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  1. Some of my ancestors also immigrated from Switzerland in the early 1700's to the Lexington, SC area. Some of them ended up joining some crazy religious cult, the Weber Heresy. Luckily, my ancestors were just the henchmen and were banished to Georgia, but the Webers weren't so lucky. https://patch.com/south-carolina/lexington-sc/lexington-religious-cult-murders-prominent-pardoned-by-governor
  2. FWIW, here in Seattle (obviously tech biased) RDU has greater name recognition than Charlotte, primarily because Raleigh is viewed as a mini-Austin of sorts. I'm in the multifamily industry and Austin is probably the biggest "up and coming" market in the country right now (largely due to California tech opening big offices in Austin). Any market that is viewed as "the next Austin" will get tons of attention. Charlotte sort of falls under the radar - one of the reasons why I think Charlotte is such a great opportunity for us to buy right now. I think it unfairly doesn't get as much attention as Raleigh, Austin, and Nashville, especially considering the growth percentages are basically on par and the long-term market fundamentals are equally as favorable. Charlotte just isn't as sexy, mostly due to perceived lack of culture or a cool vibe. I think a lot of these big shops are dead wrong and multifamily buyers in Charlotte are going to see greater upside as a result. I'm pushing hard for my firm to buy in Charlotte (I'm a homer, for sure, but there are many logical reasons to buy as previously mentioned). I'm hopeful that Charlotte will see greater tech relocations/growth as I think that will help change the perception.
  3. Is it accurate that Lowe's is moving their corporate HQ to this tower?
  4. I once drank a beer (just one) that was a year past the expiration date. I quickly regretted it. Just don't drink old beer, it isn't worth it.
  5. I actually find the opposite to be true: that football is growing while baseball is dying. There is way more fan engagement with football than baseball. Most people that go to baseball games basically are going to hang out with the game in the background. It does not breed the same loyalty through exciting gameplay that football does. Only baseball teams with a multi-generational track record of success have a strong following. I don't think Charlotte is missing out by not having a MLB team.
  6. Truist definitely looks way better at night. If they were insistent on having signage, they should have figured out a more graceful way to display it. I still think the building shouldn't have signage, but they really failed on the aesthetic approach (as is particularly evident during the day).
  7. I think my opinion has more to do with materials and just the mesh of the different sections rather than the "jenga" style, per se. I quite like that Austin building since it is all glass and seems to flow well. But I think we have the red-headed stepchild version here (no offense to the ginger people).
  8. I appreciate what this development is doing for the north side of uptown. That being said, can we all just be honest and admit that this tower is ugly as hell?
  9. I really hate that they're ruining this tower with signage. I'm not optimistic that the architectural integrity will be maintained after the signage is installed.
  10. The issue in South Africa is that the government is saying they can seize land without paying for it. There is no place in a civilized democratic society for the government to seize land without proper compensation. That is a communistic-style position to take and no wonder current landowners are feeling helpless. Beyond that, none of the current landowners in SA were alive when their ancestors "seized" the land over 100 years ago (also, land has traded from those who "seized" to new owners since then), nor were those who would receive seized land. The ship has sailed on that at this point.
  11. I agree that land confiscation without proper compensation has no place in civilized society. It sounds like this is under consideration in South Africa, which would be a pretty radical move bordering on Bolshevism. I think race-based reparations are a slippery slope and would only further societal unrest and discontent. I'm in favor of "hand-up" initiatives and opposed to "hand-out" reparations. I believe in incentivizing the right behavior rather than giving away free stuff. With that being said, I think Trump's inflammatory rhetoric/actions will further escalate societal discontent that would make radical responses much more likely.
  12. I think it's ok to say that Trump's response to the COVID pandemic has been extremely poor, ineffective, and damaging both from a public health and economic perspective, AND land confiscation/redistribution is a radical, insane position that should not be accepted in a civil democratic society. But then again I'm a moderate who thinks there are radical morons on both sides of the political spectrum. People need to learn how to compromise and realize this isn't a zero-sum game. Very alarmed by the extremism in our society today.
  13. I don't know if inventory change tells the whole story as many of the people "fleeing" to the suburbs are currently renters, and those who own in the city may just be deciding to not list right now. The people leaving the city are moving to the burbs primarily for space and affordability reasons, in addition to "aging out" of urban living. Prior to the pandemic, Millenials were starting to move out of urban areas and towards the suburbs as they started to have families and "socializing" with peers started to become less important. I do think that the pandemic will accelerate this move to the burbs for Millenials, and due to the large size of this cohort, there will be a noticeable outflow of demand. I'm seeing it in my peer group (low 30's), and I'm right smack dab in the Millenial generation. A lot of Millenials are not seeing any benefit to living in urban areas at the moment, and moving to the burbs provides them with WFH space and more bedrooms for their growing families. Anecdotally, my first child was born last month and I'm moving to the burbs next month, and I know many peers who have done the same in the past couple of years.
  14. Wow, spicy! Looks like they might still be testing since only a couple of corners are lit?
  15. Yawn - wish they had gone for something more creative but I guess no one will be offended by Charlotte FC. If none of the other options, Queen Charlotte FC would have been more representative of our city's identity. Oh well.
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