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  1. Thanks for the pics! I really wish Cintra/NCDOT would've (finally!) reconstructed the full I-77/85 interchange during this project. I realize that would've likely made the project cost prohibitive, but it's likely these new express lane bridges and ramps will have to be torn up when the time comes that patches on this junction will no longer be sufficient.
  2. Actually, if I recall correctly, the Garden Parkway was to be routed south of Gastonia where it would intersect with I-85 somewhere in the vicinity of the I-85/US 74/Business 74 junction near Kings Mountain.
  3. I could be wrong, but I believe lights that illuminated the sign were mounted on the walkway. NCDOT has ripped out many of these old lights in the past decade as signs have been replaced with more reflective ones.
  4. Was there a similar concern when the Vue had a banner, advertising apartments for rent, hanging from it? Perhaps there was, but I can't seem to recall it.
  5. Count the floors in the renderings Crescent has published on the Tryon Place website. I counted ~35 floors.
  6. Fitting for a dying newspaper industry, don't you think?
  7. Hmm...this couldn't be that exciting if it were just a new luxury boutique/store. New addition to SouthPark and a certain upscale NY department store anchor from Macy's Group Inc. possibly?
  8. These are a few photos I took yesterday while in Uptown with a new lens of mine:
  9. Lucky Man by The Verve Thanks!
  10. http://www.shophanesmall.com/shop/hanes.nsf/StoresAlphaWeb/H&M There used to be a job listing on the H&M website for "Winston-Salem", but I can't find it at the moment.
  11. Hey guys, some of you may remember I made a video tour of Uptown at night a few pages back. Well, I just finished another tour of some of the inner core neighborhoods like part of Myers Park, Midtown/Metropolitan, and South End. I'm also planning on doing a tour of Myers Park, South Park, and Ballantyne during the day and NoDa at night. Hope you enjoy!
  12. I was in Charlotte this weekend and decided to test out my new camera around the Uptown area. I realize they're pretty standard shots, but I enjoyed walking around photographing all the new structures that have popped up since the last time I did a thorough photo tour of the city.
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