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  1. cltheel.sdl

    Crescent Stonewall Station

    The front side looks decent overall aside from the huge white strip along the roof line. The back side is pretty ugly; considering how prominent it is from the freeway, I would have expected a little more effort on the back. That said, overall, this has been a great project given that the area has gone from wasteland to a vibrant space.
  2. cltheel.sdl

    History of Charlotte

    My brother in-law's family has a house on the Neuse River in Oriental. It sadly had a 9 foot storm surge and their ground floor was flooded. The good news is that they were planning on tearing down and rebuilding the house anyway in the next few weeks, so they might get some flood insurance proceeds out of it to fund the demo. So, ultimately, this might work out ok for them. Hoping the recovery is rapid for everyone else.
  3. cltheel.sdl

    Carolina Panthers

    I take this as a reverse-jinx post!
  4. cltheel.sdl

    Carolina Panthers

    Midfield logo reveal from the Panthers. Tepper is doing everything right! So glad he bought the team.
  5. cltheel.sdl

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    I'm going to the Panthers vs. Seahawks game on 11/25...will this be topped out by then?
  6. cltheel.sdl

    FNB Tower 401 S Graham St

  7. cltheel.sdl

    Charlotte’s New Tallest Building

    I'd like to see something along the lines of the original tower design for First Union. I love the classic looking "crown" skyscrapers. I wouldn't mind something modern like London's Shard, but I definitely don't want a spire tower or box tower. As far as where, I think the block between 4th, 3rd, Brevard, and the light rail line would be a really great central location and would help balance the skyline. As it stands now, there's a bit of a gap between BofA and Duke Energy. Fill that hole! Or a much taller version of One Charlotte:
  8. cltheel.sdl

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Went Uptown last night for the Christkindlmarkt at Bearden Park. Loved the lighting schemes I saw, particularly on the new Barings building and DEC. Pardon the quality of some of these photos.
  9. cltheel.sdl

    Carolina Panthers

    That's awesome to hear. There certainly has been a diaspora of Carolina fans across the country, myself included. Seattle even has it's own Roaring Riot chapter now. We had about 200 show up to the pre-game party a couple of years ago when we played the Seachickens here in Seattle.
  10. cltheel.sdl

    Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    Just about all cities in the US are "segregated", mostly by socio-economic status but, often times, that correlates with racial clustering. Even in Seattle, a city that prides itself as an open, mixed society, is segregated in that the south side of town has historically been home to a large African American community and the rest of the city has generally been home to a mix of white and Asian inhabitants. With gentrification, the city is becoming less diverse, but the change is a result of $$ rather than racial issues. Now, we could go back and point to socio-economic disparities being partially the result of historical racial inequality, but that is a discussion for another time. In Seattle, gentrification has been accelerated by the "Amazon effect". All of this is to say that Charlotte, in my view, doesn't stand out as abnormally or uniquely segregated.
  11. cltheel.sdl

    300 South Tryon and Kimpton Hotel

    Wow, what a beautiful project! Keep the photos coming! Would love to see some night photos with the LED lighting.
  12. cltheel.sdl

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    The deck on the south side of the tower seems like a missed opportunity. I hope they're building the deck to support a future building on top, but the site plan makes it look like it will just be the deck without anything on top.
  13. cltheel.sdl

    300 South Tryon and Kimpton Hotel

    What a great project. I love rooftop bars, definitely hitting this up when I'm back in town. I'll just make sure to keep the flippy floppies at home.
  14. cltheel.sdl

    Amazon HQ2

    Hello all, It's been quite a while for me since I've last been active (don't you worry, I've been lurking), but want to get back in the conversation and this topic is of particular interest to me. I moved from Charlotte to Seattle in 2010, right before Amazon moved into their fledgling South Lake Union campus. The transformation I've seen over the past 7 years in Seattle has been nothing short of monumental. 40-story apartment after 40-story apartment have risen over the past several years, and more and more keep coming. It's been awesome to see the urban development, but as many of you have already stated, it comes with issues. Traffic has worsened dramatically. Seattle's transportation infrastructure is lacking for a city of it's size and geographical constraints. You have a ton of people funneled into a relatively narrow isthmus between Lake Washington and the Puget Sound. Light rail is being expanded, but there isn't a stop that will directly serve South Lake Union or even Denny Triangle (where the current Amazon towers are being built). The "Seattle Process", which is basically the definition of bureaucratic nightmare, has hindered the city's ability to keep up with the growth, and to be frank, quality of life for most residents has suffered as a result. This is something every city bidding on HQ2 should keep in mind. I think the City of Charlotte generally has a history of being able to "get stuff done", at least compared to the City of Seattle, but the growth would strain the city nonetheless. Additionally, Amazon has made everything much more expensive (housing, transportation, restaurants, bars, entertainment, etc.). For people not earning tech salaries, this has put a strain on finances. Your everyday person's buying power has decreased with the arrival of Amazon, and many people who have contributed to the art/music reputation of Seattle are no longer able to afford to live there. Many of the cool, old grungy dive bars that Seattle is famous for have been demolished to make way for apartments and offices. This especially hit close to home when my favorite tiki dive bar got the wrecking ball this year. I still haven't gotten over it! It's been sad to see Seattle's history and cultural significance erode in the wake of the tech boom. On the other hand, the employers have to compete for employees, so the job market is really solid in Seattle. Also, there have been a lot of great restaurants open up, and there is an energy and vibrancy in the city. And lots of shiny, new skyscrapers :). In short, there is both good and bad that have come as a result of Amazon. Charlotte will be just fine whether it gets HQ2 or not. My parents still live in Charlotte, and I get back about twice per year. I've loved seeing Charlotte's growth over the past few years as well - it's a great city and maybe someday I'll move back. Happy to be back on UP! - cltheel.sdl
  15. cltheel.sdl

    MLS in Charlotte?

    MLS in Charlotte would be awesome! I live in Seattle now, where soccer is huge...part of it is that I think Seattleites really wish they were Europeans, but I digress. The below video is from Kasey Keller's final game as a Sounder this past year: