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  1. tSlater

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    The bollards they put up separating the bike paths from the auto traffic really aren't weathering the winter very well at all. Seems like a quarter of them have already been obliterated.
  2. tSlater

    The "Affordable Housing" Discussion in GR

    And people wonder why I keep becoming more and more libertarian. Neighborhood Associations seem really keen on becoming the new zealous HOAs, unfortunately they seem much more difficult to avoid than an HOA.
  3. tSlater


    I'm going to miss those entrances it has.
  4. tSlater

    Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    I think they ate up mass transit enthusiast exaggerations and propaganda thinking the Silver Line would be some sort of magical wand that would transform the corridor. There could be plenty of different reasons one can point to, and there may be value in determining which ones have bigger impact over others which a study would be useful for. But is 1 million really worth that? I'm not so sure. Because that million isn't going to be the end of it. It's going to be followed up with recommendations for more spending to -maybe- achieve the desired results and perhaps fail just like the Silver Line already has in spurring development. Expensive studies can be worth the cost when there's a real problem to solve, but is the lack of development in the corridor really a problem? The corridor isn't in decline. It's not stagnant, either. It is improving albeit very slowly. I'd say of any problems, it's very low-priority. Corridor appeal or not, the development is going to happen somewhere in the city. The Silver Line doesn't bring increased development to the metro, it will only steal it from other parts of the city. Maybe worth it to Wyoming or Kentwood, but they're not exactly hurting for development either. I just think it'd be better if we just wrote the Silver Line off as having been underwhelming, count our losses, and move on. Put that million (plus additional millions likely coming after) towards something of greater value, like the streetcar that keeps being kicked down the road, or additional connections at Amtrak, or getting a commuter train, or many other possibilities.
  5. tSlater

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    Sounds kind of like this mockup you did a few years back: According to the measurements, the section of Ionia being reconstructed is between the Ottawa exit overpass and Michigan, and the section of Division being reconstructed is between the Ottawa exit overpass and the highway overpass. But it does seem to indicate that Ionia won't be removed north of that, so probably what we see here in red with Ionia still poking through on the North side? Or maybe Ionia will dead-end and be cut off from the rest of itself?
  6. tSlater

    People talking about Grand Rapids

    If I ever snowbirded, I think I'd see myself going to Texas, not Florida. But I'm just a millennial. That's a looong way down the road.
  7. Interesting how the courthouse went from feeling like a tall building to feeling like just ordinary infill.
  8. tSlater

    Predictions for the coming year

    Welp, I'm not doing so hot already.
  9. This is starting to really change the feel of Ionia. Heading south, you can see these rising up from several blocks away, and that's not even the hotel yet. Ionia is going to go from feeling like the edge of downtown to being downtown.
  10. tSlater

    Hinman project - new 13 story hotel at 10 Ionia

    Unless they're planning a different graphic, I think I'd rather the half-grown dead ivy.
  11. There's a pedestrian bridge going over Butterworth on that plan. I wonder if they're hoping to add additional parking across the street.
  12. tSlater

    Heritage Hill / Cherry Hill / Wealthy Street Updates

    That's exactly the crowd I would expect a CVS or Walgreens to cater to, if it came downtown. And that would necessitate a location on Monroe between Fulton and the convention center, which doesn't exactly offer a whole lot of retail space currently.
  13. tSlater

    Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments

    It'll probably remain a stand-alone McDonalds site for decades and decades to come, becoming our own version of this place in Chicago: Which apparently has been demolished for a bigger, fancier McDonalds: https://chicago.eater.com/2018/1/30/16951510/mcdonalds-future-chicago-rock-and-roll-replacement-river-north Apparently they're engaging in a campaign to purge their history and replace all of their classic locations.
  14. tSlater

    Predictions for the coming year

    That'll be in 2021.
  15. tSlater

    Predictions for the coming year

    Doesn't look like I did predictions last year. Does that mean I get 100%? My predictions for 2019: Lyon Square - Nothing Happens Calder Plaza - Plans are made toward the end of the year but confidence in anything actually happening is low. RDV moves into new building but cosmetic upgrades are really minor. Hinman Tower tops out. It looks just as good as the rendering. Fears of a recession toward the end of the year result in the Market project being scaled back or cancelled. Moderate-to-large residential developments continue in the suburbs and get little to no attention here until forum-goers stumble upon them by chance. Convention Center Hotel moves forward, but veeeeery slooooooowly. Library parking ramp gets decided, but no ground moving yet. Another attempt is made at the Keeler. A moderately-sized development is proposed along Division. A moderately-sized development is proposed in the Market District, probably as a conversion of one of the old factory buildings on Godfrey or Century into apartments. 196/96/Beltline and bridge over Grand River construction results in massive traffic backups and congestion, and demand for better infrastructure gets much louder, especially with commuters from Ada, Cascade, and Rockford being affected. Talks about mass transit options for these corridors arises with commuter trains that probably won't ever happen, or an east-side BRT-lite like Silver Line in cooperation with Spectrum. Post Office still sits. Chunks of land between Wealthy and Franklin are demolished for parking lots. Chunks of land on the West Side are demolished for parking lots. Chunks of land on the north side of 96 are demolished for parking lots. Another development is proposed in the Michigan St. corridor, or north of 96 not necessarily in Belknap. Panda Express attempts another location near Woodland. Chik-Fil-A attempts another location on Alpine. White Castle still is not here. Whole Foods still is not here. Groundbreaking for MSU Research Facility. It looks cool, but not super cool. Frustrated by parking and 96 congestion from construction, another Downtown office moves to the burbs, possibly near Ada. Rockford acquires more land and announces another development for its westside, but no renderings or additional information are available. Whitmer tries to fix the damn roads, but gridlock in the legislature gets in the way. Spectrum announces a new building. A small development is proposed in Burton Heights with LIHTC. Still no IKEA, and thus I will continue to have strong desires for swedish meatballs.