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  1. Sweet, that's good news. I've always felt that Shreveport needs more emphasis on higher education for the metro area. I think we're still lacking a little on undergraduate offerings, but with the Med School and now this law school, options are looking decent for graduate options. I like that they're going to use that building downtown. It's a nice building and is a shame it sat empty for so long. Here's a newer link: http://www.sbmag.net/features/2011_may/1st_law_school.html
  2. I read on Shreveport Times that there's going to be a 50 acre mixed income development in central Shreveport. It looks like it'll be south of Stoner and north of Wright Island. I'm guessing it'll be more apartments. It's good infill, and will give more options to younger Airmen at Barksdale looking for apartments. On the bad side, GM is shuttering the Shreveport plant. It's been really slow on this forum lately. Hopefully things will pick up, it's the only forum that I know of that has a dedicated Shreveport subforum.
  3. Who's signed on? I think Northrup gave a $50k endorsement of some sort, but I'm not sure what that really means. I need more specific info I wonder what they're going to be doing at the CIC since there's only going to be a handful of people at Barksdale actually doing "cyber" stuff. Maybe it'd make a nice business park of some sort if this cyber business doesn't take off like people are thinking
  4. Wow, only 36 folks for Barksdale. That's not looking too good. I'm having doubts about the viability of the CIC
  5. Interesting. Being located in Mansfield would let them see the stars better at night I suppose.
  6. Yeah, it's a decent joint for buffalo wings. Their jerk chicken sandwich is pretty good. The BWW here in SA sucks though (the one near me does anyway)
  7. That's cool. You don't usually hear of retail developments in that part of Shreveport. It'll be good for the people that live there
  8. That's definitely the attitude I wish more people had. Too many people look to flee an area at th first sign of whatever they think is a decline. Neighborhoods would benefit from more people like yourself who have pride in where they live. The attitude does seem different in other places I've been. A lot of Texans are very proud to be from Texas, and the same goes for city pride in some Texas towns. I wish Louisianans would do the same
  9. It varies from person to person. Generally, the wealthier a place looks, the "safer" it looks. Not necessarily true of course --Not many people are leaving the area altogether anymore. Most people these days just cross the river. It keeps them in the area but gives them more of a sense of security.-- A lot of college grads leave the area shortly after graduation. Many go to Texas for more opportunities, and perceived quality of life improvement.
  10. My parents neighborhood is safe, and their house cost 50K back in '92. It's probably worth around 85K to 90K now, but it's still a safe neighborhood. It might not "look" like a super nice place, but it's not dangerous. I guess if it's a look of safety you're going for, then I guess I can understand the mentality. It kinda explains why a lot of folks leave the area altogether
  11. Very true. A lot of people from outside of Louisiana generalize the whole state in that same way. They think it's all ghetto and crime ridden. The hurricane coverage from 05 didn't help the state's image much. There are definitely some great neighborhoods in Shreveport that I wouldn't mind living in
  12. Wow, Parkway's getting a new campus? That's great for them. I wonder what my alma mater's future is gonna be (Bossier High). Sadly, I don't think its future is as bright as Parkway or Airline (unless they redistrict to send more kids to BHS). Bossier High's student population has been dwindling for years.
  13. I like the belltower a lot. Looks really nice overall -- the architecure looks great and it's good that it's near the BPCC campus
  14. baffroom


    I was near Kaiserslautern in west Germany, about 130 km west of Frankfurt.
  15. baffroom


    Thanks guys. Germany was awesome. It was kinda tough at first being so far from home, but it grew on me quick. I definitely will go back to visit in the future. Beautiful country
  16. Twelve oaks looks pretty nice looking at that website. I didnt know they had neighborhood shopping planned. That sounds kinda cool. That's an interesting trend in housing developments. I guess if I moved back to SBC, I'd probably give that area a look. I've always liked that part of town
  17. baffroom


    I'm Matt. I'm a military brat who spent part of his life in Shreveport. Currently I reside in the San Antonio area (though I'm in Alabama at the moment), but I follow the news in Shreveport and Louisiana as a whole b/c that's what I consider home. I came back to the states recently after 2.5 years working in Germany.
  18. I think you've got the right idea. There's lots of great things in downtown Shreveport and Bossier that just need to be made more convenient to get to. If you could park in one place and see it all, that would be great and I would be more willing to spend time and money there, instead of south youree like I usually do. They definitely coud use more retail like supermarkets and pharmacy type stores. I was a little disappointed when they decided not to build BPCC in downtown Bossier, near bossier high (or at bossier high). That would've been really beneficial to that part of town.
  19. It's amazing how fast they can build those things. I checked out the Shreve City Super Walmart over christmas break and that thing was coming along really quick.
  20. It's probably just so people can enjoy the riverfront. A lot of larger cities with rivers do that. I think it's nice
  21. The Robinson Film Center sounds like an interesting project. There are a lot of artsy type folks in SBC, so I think there'll be an audience for it. Shreveport has an artistic past and I think it's about to come back full swing
  22. That's pretty impressive. It looks like most of the house is behind the front facade, which may make it unassuming from the front view. I didn't know there was anything quite that oppulent in Shreveport. I do know they've got some rich folks in the Ellerbe area, and some places in South Highlands. Some of the mansions off of Line avenue, near the fire station are very impressive. I love driving through there
  23. I wish the city had build squares -- like they have in european cities. Jackson Square in New Orleans is an example of one, though I have't been there so i can't say if I'd like that one. I also wish we'd utilize traffic circles like Europe does -- they keep traffic moving when other cars are not present (when compared to 4 way stop signs). Shreveport does have some interesting areas outside of downtown -- I really like the Kings Hwy area near I49. lots of interesting structures there. St Marks has a nice presence as does the WK mansion across the street. The areas near Centenary and South Highlands/Pierremont are cool too I like the last picture of the river walkway. I didn't know they developed the riverfront to that extent.
  24. I figured it would happen, and goes with what people have been predicting. I think the SBC area values won't be hurt too bad -- they haven't gone on a crazy boom of new housing like other areas of the country. Just like other investments, houses can lose value too
  25. Those are some cool pictures, especially of the church reflection. Shreveport really does have some neat architecture and is an interesting city to explore, especially considering its size. I can see why they can use it to film so many types of movies there.
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