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  1. tommygrand20

    Van Andel Arena Expansion?

    Any pics for us out of towners? Stuck down in Houston and won't be home till Chirstmas
  2. tommygrand20

    People talking about Grand Rapids

    Article about the "Sculpture City" in the Baltimore Sun. Baltimore Sun Article
  3. tommygrand20

    People talking about Grand Rapids

    Good article about Michigan golf that has a nice little paragraph about West Michigan being in better shape than Detroit. Michigan Golf
  4. tommygrand20

    Redevelopment along 28th Street

    Since when is Bed Bath and Beyond closing? Are you sure you aren't thinking of Linens-n-Things in Centerpointe? I know that they are going out of business.
  5. tommygrand20

    People talking about Grand Rapids

    From the looks of the panelling and framed pictures behind him, I'd have to say he was eating at one of our fine local Chili's Restaurants...which one specifically will forever remain a mystery.
  6. tommygrand20

    The Watering Hole

    Eagles Fly high!!!
  7. tommygrand20

    The Watering Hole

    Its not that Jeff isn't doing a great job, I'm just confused as to why you would take down a discussion that you started and that quickly turned against you. I can tell from your posts in the discussion that it was for personal reasons that you started the conversation in the first place and qucikly removed it when you were overwhelmingly rejected by numerous posters. Just seems a little biased.
  8. tommygrand20

    New Grand Rapids Art Museum

  9. tommygrand20


    Two questions: I currently live less then a mile from the kzoo/28th Meijers and I hate it. I can shop there with my eyes closed, but I have recently been shopping at other Meijers (Standale/Cascade) and I can barely stand going back to the old kzoo/28th Meijers. Question 1- Will they ever fully rnovate this store or even replace? Question 2- If not renovate or replace, will they ever consider closing it? It seems like a highly ineffecient store that must have a high price too keep running, but it is always busy and must be profitable. What will happen to this store and when?
  10. tommygrand20


    The M-6/Kzoo Meijers is Identical to the Stdl/LakeMI Meijers. The appearance is very simmilar to the Grandville Meijers with a tan brick facade and enterances with a painted stuco finish and triangualr roofs. Looks nothing like the Ionia meijer. I do believe that the new meijers in Holland and Muskegon are the same model as Ionia.