for office workers, and new projects with several tens of apartment units going in with very little to no parking spaces seems to be all too common.
  13. Yes. The street trees also provide an excellent way of making the street feel narrower than it really is.
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