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  1. "Chicken Out" Who has been to this amazing mexican resturant on Burton, just west of 131? I know that Chicken Out isn't it's real name, but when I lived in town... that's the name that was always on the sign. If it's still there, you people should really go check it out if you haven't. They might have put up a real sign by now though... so i guess only knowing it as Chicken Out isn't really going to help you on this one. If you're down there though... check it out
  2. According to Wikipedia, yeah... UNO's invented chicago style pizza. but honestly, i don't care who came first. I do know that every UNO's I have eaten at pales in comparison to the smaller chicago style pizza chains and local restaurants in the city. Maybe UNO's was great too at one time, but I'm sure (like most other chains) that when it became corporate or a chain or whatever, that it lost a lot of quality. I mean, people outside of the midwest probably wouldn't know what good chicago pizza is or isn't anyway. if UNOs shows up in a town where there was nothing like that before, I'm sure people would love it. There are a TON of Chicagoans in the area though... besides the fact that a lot of Grand Rapidians go there pretty often. If they opened a Giordanos (it does actually have some restaurants outside of IL), I can pretty much guarantee it'd get more business than UNO's.
  3. if UNO opens, it will be a discrace to everyone in the area who knows how great REAL chicago pizza is. What they need to do is open a Giordanos!!
  4. Has anyone ever been to Jimmy's Grill out toward Lowell? I loooooooooooooove that place <3
  5. If Salt Lake City, Orlando, and Green Bay can have major league sports teams... I don't see any reason why it's impossible for GR. Especially if it's NHL.
  6. they should at least expand the south end so that it's a complete arena. don'tcha think?
  7. is it the red tuna minced and mixed with wasabi?
  8. that'd be nice and would make a lot of sense. it's too bad we can't take a train directly from GR to detroit though.
  9. like i said... sushi has noting to do with the fish. it's all about the rice first of all... however else you prepare it just determines what kind of sushi it is. Raw fish is Sashimi, correct. If you're asking for sushi and gettign sashimi then they don't know what they're doing and their sushi probably isn't really worth your time. since you're intrested... check out these kinds of sushi here's a larger list
  10. sushi on a 6.99 buffet??? is it good??? it's really intresting... the trends in Grand Rapids. I noticed last march that Meijer sells sushi in their front counter area now. A few years ago it seems like everyone in the area was scared of the stuff. raw fish and SEAWEED? OMG!! it's weird how things change... for the better though. I'm glad to see that parts of the US are opening up to non-chinese asian food. I just hope we don't Americanize it more than the CA roll has already (there is real sushi similar to CA rolls). And... incase people don't know. sushi does not necessarilly always have fish (and when it does, sometimes it's even cooked). Sushi is just the rice. "Vinegar rice". There are a lot of great sushis that are just piles of ride with whatever on it. for instance... Chirashizushi.
  11. serious guys. post on how neat you think Japan is. Maybe pictures... since this forum is kind of dull right now. i'll look for some and post away soon.
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