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  1. @A2., do you foresee a market rebound tomorrow or later this week, or do you think it's "all down hill from here" until we bottom out again towards 18,000 or less?
  2. I really like this building the more and more I see of it. It looks like it was built in the 30's or 40's.
  3. @A2., I assume you mean "before the end of this month" to mean "before the end of April".
  4. @A2., thank you for your insight. A few questions: Can you please explain the blue and red lines on your chart? How are you drawing your conclusion based on the chart? When do you expect the dip to start again?
  5. I love this development. Whenever I visit this thread, I forget about all the BS going on the world right now. Love seeing the finishing touches being put on this tower.
  6. Thanks @A2.. I'm relatively new to this game. What are your thoughts on a "buy short when Dow futures are down, buy long when Dow futures are up" approach and effectively become an active day trader?
  7. @A2., where do you see markets heading tomorrow? Big drop after a big gain day? Or more positive growth?
  8. An anecdote: I work for a multifamily real estate investment company and we've had 2 dispositions worth $132 million fall through in the past 48 hours. The buyers either got cold feet or their primary equity sources got cold feet. This is going to be a common story for the immediate future in real estate, with deals being delayed or falling through. We should expect RE transaction volume to fall off substantially through at least June, probably longer. We also have several development deals that were in the midst of due diligence on and decided to punt on them last week until this situation has been largely resolved. Definitely a bummer, but don't be surprised to see this become commonplace throughout the real estate world.
  9. I was only 1 at the time (sorry to make some of you feel old) but a tree fell on our house during Hugo and we were huddled in our downstairs bathroom the entire night. A very memorable experience for my parents and many others, I'm sure.
  10. Not a great look! But hey, at least we were well-prepared for this disaster!
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