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  1. WOOD-TV story has several interior shots of the St. James Apartments and Townhomes - https://www.woodtv.com/news/grand-rapids/catholic-school-turned-affordable-housing-opens-in-gr/1796251171 Article says the building is complete and includes some interesting tidbits ("Developers say the affordable housing community is the first in Grand Rapids to have a solar panel on the rooftop.")
  2. I like both of these ideas. The parking lot by Bistro would be preferred.
  3. In related news... Lansing announced yesterday that it will modify plans for its year-round market, reducing the square footage to fit its budget. The new market will now be about 11,400 square foot and is scheduled in open in December. The new building will replace the structure that has housed the market for about 70 years. It houses about 40 vendors. http://www.lansingstatejournal.com/article...328/1002/NEWS01
  4. What about putting a year-round market on the west side of the river? Isn't there a parking lot directly across the Grand River from DeVos Place on Bridge (across from RiverHouse condos)? It would be a quick walk for people attending conventions. I think we need to utilize that side of the river more and a year-round market would help do that. Plus, it is right by the highway for all the folks from the suburbs.
  5. I've often wondered what company that Southwest is referencing in its commercials about charges for the first checked bag, booking flights over the phone, etc. It appears that it is Allegiant. News release says that its charges $15 for the first checked bag and $10 for flights booked over the phone. Still, it will be a savings when compared to other flights out of GRR.
  6. It seems like the city is willing to do just about anything to get something built on this land (sell the land for half the price, buy parking spots at above market value, offer low interest financing, etc.). I wonder what the other developers who originally bid on this land think about that. I suppose that they'd likely be in the same boat with the change in our housing markets since the land was on the market.
  7. What's the deal with this seller? I'm not familiar with who owns the building.
  8. The structure pictured is call the Kendall Building. Located at 16 Monroe Center, it is listed for sale on the CAR site for $750,000. They have a building rendering to go with the sale information. I think that it is a cool building, but it doesn't have much foot traffic. The two five-lane roads nearby (Division and Fulton) may have something to do with that... Doesn't exactly give off that downtown charm that the rest of Monroe Center does. Maybe with the rehab of the Fitzgerald and the promise from Second Story to invest needed $$$ in Veteran's Park, this corner will see some redevelopment. CAR listing for Kendall Building
  9. This is one of my favorite yet-to-be rehabbed buildings in downtown. I'd love to see it utilized, but I just don't see anything happening here on its own. Now, if the Post Office (or even the GR Press) were to sell, then I think this gateway to North Monroe would really take off...
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