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  1. I'm surprised that they're demolishing the shopping center on Providence in front of Rea "We Bulldozed The" Farms Village. That shopping center can't be more than 20 years old, probably newer. Seems like another tenant could have occupied the space. What are they replacing that plot with?
  2. This is such a great project - I can't believe the power lines weren't buried as part of the work. When is burying lines going to become a standard requirement with new development in Charlotte? Seems crazy.
  3. I'm holding out for MLS over MLB. Way more entertaining sport and has a much brighter future.
  4. Queen City Rangers of Carolina.
  5. I agree - this building is quite a yawner. I don't understand the love for it and the hate for LU1. At least LU1 tried to do something interesting. This is just a glass box that no one will ever notice in the skyline. A 2019 version of the BB&T tower. I'm already asleep.
  6. You aren't contemplating the fact that they were probably in for only ~$20K plus the interest expense tax write-off on their mortgage. It is a win, as is most long-held leveraged real estate.
  7. @Tyrone Wiggum, I've never had to Google so many area codes in my life before reading your post.
  8. I think Legacy Union will ultimately make up for any shortcomings in the daylight when the night lighting scheme debuts. Much like keeping the lights off during intercourse, the physical flaws will be much less noticeable!
  9. The front side looks decent overall aside from the huge white strip along the roof line. The back side is pretty ugly; considering how prominent it is from the freeway, I would have expected a little more effort on the back. That said, overall, this has been a great project given that the area has gone from wasteland to a vibrant space.
  10. My brother in-law's family has a house on the Neuse River in Oriental. It sadly had a 9 foot storm surge and their ground floor was flooded. The good news is that they were planning on tearing down and rebuilding the house anyway in the next few weeks, so they might get some flood insurance proceeds out of it to fund the demo. So, ultimately, this might work out ok for them. Hoping the recovery is rapid for everyone else.
  11. I take this as a reverse-jinx post!
  12. Midfield logo reveal from the Panthers. Tepper is doing everything right! So glad he bought the team.
  13. I'm going to the Panthers vs. Seahawks game on 11/25...will this be topped out by then?
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