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  1. The apartments Dennis was talking about are not in Adrian's Landing http://dennishouse.wordpress.com/2010/11/11/apartments-coming-to-constitution-plaza/
  2. WFSB is reporting it is called Cinema Grill http://dennishouse.wordpress.com/2010/11/09/cinema-grill-to-be-first-front-street-tenant/
  3. A movie theater and more housing? Cool! http://dennishouse.wordpress.com/2010/11/08/front-street-on-verge-of-announcing-first-tenant/
  4. Just read on dennis house's blog on wfsb.com about possible tenants at Front Street, but nothing
  5. ESPN will have some sort of venue there, though not a zone. There were some rumors the owners of Spris want to open a clothing store there. One of the owners also owns Brooks Brothers. There were also rumors Ruth's Chris Steak House was going to move there. The Berlin Turnpike isn't exactly an ideal location for an upscale steak house and with expense accounts Ruth's could cash in on conventions at the Connecticut Convention Center.
  6. I noticed Front Street sweets closed in West Hartford Center. Are they moving to Front Street?
  7. I heard Au Bon Pain was moving to the old Sovereign Bank location on Pearl STreet
  8. A History Lesson: Hartford voters approved construction of a public safety complex on election day 2000. Yes, eight years ago. The question reporters should be asking....is why it hasn't been built. The city is eight years late in getting this project built. The city should be focused on keeping companies in the city: under the Perez adminstration the city has lost ING, MetLife, Mass Mutual, WFSB, ....heck even the State Republican Party moved to the burbs. Front Street was proposed before EVergreen Walk and Blue Back Square, yet the city's slow reacting development attitude was an obstacle. The city is losing concerts to the casinos, has more empty storefronts than full ones, and downtown lots that have been vacant for decades.
  9. Saw a picture of Front Street on Channel 3 http://www.wfsb.com/getinthehouse/index.html
  10. Dan, How tall will the building be?
  11. Whalers on TV!! http://officialhartfordwhalersboosterclub....rsary-Info.html
  12. Heard a rumor that Ruth's Chris Steak House is looking to open downtown. I guess the one on the Berlin Turnpike loses out on all the convention business to Morton's. Also the Newington one isn't in keeping with the company philosphy to be in corporate upscale places.
  13. 55 on the Park? The for lease signs are down on the first floor and it appears there is work being done. Restaurant?
  14. Fire Box is a great restaurant, with great food and atmosphere. Terrible neighborhood. A valet was shot one night.
  15. New ones were unveiled to the media today. Channel 3 was there so I guess it will be on their news tonight.
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