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  1. I will give it a try later today. I noticed the Dunkin Donuts sign is up on the corner lot near the haven apts. Looks like they will occuppy 1 of the tracts on that property. Cant wait!
  2. Here are the plans for the new shops at boiling springs as I believe they are going to be called. The plan seems to call for 6 separate tracts of land to be developed all connected by a road that ends in a cul de sac. From what I was told by people who attended the meeting about the planning a health club has already signed on as a tenant and more were coming. From the sketch it looks like a pretty large development. I have a picture of the plans but have no clue how to post a picture. Its a picture phone pic so if anyone wants to post it I will send it to you.
  3. Its the landscaping place near the driving range on Parris Bridge Rd.
  4. No, the Clement Pointe developement is farther down the road at the intersection of Clark and Hwy 9. The guys that are developing that have a landscaping buisness on Parris Bridge Road and if you go in there they have a model of the project. This spring I checked it out while getting some mulch, apparently the hold up is over drainage and road planning but they are set to go and it looks really awesome.
  5. Couple of things going on in the B Springs. First of all I like to say go Dawgs! The baseball team is on the verge of a state title. Recently my father in law who lives on Farm Lake drive (better know as the street across from the walmart) said that the entire neighborhood was asked to attend a planning session for a pretty large commercial devolpment that is going up directly across from the Walmart and across the street from them. Apparently there are tenants lined up and the discussion was simply on asthetics. The neighborhood is upper middle class and the developers wanted to make sure and
  6. They have begun tearing down the brick building at the corner of east main and alabama. Hopefully they will begin construction of the second johnson buiding soon. By next summer east main could have a very different look!
  7. I noticed the old carwash at the corner of Fernwood Dr. and E. Main has a contract pending sign on it. Any ideas on whats coming? Also, the renovations on specialty row are looking great. That area is really taking off!
  8. I noticed a contract pending sign on the old carwash at the corner of fernwood dr and E Main any ideas. Also, the renovations on specailty row are looking great.
  9. I think this shows the strength for potential growth on the westside of Spartanburg. The 17 proposed 3 story buildings will add great density to that area and increase foot-traffic in the mall and surrounding buisnesses. It's going to give the westside it's own mini-skyline and be a definate eye catcher for passersby on I-26. This devolpment will achieve what so many of these "lifestyly" live, work, shop developments are trying to achieve, in that people will live within walking distance of entertainment, shopping, and restaurants as well as jobs. However, this happened without a specific plan
  10. I also believe that these buisnesses will be replaced shortly. The article in the Herald had a very optimistic tone about what may be coming where Sandelas used to be. I know LongLeaf recently purchased the building and Sandela's owner was quoted as saying he didn't want to stand in the way of progress. So maybe LongLeaf has some big plans for the spot. On an aside; family from California flew in last week and stayed in the Inn on Main and loved it and just went on about how downtown was looking so great since they last came 6 years ago; they also ate at Justin's and loved it.
  11. The building going up besides Pizza Hut is going to be the new Ron's Hog Pen, apparently the restaurant outgrew the shops at Wood Creek, and he didn't want to sign a new lease. However, El Patron is in the space at the shops at Wood Creek and is doing well. My wife and I have eaten there several times and highly recommend it. Signs have also gone up besides the Dave Edwards used car lot for a string of shops. Also, heard that Beef O'Grady's will be a tennant in the shops besides Copper River. They have great burgers!
  12. That is pretty amazing please keep me posted. This would make an amazing story. We would love to be the ones to tell it. Let me know as soon as you can do an interview.
  13. That is the Kiddie Korner building, they are calling it something different now but Im not sure what that is. A lot of this information came from the economic development office in the Palmetto Building, Julie Franklin the director was really helpful and accessible. Since it came from her its not concrete, but she said she got it from the developers and we did report it. I was really excited too.
  14. We did a story about all of the stuff going on downtown last week and in the process of my research I found out that the condo building at liberty and broad with be at least 6 stories high and be mixed use. I say at least because I was told that there would be 40 condos and looking at the size of the lot, it would take more than 6 floors to hold 40 condos of any decent size. I am excited about the "mixed use" aspect though and the Kiddie Korner building is also going to be mixed use with condos; buisnesses, and retail. The contractor for that building said that there was a lot of interest in t
  15. There are a couple of pretty big parcels of land being cleared out and graded in the Springs, one is between Ingles and Eagle Point suddivision and the other is a huge track of land next to North Grove Medical Park, any ideas on whats coming?
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