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  1. I really loved the hippy vibe of Horizon Records and the hip urban vibe of Ocha - the tea shop, and Coffee Underground.
  2. Yeah, stop whining. Florida developer.. that says it all. Florida developers are ruining the quality of life here for people and therein shooting themselves in the foot. (Okay, rant over.) My redneck Telecaster is worth twice what I paid for it two years ago.
  3. Hello! We're probably related My family was from Melilli. There's a few pages in the Middletown phone book of my last name, and I was baptised at St. Sebastian's. The whole forum here is related. Did you go to Middletown High?
  4. Hello. I'm Stephanie. My family came from Sicily to Middletown in the 1920s. My parents moved to Cromwell in the 1970s, and I was graduated from Cromwell High in 1993. I went to school in Boston thereafter and never went home. I miss CT a lot, and I've always been concerned about Hartford's redevelopment. It was such a big issue when I was growing up, but it seemed to go nowhere in the 80s and early 90s. I'm glad things are different now, and it's nice to get caught up. DODD AND LIEBERMAN FOR PRESIDENT!
  5. Cool! Thanks. If anyone knows of a particular bar, please chime in. I'm more a music fan than barfly, and I'll go out of my way to see a good local band.
  6. Hi guys. I love reading about all the upscale restaurants in the Upstate, and will enjoy many when I go to visit next month, but I have a dumb question. Are there any working class bars where you can have a couple beers and maybe listen to some local southern rock? (no country line dancing or anything like that though!)
  7. That's beautiful! All your photos are, and I've enjoyed them very much.
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