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  1. This building looks so much better when you can see what's happening on the bottom half.
  2. That park looks like an awesome addition to the area. On a separate note, HOLY POWER LINES!
  3. So, it sounds like the "big news" this week was the Red Bull announcement?
  4. Thanks - yeah, they definitely look like they have barely gotten started. Hopefully it doesn't fall through...
  5. @Desert Power, nice - looking good! Do you know anything about what's going on with the Lintmen's Food Hall?
  6. Has anyone heard about Lintmen's Food Hall, tenants, opening date, etc? Their website says it will open in 2021 but I haven't really heard anything or seen anything regarding tenants or renovation progress. I think that's really going to make this south NoDa/north Optimist Park area really blow up along with the Seoul Food that's opening behind Lintmen's. Also, what's going on with the 25th Street Living Bridge? I think that's going to help tremendously with connectivity to the light rail, but I haven't really seen or heard much about how close they are to opening. Their webs
  7. What do you guys think of this area of NoDa? Seems a little too far south to be "true NoDa" but all of the new apartment complexes being built have "NoDa" in their branding. Do you think this area is getting oversupplied with apartments?
  8. My only issue with this tower is how architecturally similar it is to DEC. Would love this tower on North Tryon - here it just blends it with the neighbors. Would love to see curves or a different color of glass to really help it stand out in this location.
  9. Do you guys think there will ever be meaningful office construction in NoDa? I never thought we'd see the scale of office construction in South End, but here we are with about 2 million SF under construction or in the pipeline. NoDa to me seems like it would be well-positioned for office one day, but not sure what you guys think.
  10. I think one thing I've realized I hate the most about this building is the lack of screening of the elevator shaft. They didn't even try to make it blend in with the rest of the building or otherwise screen it.
  11. Here's what I'm thinking: Day 1: land late afternoon, do a quick drive through South End, staying in a hotel Uptown Day 2: Midtown, Myers Park down Providence Road to south Charlotte, over to Matthews, back along 485 to Providence Road, over to Ballantyne, South Park, Quail Hollow (my colleague is a big golf guy), Montford, LoSo, South End, Dilworth, Morehead Day 3: Plaza Midwood, Optimist Park, NoDa, north line up to University City, back down to Wesley Heights, airport Do you think I'm missing any areas worth visiting?
  12. Some of my ancestors also immigrated from Switzerland in the early 1700's to the Lexington, SC area. Some of them ended up joining some crazy religious cult, the Weber Heresy. Luckily, my ancestors were just the henchmen and were banished to Georgia, but the Webers weren't so lucky. https://patch.com/south-carolina/lexington-sc/lexington-religious-cult-murders-prominent-pardoned-by-governor
  13. FWIW, here in Seattle (obviously tech biased) RDU has greater name recognition than Charlotte, primarily because Raleigh is viewed as a mini-Austin of sorts. I'm in the multifamily industry and Austin is probably the biggest "up and coming" market in the country right now (largely due to California tech opening big offices in Austin). Any market that is viewed as "the next Austin" will get tons of attention. Charlotte sort of falls under the radar - one of the reasons why I think Charlotte is such a great opportunity for us to buy right now. I think it unfairly doesn't get as much attentio
  14. Is it accurate that Lowe's is moving their corporate HQ to this tower?
  15. I once drank a beer (just one) that was a year past the expiration date. I quickly regretted it. Just don't drink old beer, it isn't worth it.
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