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  1. When did they paint the back walls of the Pantlind? That was unexpected.
  2. Very much the entire west side between the river and the John Ball Hill was once wetland. There was a large channel that was created running south out of the west side to drain the swamp, and it still exists to this day but is now largely buried except for where it meets the Grand River in the Butterworth dump. If it were built after the 70s, the entire near west side wouldn't even exist and Downtown would probably have a severe mosquito problem.
  3. And the Northeast is rather hilly, which may contribute to development being not as dense and more exurban in nature. The south side is all plains.
  4. There is a very awesome vintage style Cinema sign that has gone up at the end of the alley on Ionia and it looks like the alley is lit up now also. It looks divine!
  5. They decided it would be better to have one menu for both locations, and the pizza-focused menu of the Eastown location won out over the Bavarian one. I was very disappointed the last time I went and haven't been back since. They do still have a "sausage special" on the menu that they rotate once in a while, but that one special is as German as it gets.
  6. I was able to get into the I-196 lanes from the SB EBL->WB ramp without having to panic. Felt so nice.
  7. I must've been too excited and tried before they had pulled the barriers away, then.
  8. iirc, the media was also saying that everything was to be open except for EBL to EB 96, but EBL to WB 96 is still closed. In fact all of the signage heading south on EBL made it very clear EBL to EB 96 is closed, but no mention of EBL to WB 96 being closed at all until you reach the ramp and see the barriers still up.
  9. That's what I've been thinking. There's no way they can spell Amway with the A in that position and have it be centered, or Amway Grand (the letter seems too big for them all to fit.) Maybe it will just say Grand? The A is in the right position for that.
  10. I've always been fond of West Leonard. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. I first got that feeling when Neon Americana was still there, but despite the loss of it that feeling has never gone away.
  12. Is it just me or does West Leonard feel like a really good place to have a large collection of neon signs? I've always felt this way, and buildings like this I think will interfere with that feeling.
  13. Well it's right on the route between the hotel and the people mover, and that hotel has more than 1200 rooms, plus the four office towers connected to it. That's a -lot-
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