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  1. Not true, you might have to pay it at the revenue office instead of in the city itself, but there is a city sales tax added to the purchase of a vehicle that does find its way back to the city in which it was purchased. I'm sure this isn't a huge loss to Springdale compared to say Sam's Club, but it most certainly is a loss.
  2. Boise, ID is also the defacto shopping destination for a circle roughly 3-500 miles wide. Personally, I hope all the chain food reprinters don't come in, our local restaurant scene could use some serious improvement first. Great chefs don't go work for corporate established menu places, they go to individual or very small regional (3-5 units max) restaurants that give them serious leeway in their menu creativity.
  3. Dirt work on the area to the north of the Holiday Inn Express started about 10-15 days ago, so if that is the spot then their ground breaking is ceremonial only.
  4. This isn't development related, but I have a Fayetteville history question that someone here might be able to answer. At the intersection of 71B and E. Center there is a red light, why? E. Center is one way and one can't turn from Center on to 71 here (that part of the intersection is just to the north and is NOT aided by the red light), a red light seems to only hinder traffic flow and contribute NOTHING. Was this intersection different at one time( I've only lived in the area since 1995) where it required an actual traffic control device? I could maybe see the usefulness of a northbound
  5. The Fayetteville Chamber was very close to moving into that building a few years ago, but couldn't work out the finances.
  6. I forgot about that place, thought that the pizza place had just kind of adopted the equipment and it never materialized. Good to know that it will finally open up.
  7. I'm a Democrat who lives in Fayetteville and is originally from LA (Lower Arkansas), I don't see how the two areas would mesh at all. The Democrats up here are actual liberal Democrats for the most part, as opposed to moderate or even conservative "Blue dog" Democrats of that area. The party down there is mostly social conservatives with a strong fiscal liberal lean, NWA Democrats are almost the opposite socially and are probably a bit more fiscally conservative. The worst part about this plan in my opinion is that it started as a plan by a man from Marvel, which is a town not in either d
  8. I think it is important to note that the areas which currently HAVE the most population are also the exact same areas which are currently gaining population. The only city in the state of any size which is losing population is Pine Bluff, but it's infrastructure is already more than adequate. This SHOULD make it easy to determine highway funding, but because of the ancient four district problem we continue to funnel money into areas losing population. To be completely honest, I think 5/6th of the counties in the state should get maintenance and repair funds only. The other 1/6th is whe
  9. Interesting, it assumed it was the Neighborhood Market as well.
  10. There is a large sign in front of the building.
  11. I've eaten at all three, Flying Burrito and Qdoba will be fine.
  12. The first time I ate there I thought it might be just different enough to make it, but a month or so ago when I last ate there I changed my mind. Other than a few menu items, it could be any other local taco joint type Mexican place, plus the rice tasted like it had been made with dishwater...not a little spill, but a LOT of the taste in both mine and my wife's rice. I'm usually pretty forgiving, but my wife isn't as much...this pretty much crossed it off of our list. The place was also almost deserted on a beautiful Saturday at 1230 in the afternoon.
  13. Eventually it will take as long to go from downtown to the mall as it does from 540 to downtown Springdale via 412. Stopping every block in an area where pedestrian travel is only an interesting thought and not a current reality just isn't a good idea. I work in downtown and can pretty much count on one hand how many people I see crossing College each day.
  14. Instead of adding lights, they should remove the one at Center and College which serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever except to make people stop. There is NO intersection there, just a red light. Without that light people wouldn't have anything to "try to beat" and hence to reason to "hurry up and stop" since there would be no lights between Dickson and Mountain (which DOES need the light that is there) on College.
  15. If WM started selling beer, odds are none of the liquor stores would go out of business. However, they would cut back substantially on the Bud-Mill-oors they sell as that market will go to Wal-Mart. The liquor stores would hopefully diversify and increase their stake in wines and higher end beer.
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