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  1. MLS in Charlotte?

    MLS in Charlotte would be awesome! I live in Seattle now, where soccer is huge...part of it is that I think Seattleites really wish they were Europeans, but I digress. The below video is from Kasey Keller's final game as a Sounder this past year:
  2. Bearden Park in Third Ward, Uptown Charlotte

    Someone needs to go take pics of the work!
  3. SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    Crispy Crepe and Bite Your Tongue? Sounds...awful. But, uh, I'm sure they'll be great!
  4. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Those power lines are killing me!
  5. Charlotte Knights AAA Ballpark in Third Ward

    Reese is a nut job if he thinks MLS would be successful in Fort Mill (hell, we already know he's a nut job). My thoughts for an MLS stadium in Charlotte would be to take over Memorial Stadium and reconstruct it to a degree, widen the field, and add significant upgrades. Memorial could still be used for big high school football games, but it's the perfect size for an MLS soccer specific stadium. We could shoot for roughly a 25,000 seat stadium, and it would be perfect! Realistically, I think Charlotte could consistently draw ~20,000 or so on average, slightly above the MLS average of ~15,000. MLS stadiums in urban centers have been much more successful than those located in the burbs, so Reese is nuts if he thinks it will work in Fort Mill. Back to the subject of the Knights, though, I think the best location for their stadium would be the SW corner of uptown behind BofA Stadium, on the lot where Beazer was planning that townhome development. That would give it enough room to expand for MLB if a team came to town and it also would reduce the breakup in the urban fabric that would occur with a stadium close to Trade and Tryon.
  6. Charlotte Checkers AAA Hockey

    Lucky! Wish I could be there. Go Checkers!
  7. Charlotte Knights AAA Ballpark in Third Ward

    Here in Seattle, the Mariners are drawing roughly 15k average attendance so far this year. Granted that the Mariners are awful, but Seattle is larger and has a long MLB history. If Charlotte's MLB team was having a poor year, you could see average attendance below 15k. Seattle also has the Sounders MLS team, which is a huge success. I would much prefer MLS in Charlotte over MLB. The games are much more exciting, and the fact that there are about 1/5 fewer games means that each game is more important. Shoot for MLS Charlotte!
  8. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Great photos Mo! I miss Charlotte so much!
  9. Charlotte Checkers AAA Hockey

    ^ How many people were at the game? The lower level looked somewhat sparsely populated.
  10. SKYE Condominiums and Hyatt Place Hotel

    I'm so happy this is coming along well! The hotel will be a great addition and they mentioned it will be open in time for the DNC.
  11. SKYE Condominiums and Hyatt Place Hotel

    Not terrible, that's for sure. There's not too much more they can do with it at this point. I'm just glad it's getting finished!
  12. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Great photos Mo! It's like I'm actually there!
  13. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    I'm hopefully going to move closer to a bus line here in Seattle very soon. On Google Maps, they have a "Directions" calculator for transit, and it even factors in time walking to bus stops. I'll easily be walking 20 extra minutes per day to use the bus. Little things that you don't even think about (the good and the bad) can sometimes make a big difference in your health!
  14. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Wow, great video! I really miss Charlotte! I like the music choice as well.
  15. First Ward Urban Village and Parks

    Wow, that really does look great...the backdrop almost even looks like a painting!