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  1. Yawn - wish they had gone for something more creative but I guess no one will be offended by Charlotte FC. If none of the other options, Queen Charlotte FC would have been more representative of our city's identity. Oh well.
  2. Also, perhaps a hint at the colors? Panther blue, Hornets purple, black/gray/white?
  3. I'm a fan of Charlotte Crown FC. The supporters club could be called the Crown Royals, although pregaming could get pretty sloppy. You're welcome. Charlotte FC would be fine but is a little boring. I don't hate Charlotte Town FC although I think, again, people will get it confused with Charleston. Charlotte Athletic FC - again, unexciting and is a clear Euro-ripoff. Charlotte Monarchs sounds like a WNBA team. I agree that both Carolina names should be out since I think it will be most beneficial for the city to have a "Charlotte" name to further promote Charlotte's notoriety globally.
  4. Yeah, I don't see how Nashville would be a superior market to Charlotte in any way. Very few people actually travel to away baseball games...opposing team fans are usually expats who have relocated to the home market. At any rate, Charlotte is a bigger market with, presumably, higher demand for the product.
  5. Honestly, I wish Cam the best and hope he does well. With that being said, fudge the Pats.
  6. Wow, data is not looking good for the US when compared to Europe, where it looks like they've done a really good job of substantially reducing the spread for a prolonged period. Unfortunately, I think Americans are too passive/lazy/careless to follow the guidelines. It hasn't helped that this virus has become extremely politicized. As someone with somewhat libertarian leanings, I tend to prefer as little government involvement/control over our daily lives as possible, however we need a degree of control/uniformity in our approach to controlling this virus. An unfortunate side effect of the freedom we enjoy has contributed to the "I'll do me, eff everyone else" attitude that is really screwing over our country at the moment. People need to put society as a whole ahead of themselves during a time like this. Really too bad that there are so many selfish people out there that aren't following the precautionary protocols.
  7. The prolific, systemic racism that is prevalent in the sports world is really quite disgusting. For decades now, Norwegian descendants in the Minneapolis area have suffered under the mockery of their race exhibited by the entire Vikings organization. These tone-deaf sports execs really have no shame when it comes to denigrating an entire race of people by portraying them as marauding, savage warlords. It's no different than the Irish who have been portrayed as drunken, violent rioters by Notre Dame, and the Greeks whose culture has been appropriated by both Michigan State AND Southern Cal. We should all join as one to shout down these unabashedly prejudiced individuals and denounce them as who they clearly are: RACISTS!
  8. So in CMS, each school receives funding independent of the property tax base within their specific school zone?
  9. Does CMS apportion their budget to school zones based on the property tax base in each school zone?
  10. Very crafty/disingenuous of Tepper, then, if he is opportunistically painting this as a public safety issue if, in fact, there has been no actual threat made against the statue. I like Tepper overall, but I also think he should respect the history of the franchise (even if he did pay $2.2 B).
  11. I can't say I'm a lover of Jerry Richardson - definitely not a perfect guy and I can't say I agreed with all of his moves during his ownership period. Also, I think his statue design is a bit clunky. That being said, this whole statue removal initiative going on around the country has gone too far. Panthers are removing his statue for public safety purposes due to apparent threats to tear it down. Why would someone tear down his statue? He may have made some off-color comments here or there, but certainly not something that would warrant his statue being toppled by a mob. He deserves to be honored for having brought the Panthers here - I disagree with the statue's removal and the mob mentality to tear down anything you don't 100% agree with.
  12. On what planet is the stock market during a pandemic with 20% unemployment now equal to September 2019 levels? I clearly do not understand how the stock market works because the market is making zero sense to me right now.
  13. Fair point - I just hope the league doesn't go bankrupt with everything going on.
  14. The 2021 season will start in March 2021...but still, you're correct that most teams have unveiled branding within 10 months of playing their first game.
  15. That might be true, but no one else knows that and we are just going to get confused with Charleston or Charlottetown, PEI. :/ Just confusing for the lay person.
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