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  1. Matt83USC and I went to check it out Friday night at about midnight and there were a lot of people in there. Promising sign... lets just see what happens when the "newness" wears off.
  2. Well I work in West Columbia so I was looking at either Lexington or Irmo, and I ultimately chose Irmo. The NE is a good area and it is closer to where you will work. I would have considered that area as well, except that it was too far from my office. While I liked Lexington, here's what influenced me to choose Irmo as the place to buy my first home: 1) Proximity to freeway - I-26 is just a couple miles or so from my house. Hop on I-26 and you can be at I-20 or I-77 in minutes. 2) Proximity to shopping and dining - Harbision is only about 4 miles from where I live. I can be the
  3. I'd certainly give the Ruths Chris restaurant some business! I'd love to see one in Columbia!
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