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  1. Perhaps I have poor architectural taste, but I'm a sucker for pyramids on top of buildings. IMO it's more interesting than a flat topped glass box, which seems to be where designs are trending these days.
  2. Wow, that image of the expanded South End skyline is impressive. Does anyone have approximate breakouts between multifamily vs. office vs. hotel?
  3. Apologies if I missed it, but is anyone tracking the proposed/under construction apartments on a map?
  4. Blue-grays are popular right now - would have been much more aesthetically pleasing than the color scheme they chose on that building.
  5. What about for apartment investing? What makes this area exciting/desirable?
  6. What does everyone think of FreeMore West? What kind of gentrification "ceiling" do you think this area has, and what's the crime situation like now? Growing up in Charlotte, this area always felt a bit dangerous/undesirable, but seems like things are starting to change a bit. Any really cool developments or new restaurants in the area?
  7. I think my point is that in order for South End to remain an interesting neighborhood for the long run, the human-scale, semi-historical buildings that do exist (old mills, brick warehouses, etc) should be maintained as much as is humanly possible. Giant buildings with huge parking decks/parking podiums detract from the character of the neighborhood - from what has made it appealing in the first place. Architecture and design is critical in "place-making" and there needs to be a focus on quality and street activation in South End in order to ensure that it remains an interesting neighborhood. Just because the new development is exciting doesn't mean we should throw preservation and good design out the window.
  8. One thing we need to be cautious about is preventing a degradation of South End's character. The destruction of old buildings along with the construction of too many out-of-character buildings will ruin what makes South End currently special. I hope developers will be design-conscious in their approach to redeveloping parcels...but some of the recent proposals give me little hope.
  9. I think it's interesting to hear the different perspectives. I think it's appropriately placed in the Coffee House.
  10. This building looks so much better when you can see what's happening on the bottom half.
  11. That park looks like an awesome addition to the area. On a separate note, HOLY POWER LINES!
  12. So, it sounds like the "big news" this week was the Red Bull announcement?
  13. Thanks - yeah, they definitely look like they have barely gotten started. Hopefully it doesn't fall through...
  14. @Desert Power, nice - looking good! Do you know anything about what's going on with the Lintmen's Food Hall?
  15. Has anyone heard about Lintmen's Food Hall, tenants, opening date, etc? Their website says it will open in 2021 but I haven't really heard anything or seen anything regarding tenants or renovation progress. I think that's really going to make this south NoDa/north Optimist Park area really blow up along with the Seoul Food that's opening behind Lintmen's. Also, what's going on with the 25th Street Living Bridge? I think that's going to help tremendously with connectivity to the light rail, but I haven't really seen or heard much about how close they are to opening. Their website also says a 2021 opening.
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