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  1. Hey, thanks man! There's more in my "photo dump" too.
  2. I fail to see what's the least bit interesting or original about this skyline. It looks like every other one I've ever seen. A few of my own shots from this weekend:
  3. Does anyone know what's going on with the site of the old downcity at the corner of Weybosset and Eddy? There was a backhoe there today digging out the old foundation - first activity I've seen in well over a year.
  4. From the Phoenix: http://thephoenix.com/notfornothing/PermaL...9d3c2391b5.aspx
  5. RISD is pretty good at pipe dreams that way. Most colleges are, because after they construct all these lofty visions, they aren't really responsible for implementing what they come up with. I would tend to place the latest Comprehensive Plan in a somewhat more pragmatic frame of mind; I think the concept behind it is a tad more realistic.
  6. The Broadway Mart's first new paint job in at least 15 years And a couple others
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