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  1. ** Editted to remove any misinformation... See the Following Posts **
  2. ** Editted to remove any misinformation... See the Following Posts **
  3. The venue's can not charge admission to see the work, however, venue's can charge the artist for use of their space. http://www.artprize.org/venue-guidelines
  4. :yahoo: Can't wait until I can pull out my phone while I'm waiting at the stop and see where the next bus is at or be able to use Google Maps to create routes instantly! I've been using the Beta test site that was posted and that was worked great (although a bit slow)
  5. The Rapid is in the midst of beta testing this service. I'm hoping to see it rolled out in the next couple of months http://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/Rapid-s-...tes-t49376.html
  6. Pretty sure the Stamp and Coin store that was next door vacated & closed a month or two again
  7. Interesting article comparing BRT & LRT... http://www.worldchanging.com/archives/009395.html
  8. Here's the rendering for ya: Here's the new rendering from a different angle:
  9. Couple of comments... The building that Huntington Bank is in- the streaking that was visible was most likely caused by the sealant in the window system 'oozing'. This is a common complaint among older window systems. Newer sealants should not have this problem. There should be no worries about any rusting happening. Most of the metal panel systems are aluminum these days and the joints are gasketed and sealed as needed to prevent problems. Take a look at the Devos Place... probably the same or similar material proposed.
  10. You mean.... Your prefer the metal siding to the brick facade? Sorry, 'darker one' didn't really help me figure out which one you were talking about.
  11. Here's another shot of the similar material scheme thats in post #666 as opposed to #669
  12. I say let the roads go to crap, force people to move urban and build transit into every avenue of daily life... This coming from someone that was born and raised in Rural Northern Michigan and understands how much driving is necessary to get around. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/23/business...3yuan.html?_r=1
  13. Whats the deal with the Grand Rapids Public Museum? I've walked past it more then a few times and our parking lot is right up against the north walls. The Jefferson side entrance is all blacked out as are the windows on that portion of the building. So whats the deal with it? its a pretty massive building.
  14. Thats my understanding. Makes perfect sense if you look at it in context of University's and College's as the Superintendent attempted to do. I had a number of friends that got I's at the end of a semester because they missed a number of classes, even exams because of extenuating circumstances. They had a time period to fix the grade (2-3 weeks generally) or the grade turned it an F. The superintendent even attempted to explain that but the Fox Chick and Psycho. just walked all over him.
  15. The way I understood it, the Fox Chick and Psychologist were trying to say that ~2,100 H's had been handed out this year and since there were ~4,000 students, that meant 50% of the students got H's. Overall, ~21,000 grades are handed out in the school district, so 2,100 H's / 21,000 grades = 10%. The Fox Chick and Psychologist must've missed basic mathematics in their education...
  16. Found this article on the various types of BRT... Thought some might enjoy. http://www.planetizen.com/node/36406
  17. Looks like they're running into some fun stuff buried down there.
  18. Never had the perception that Michigan State was hard to get into... a number of my coulda-cared-less-about-their-grades friends from High School got accepted into State without even thinking twice about it.
  19. When we priced our trip to Orlando last winter, Chicago was about $100 cheaper then Detroit... I think we parked for less then $10/day at a park'n'ride lot about a 15 minute shuttle ride from the airport. I noticed for parking around Detroit, your best bet is generally finding a cheap hotel for the night before your flight. Sometimes you can park at that hotel for 7-10 days for free...
  20. BW3 there would be AMAZING!
  21. Just a heads up from someone that rides The Rapid on a daily basis... The MAJORITY of the riders on my route ARE older generations. My route (Route 15) goes right past Central High School and even with that, theres still more older generations on the bus then younger 'kids' (me being a younger kid) I'm just saying...
  22. Theres always a difference between the ceremonial ground breaking and actual work happening...
  23. :yahoo: Can't wait for Chipotle to finish up!
  24. Knapp's Corner is used a lot by people as a 'park-and-ride' lot since the #15 Bus ends there and then heads back downtown. A lot of GRCC students that live in that area or Rockford park and Meijer and hop on the bus
  25. Anyone get any pictures of the Pillow Fight?
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