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  1. JerseyBoy

    Ascent Uptown - 33 stories (3rd and Poplar)

    Wonder if this was their inspiration?
  2. JerseyBoy

    300 South Tryon and Kimpton Hotel

    Was there a similar concern when the Vue had a banner, advertising apartments for rent, hanging from it? Perhaps there was, but I can't seem to recall it.
  3. JerseyBoy

    Tryon Place - Crescent project at Tryon and Stonewall

    Count the floors in the renderings Crescent has published on the Tryon Place website. I counted ~35 floors.
  4. JerseyBoy

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    Fitting for a dying newspaper industry, don't you think?
  5. JerseyBoy

    The Greensboro Triumph Center

    Please explain why race is relevant to this matter. I would agree with you 100% if you had just used the adjective "inexperienced" for your description.
  6. JerseyBoy

    The Greensboro Triumph Center

    The more I read about this preposterous dream, I am increasingly convinced that Cain's warped vision appears to be fixated on the 1980's: "it is projected that travel agencies will be the basis for the substantial majority of reservations made at the site." Who in the world uses travel agencies anymore? This type of service that was once very necessary for travelers is now, for all intents and purposes, dead. Orbitz, Priceline, Hotwire anyone? "We will also have a 250,000 square foot entertainment facility for the youth...skating arcades..." Today's kids do not go out to roller skate or play arcade style video games. The website for this project is very amateur looking and its descriptions and information reek of poor, coloquial grammar. Not very professional, if you ask me. One glance at the site and information you posted above, and one can tell that this is a project proposed by someone who has no knowledge whatsoever about real estate, the retail and commercial markets, and the convention industry. It's nice to dream, and I'm not knocking anyone for doing that. However, let's come back down to Earth and be realistic about what can actually happen in a city the size of Greensboro and in today's turbulent economic times. Triumph Center/Ardent Square (whatever it's called now) is simply a hodgepodge of pie-in-the-sky ideas and concepts that have zero chance of happening. It should not be taken seriously, and it never should have been.
  7. JerseyBoy

    SouthPark Mall

    Hmm...this couldn't be that exciting if it were just a new luxury boutique/store. New addition to SouthPark and a certain upscale NY department store anchor from Macy's Group Inc. possibly?
  8. JerseyBoy

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    These are a few photos I took yesterday while in Uptown with a new lens of mine:
  9. JerseyBoy

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Lucky Man by The Verve Thanks!
  10. JerseyBoy

    Hanes Mall There used to be a job listing on the H&M website for "Winston-Salem", but I can't find it at the moment.
  11. JerseyBoy

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Hey guys, some of you may remember I made a video tour of Uptown at night a few pages back. Well, I just finished another tour of some of the inner core neighborhoods like part of Myers Park, Midtown/Metropolitan, and South End. I'm also planning on doing a tour of Myers Park, South Park, and Ballantyne during the day and NoDa at night. Hope you enjoy!
  12. JerseyBoy

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    I was in Charlotte this weekend and decided to test out my new camera around the Uptown area. I realize they're pretty standard shots, but I enjoyed walking around photographing all the new structures that have popped up since the last time I did a thorough photo tour of the city.
  13. JerseyBoy

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Eric, those are fantastic! Did you take the second photo of the new Bank of America tower from the Ritz Carlton's pool area or the Holiday Inn deck?
  14. JerseyBoy

    Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    I don't believe traffic levels on 52 between Salisbury and Wadesboro are high enough to warrant a wider road. I used to travel that road once or twice a year to Rockingham and Darlington to photograph races and there was hardly any traffic.