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  1. I like the trolley pictures with all of the cables.
  2. Airbutt..Ha I like that. The 15 orders of the Triple 7 sounds right. FedEx is moving way too fast to wait on the A380. I wound't mind seeing that 747-8; the wings flex pretty high above the fuselage. In regards to the 747-8, we saw a video in class about that particular aircraft and she is sweet. Instead of having window shades, there is a button you press on the window and the window tints until you can't see out of it (like a window shade, way more sophisticated).
  3. ^ The A380 project has been delayed three times. FedEx decided to go with I think 12 Triple 7's. And yes, Airbus is losing a good chunk of money. In class, we discussed that Airbus is trying to get ideas from the public. Thats all I know..
  4. I'm feeling the same way. But such a project has got take some time. This is a very bold move, everything has got to be right.. I am itching for this project to break ground.
  5. Building a new arena is the way to go, these days... Thats how those much smaller markets landed pro teams. If you really look at it, you can't blame Michael Heisley for relocating the team to Memphis if you look at demographics.. The nearest pro team near Memphis is, what, Nashville (which is 3 hours away, doing the speed limit) and not even the NBA.. The nearest NBA competitor is 6 hours away in Atl and 7 hours away in Indy.. In Hartford, you have NY Knicks which is about 1hour and 30 minutes away and Boston just an hour away. I could name at least 4 NBA teams within 3 hours (driving) away.. Heisley probably was trying to tap into an area that hasn't already been tapped into by the NBA market. Wether we want to believe it or not, but the South is growing in business and entertainment. Its a region thing not a local thing, IMO..
  6. Someone made a comment about Harford being larger; I just took that as city talk being that two cities were being compared. I am sure the metro is larger like most cities. Memphis metro is only ranked in the 40's. Back to the topic, Which is Hartford trying to pursue the most, NBA or NHL? And why should Harford get a professional team?
  7. In regards to Memphis, I have been there many times and the Grizzlies aren't doing that bad there. Many people buy the tickets but just don't show up for the games.. I don't know why only Lord knows but they are in good hands in Memphis. Hartford isn't larger than Memphis, Memphis is ranked 17th and just annexed a major area adding over 35,000 people to the population. It is a thriving market with one of America's best nightlifes and the 3rd largest casino districts just 30 minutes away. Just this year alone, the city lured 2 Fortune 500 companies and is amongst the hottest cities for business relocations. The only problem with Memphis is the crime. Ranked 2 in the nation with the population of 500,000 people. Other than that, one of the best cities I have ever visited. The Grizzlies aren't going anywhere not for another 10 years I think but they are under contract with the city....
  8. I am 23 and I have flown NWA all my life. My luggage got lost one time and they retrieved in within an hour. And lets not even talk about their prompt arrivals. For the many years I have flown on this airliner, they always seem to arrive atleast 5 minutes early.. I never had any problems connecting to another flight because of this..And I fly nonrev.
  9. ^ Very unbiased comment and I totally agree. Unbiased comments don't happen often here.
  10. I can't wait. I hate that these things take time.
  11. Got it. I forgot about the packaging to the trucks that go on at the airport .
  12. It says so here. The numbers are at the very bottom. MEM International Lexy, will ATA increase operations out of BNA?
  13. In defense to NB (a credible poster), the whole cargo industry at MEM employs 155, 872 people, to be exact. Back to the topic . I just wanted to clarify that.
  14. I flew out of Nashville consistently (for free , $25 dollars for first class ) and I have noticed more activity on the SWA side. I remember looking out and seeing one of the planes with the Killer Whale livery and saying to myself, the plane really looks like a whale.
  15. Not trying to highjack the thread but this is in regards to Southwest flying out of Memphis. L. Cox is who is over Memphis International and is considered to be one of the best, has been proactive in trying to court Southwest for 2 decades but they are a little skeptical because of the presence of Northwest Airlines. NWA DOES NOT want a low-cost carrier like Southwest to enter Memphis because of the obvious, money. It has been said that NWA will welcome the competition and will do anything to come out on top, meaning they will attempt to match cost. Soutwest is intrigued by Memphis but only if NWA pulls out. With NWA installing new routes out of Memphis and possible intercontinental flight increase, doesn't sound like they are trying to pull out to me. Again, this was not an attempt to highjack the thread just clarifying the hub situation. My father works for the NWA which is why I know all of this.. Lexy, you never answered my question? Is BNA getting any operation increase? Glad to see BNA getting a facelift (as if it needed it) and when will it be finished?
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