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  1. I don't think anything has ever been released for the Honors college...
  2. The honors college is going to be a very nice structure when it is done. I definitely looking forward to watching this one take shape! The interiors are going to be great!
  3. I was just curious if anyone has seen the submittal for this project. I'm amazed with the size of this project, no one was really said much about it. Just wanted to hear people's thought since I've been working on this thing for the last couple of months
  4. That pump is crazy! I've been told the whole reason they have that cool mini crane at the Commerce Parking Ramp is because they won't be able to pump concrete in the back corner, so that particular crane as a pump attachment for use when they get higher. nice shots!
  5. I just saw this magazine this morning at our office. Thought it might be of interest to the wonderful UP folks
  6. Personally, I have no problem walking next to a blank wall. Granted, it is 'wasted space' that would probably be better developed as retail or businesses. An entire city full of blank walls would not be pedestrian friendly at all, but I think them scattered about isn't the life or death situation that some people make it out to be.
  7. I live right near Richmond and 131 and I can tell you that area is crazy for driving right now. People are crazy when they are stuck in that traffic on Richmond and I've almost been hit a number of times trying to get across Richmond to Broadway.
  8. If Meijer or Devos or Steelcase, or any big corp in the area relocated downtown, it would be huge overall, but I don't think it would change much from what it is now. The problem is CDB is still a 'business district' in the sense that after 5pm, the majority of the people downtown are gone, fleeing to the suburbs. If any of those corps relocated downtown, all of those people would just contribute to the 5 o'clock black hole... On the Topic of this thread, I think the Rowe Hotel / Olds Manor would be a very nice building if renovated and finished off. Could be a project similar to the Fitzgerald renovation.
  9. Those curved balconies will definitely create a cool environment on the interior!
  10. jbr12

    Traverse City

    Get some pics of the bank! I want to see how its coming along
  11. The Creston Corridor Initiative final study is being presented for the first and last time tonight. The presentation will take place at the Elementary School Gymnasium @ 309 Palmer St NE. There should be alot of people there, so get there early if you want a seat up front
  12. Anyone know of any decent lectures or speakers coming up in the next week or two? My fiance needs to go to one for her speech class and we can't find anything to go to (I know about the one last night, but she had to work)
  13. jbr12

    Traverse City

    Did you guys find out any more informatin on the bank? I will check with work tomorrow to see if I can release any information about it. I would assume I can since they are building... Since its on their website they are building in TC, I can verify that it is the Bank of Northern Michigan going in there... the same company is the Bank of Holland on Ionia Ave in Grand Rapids
  14. Thats kind of crazy that only one news source covered this at ALL. When a school or office building as a bomb threat, its all over the news. But one of the largest shopping centers in the state and it doesn't even break a TV news story
  15. Anyone hear of anything happening at Rivertown Mall tonight? I heard that the mall was forced to evacuate for some reason. I would just wait for the 11 o'clock news... but I don't have TV right now
  16. jbr12

    Traverse City

    Is it the Northern Michigan Credit Union? The firm I work for is or was designed one for Traverse... I think they're breaking ground. If I remember right, when I asked, I was told they did another one around Petoskey or something no too long ago. I'll look into it more and get back with ya
  17. I don't think GR would be able to sustain a Professional level sports team. Like others have mentioned, we're crazy close to both Detroit and Chicago. Other places like Green Bay & Salt Lake City work because there are no other sports teams anywhere near there for people to cheer for. They have the whole state-wide pride thing instead of just regional. Here in GR we have teams on either side of us. I mean, yes the Griffins are a popular team, but I don't know too many people outside of GR that have even HEARD of them
  18. Here's a picture from Celebration on the Grand last night: See more pictures here: My Flickr Page
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