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  1. tSlater

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    Maybe the turnarounds will work better if they add a traffic signal, also.
  2. While we may have a hole there, that worked out in a good way overall when it happened with Bridgewater's (Riverhouse) hole.
  3. tSlater

    New projects in East Hills

    Gaming centers largely closed up because of better internet delivery to the home and the increased prevalence of computer ownership. But now things are moving over largely toward tablets and phones, with some laptops mixed in. Perhaps because of that, a gaming center will do well again. -shrug-
  4. tSlater

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    I just don't understand flex lanes. Why not just paint it to be its own lane instead of installing a bunch of signage to tell people they can or cannot use something as a lane? What benefit is there in having it not be a lane during parts of the day? It just doesn't make any sense to me.
  5. tSlater

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    It is legal to pull into the intersection on a green light while waiting for traffic to clear. Even once the light is red, if you are in the intersection you are legally allowed to complete your turn, and oncoming perpendicular traffic needs to wait for you to make your turn (since you'll be blocking their traffic flow.) This ensures at least one car is able to get through on every cycle. So as long as you pull forward into the intersection before turning left, you're not actually breaking the law.
  6. tSlater

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    Same (Beltline and 5 Mile.) Sometimes Google says Plainfield->96->131 is faster, sometimes EBL->196. I get off 196 at Ottawa and take Ottawa to the south end of DT instead of playing the get-from-left-side-of-131-to-right-side-while-doing-s-curve game. The morning commute isn't too bad, but the evening commute going anywhere northeast is absolutely terrible no matter which route I try. I'd especially recommend drone footage of EBL between 5 Mile and West River Dr. Also West River Dr. west of EBL. EBL is backed up with red lights all the way past Plainfield. I often see people waiting at a green light to turn left into Walgreens because the opposite direction is backed up and stopped in the middle of the intersection. Then on West River Dr. (2-lane) you see a constant quarter-mile of backed up traffic all in one lane with the other lane nearly empty for right-turn-only traffic. The green light does not last very long at all. Either the left-turn lanes need to be extended further back, or straight-ahead traffic needs two instead of one lane. Which one I'm not sure, I'm the lucky one who turns right onto SB Beltline. 131 to West River Dr. exit seems really unpredictable on the evening commute. Sometimes it's quick and easy, sometimes it's backed up for a mile, and there's never really any clue as to why. EB 3 Mile onto NB Dean Lake Rd might be better now, maybe it was just due to the I-96 construction, but there were usually 5-6 cars trying to make that left turn during evening rush hour, and only one car being able to make that turn each traffic signal cycle. I'd see the light turn green 5 times before I'd get to the front of the line. Similar was experienced with EB Knapp onto NB Dean Lake.
  7. tSlater

    People talking about Grand Rapids

    I wouldn't hold any breath
  8. tSlater

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    You just made both laugh and cry at the same time.
  9. tSlater

    Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    I thought it was Ada to Downtown (along Michigan Corridor) or am I thinking of a different attempt?
  10. I think it was mostly seen as not needed but this all just makes me feel more strongly that it's about time we start thinking about a loop highway running from I-96/M-6 up to Rockford and around to 131.
  11. tSlater


    Is Gravel Bottom still pursuing that? Last time I was at Plainfield Plaza the space looked empty and still had a for lease sign.
  12. tSlater

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    It's been like this for far longer than the Leonard construction.
  13. tSlater

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    And can't go south onto 131 from Franklin, either, if south was your goal.
  14. tSlater

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    The lack of stop and go traffic on 131 NB today, the lack of traffic backed up to the previous stoplights on EBL and lack of stop and go traffic on EBL around 96 and Leonard, and lack of stop-and-go traffic on EBL from 5-mile to West River Dr... it was almost eerie. I had to check my phone to make sure it was actually 5 and I didn't leave at 3 or something. This explains it all.
  15. tSlater

    UP Advice

    I would suggest seeking information in the Grand Rapids History Facebook Group for photos of the building. If anybody knows what's under that siding, they'll be in there. My guess would be either wood clapboard, or the vinyl siding replaced previous wood clapboard. Unless you were to convert the roof from peaked to flat, which I imagine would be pretty expensive, I think the siding it currently has is probably the best bet, unless there's some historic facade underneath that you know you can preserve. Perhaps an interesting way to enhance the facade would be to add some classic roof support things I forget what they're called. Seen often on Victorian homes. Some subtle, simple ones might do the trick to enhance the facade without redoing the whole facade.