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  1. Or perhaps just recognize that changing the Parking department into the "Mobility Department" was a bad idea to begin with. I can get having a mobility department, but not at the sacrifice of the parking department. Have both separated, not together.
  2. I bet you'll see a lot more people using the 19 who live in Heritage Hill and along the Michigan St. Corridor once it connects to the West Side and the "Meijer" is open. I recall that was something I had recommended to The Rapid when the project was announced. (I was living in Heritage Hill at the time.) Currently one has to transfer at Central Station, and it's quicker to just walk (although certainly not pleasant with a bunch of groceries and that hill.) As for monthly parking permits, I know an acquaintance who works Downtown and was told there is a 4-6 month wait on monthly parking permits. Regardless of mass transit, that's unacceptable. If she weren't also a student at GRCC ($3/day and a 5 block walk) she'd be having to put a punishing amount of her income into daily parking. That's going to make it hard for downtown businesses to keep employees, especially in the current employee-favoring market.
  3. I agree, except on the "centrist" part. I'm slightly left-of-center and yet in that place I feel like everyone's much further to the left.
  4. The "Affordable Housing" Discussion in GR

    Are you trying to give me nightmares?
  5. The "Affordable Housing" Discussion in GR

    The problem is you're implying that renters will only be replaced by even lower-income renters in a vicious drive to the bottom, and that's just not the case. That's something that was unique to the post-war era as a result of huge improvements in travel / commuting capability and lots of cheap land. Those are no longer factors. If anything, especially in an area like Heritage Hill, it's more likely for renters to be replaced by higher-income renters, as demand for the neighborhood will only increase as Downtown grows from here on out, which is exactly what I've observed happening (albeit slowly). And Heritage Hill is a historic district. It's not going to magically become a massive parking lot so long as it remains a historic district. As someone who used to live in Heritage Hill as a renter (and would love to move back) the most frustrating thing about the neighborhood was people like you who would look down upon me just because I can only afford to rent and wasn't a homeowner. Constantly surrounded by conversation about how y'all wished I could lose all of my opportunities to live in the neighborhood and be kicked out into the suburbs just so y'all could be surrounded by higher-income homeowners instead of renters. You can dress it up however you want but it's still elitism. And I can think of some words I'd like to say to your types but I certainly shouldn't here. It was especially noticeable during the home tours. Tour guides would often say things like "thankfully we're getting rid of many of the renters and converting these homes back to single occupant." To me, not knowing I was a renter just two streets down. "And, if it wasn't for us" during the 80s and 90s there wouldn't even be slumlords keeping the homes standing because clearly no-one else was even interested in living there at all.
  6. The Grand River?! You mean GR has a River?

    I love that it includes daylighting a small portion of Coldbrook Creek. I'm -really- excited about that!
  7. Highway and Road Construction Updates

    Perhaps the time will soon come within the next few decades that we will need a full circular business loop around the city, to help alleviate traffic on the beltline and 131 north of i-196? Extending m-6 up and around the city? Providing better access between i-196 traffic and GVSU, onwards up to Alpine, out towards Rockford, and around down to Ada before reconnecting at the eastern end.
  8. The Grand River?! You mean GR has a River?

    Same. And under the highway feels so perfect for a skate park, too. I don't even skate and I'm pretty excited about that. The whole thing looks pretty excellent.
  9. Hey, what's that?

    I'm not sure that's very factual. It sounds like it's treating that rock as though it were always a rock, but that's not true. The rock is just the remains of a concrete piling used to suspend a power line over the river for Consumer's Energy. (That much was true, at least.)
  10. People talking about Grand Rapids

    But DC has some incredibly iconic and distinct monuments among all of those shorter buildings which really makes it pop. We don't have that. Tokyo is largely 12-ish storey buildings (although it does have some skyscrapers, too), but it, too, has some very iconic locales that really make it pop. (Tokyo tower, contrast between historic temples and modern buildings, areas that are essentially a Times Square of Japan, etc.) We don't have that. No matter what, whether it's a large tower, a low monument, or something in between, we need something iconic that really stands out and separates us from all of the other cities to be anything other than just another Fort Wayne. The river, as much as we like it, even with rapids, is not going to ever be that icon. And the kitschy table and chairs on top of the blue bridge was iconic, but the wrong kind of icon. (Thank goodness it was just temporary.) That said, I think one of the best shots we could have at this time would be a shot of Ionia SW, being sure to get a hint of taller buildings in the background without really showing those taller buildings. That way it takes a focus on a picturesque built environment while suggesting there's a lot more without showing what that "more" is. If there were some tall buildings behind the GRAM that stood out above, that'd also be a fantastic potential using what we have.
  11. Proposed 400 room Hotel at Devos Place

    Had MSU not taken the old Press site, they could have probably expanded to there with a catwalk over the intersection. Too late for that now. I think the best hopes are either: + Make an enticing deal to relocate the federal building and build there (unlikely but I think it could be an excellent option if possible, could really help bring that plaza to life more than a re-design would) - 133k sq ft + Make an enticing deal to relocate the post office and build there - ~182k sq ft + Rebuild the convention center in a fashion that allows more space + Relocate to a different site with more room (Padnos? Might not actually be more room but would be easier to expand than current site) None of them sound very good, feasible, or practical. At least if they do the post office site, hopefully they can find a way to better engage the street, riverwalk, and allow for easy addition of hotel towers.
  12. Lake Drive Changes.

    Tim's also had another location just down the road on Plainfield. I'm sure the two were cannibalizing each other for business. The Arby's in that location closed, too, with another Arby's just down the road on Plainfield.
  13. Exactly. The short-term is going to be incredibly rough on parking needs. And several of the projects that are finishing soon I've estimated have negative net parking supply also. If it does get better, it's going to get quite a bit worse before it does.
  14. I got curious and applied some extremely rough math to all of this to get a better idea of what the real overall parking picture looks like when considering how much of a demand these projects are going to put on parking vs how much they actually provide. My extremely rough, unprofessional estimate is that there's really only a net gain of 458 parking spaces in that table GRDad provided. This does not factor in surface spaces lost to the development (such as the total spaces in Arena 4/5 before construction) and does not factor in the GVSU/Spectrum ramp since that is not in the table. If someone has reliable stats for that I could plug in, I'm all ears. It also does not include Keeler and 10 Ionia since both seem dead. It also does not distinguish between daytime, evening, and night-time demand levels. So take the whole thing with a box of salt. Methodology for the numbers in the spreadsheet. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1SaROhzG47ipduHgQmbIhuNKQyzj5R62jQTA_pzN7zv0
  15. Keeler Building - 56 North Division

    Although would they be able to do that cool thing they proposed with the corner of the building now that the building is declared historic? Either way, hope they give a little revisit.