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  1. That Bike Pedal was the original prototype and not the final design. The one that was featured in Rapid Growth and seen on the GVSU campus is the final design. We'll have one out front during ArtPrize and hopefully we'll have them scattered throughout town to be used during the competition.
  2. I have family coming down from Up North to come hang out. One of the guys in the office has a large group of family and friends coming from a good distance (some 12-14 hours of driving) to come check it out. Downtown is going to be PACKED with people by the sounds of it!
  3. I an assure you as soon as the store in Petoskey is built, the WalMart across the street will see a drastic decline in customers. Everyone I know is itching for the store to open and some people have already started driving to Gaylord instead of Petoskey to go to Meijer
  4. The first of a couple sculptures that will be outside of Design Plus during ArtPrize:
  5. So I've decided I'm not a fan of the signage, especially on the south side. I drive home daily north on Division and the south signage is very hard to read. It sticks out too far from the wall and the shadows make the letters all blurry
  6. Maybe someone could take it upon themselves to do an 'Artprize Artist of the Day' and give us a sampling each day
  7. Should we start a spin-off thread in the coffee house to discuss the various artists and venue's and leave this one for overall talk of the event? I'm thinking like a UP Guide to Artprize
  8. Definitely crazy! I know where I'll be on September 23rd!
  9. The writer must be saying 'largest group outside of GR locals' because there is NO WAY there are more Detroiters in ArtPrize then Grand Rapids folk
  10. 1166 now! Anyone want to take bets on seeing all of the pieces? That would be an impressive feat!
  11. 966! Getting close to the 1,000 mark! *Edit* 968! **Edit** 975! Ok, I'll stop now
  12. You'll find the same foot traffic in pretty much any northern Michigan 'tourist' destination: Charlevoix, Petoskey, Boyne City, Harbor Springs, etc... Its a whole different world in the other 3 seasons.
  13. Link to his ArtPrize profile: http://www.artprize.org/artist/id/121 I can not WAIT for ArtPrize! Going to be so much to check out!
  14. ^^^ Here's a follow up... http://www.chicagobreakingnews.com/2009/07...-rail-pact.html
  15. I've been heavily involved with helping my employer get set up as a venue and have filled out the ArtPrize Volunteer form. Very much looking forward to this thing getting kicked off! I agree it seems there will be a lot of artists from West Michigan, but I bet a lot of people outside of the regions are skeptical of the competition. I am confident this thing will grow by leaps and bounds in the next couple of years!
  16. It was a short blip on the Today Show Sunday morning as well...
  17. I used to work in the building next to Heartside Park and I can tell you from my time working there, the park was RARELY used, especially not to the capacity that you are showing in your picture. Maybe a lot has changed in the 2 years since I worked there...
  18. Thanks for the High Five Paul! We're sitting down tomorrow to go over the 10 or so artists that have already contacted us to be hosted at D+ and see if any appeal to us. Its definitely been an interesting process and we're looking forward to everything that is still to come!
  19. You can filter the artists down from the list based on type of artwork and their venue needs (indoors, electricity, a/v equipment, etc) But like I mentioned, a lot of artists haven't finished (or put ANYTHING in) their profiles yet
  20. I am leading the venue info for my organization and I have the same complaints as you... lack of info in the Artist's profiles. I'm going even going to bother perusing the profiles for another week or so to allow more artist time to flesh out their profiles.
  21. Frederick Meijer Gardens was listed as #13 in the Top 30 Museums in the World in the latest issue of Delta Sky Magazine. http://www.deltaskymag.com/ Click on the current issue link on the right and go to page 55.
  22. How will bikes be handled on the Silver Line? I tried finding anything on their website and had no luck...
  23. I'll edit all of my posts that contain any monetary numbers if you provide some insight I'll just point the posts right to your post
  24. I think you're missing out on the point... While this is 'just a bus upgrade' it provides a permanent transit system for one of the most traveled corridors in the Grand Rapids metro area. If you look at any other city nationwide that as implemented a similar BRT system, you will see DRASTIC amounts of development and investment in the areas. Ridership doubling in 5 years is being pessimistic. Tripling or more is being optimistic. But hey, what do I know... I'm just a young professional that rides transit everyday and saves $100s / month vs buying a car and exponentially increasing the environmental problems worldwide.
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