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  1. Dining Services (Cafeteria) is the next major project. I have heard in the 10 Million Dollar range.
  2. According to the Ottawa County Web site the owners name is Tyler L. Smith. Who is that? I googled him and came up with "Used Car Motor Mall of Grand Rapids". Anyone know?
  3. There is also a ton of work going on inside Butterworth. CT Scans, OR Renovations, Med Office renovations, 5 South is completely gutted and being redone. A lot of room opened up inside when Lemmon Holton opened.
  4. My family picked strawberries last night. I would assume that they are at the Farmers Markets by now.
  5. Just just passed my LEED AP exam!!!
  6. It looks like Erickson went out and bought their own tower crane to rent out. The big "E" on the side looks the Erickson "E". It also looks bright and shiny new. Maybe we will have our own crane in town to use.
  7. Originally, a group of docters was going to lease a building that was supposed to be built. With what is being built on Michigan Hill, Cascade/I-96, there is plenty of leasable medical space around. There was talk about a Hotel but I haven't heard anything on that in a while. The expectations were extremely high for that piece but there it sits.
  8. Sparky-My guess is that crane is Grand River Constructions and they will use it for the concrete. The cost for set up on a crawler crane is way to expensive to come in to just set the tower crane. It looks like it is there for the long haul.
  9. It is a Hyatt Place and ground is expected to be broken the middle of September with an 8 month construction schedule.
  10. I couldn't find any word of it anywhere but I heard that Metro is building a Cancer Center out by Frog Hollow park. I heard that Triange is building it but haven't heard any more details. Anyone?
  11. Bids due the end of July. Looks like all the national guys are teaming up with a local. We are going to see lots of out of state guys on this one. The pre-bid meeting is a whole day. $3,400 for the non refundable plan deposit. Ouch.
  12. Sounds like Rich and Helen wanted to be close to the grandkids so they buy a $6 million dollor house on Lake Michigan a few doors down. Wouldn't you do the same?
  13. Hyatt is looking at seeking LEED certification for all of their new hotels
  14. Just got revised drawings for the Hotel. 5 story, 113 rooms.
  15. I have the drawings sitting here in front of me and I am putting a budget together for it. Right now it looks like 6 floors and 127 rooms.
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