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  1. Really? Here in the Aerospace Department at MTSU the rumor is that it is SWA that is reluctant to enter MEM not the other way around. I understand how NWA wanted to utilize MEM. Some of the attributes you previously mentioned enabled MEM to have top on-time flight performance but that doesn't disregard the fact that a lot fares out MEM are ridiculously high. I think MEM could benefit from having a little LCC penetration. Think about the number of people who would not have to drive at 2 hours to get a good deal. Its good to see the competition and service expansions at MEM.
  2. Yeah, NWA did have MEM in somewhat of a "head lock" with the fares. It would be nice to see Air France at MEM. Memphis Grizzlies was selected among 3 other teams to play exhibition games in Europe next season. This is good because Memphis is getting national exposure. Maybe, the demand will increase in the near future.
  3. As anticipated, competition heats up at Memphis International Airport with NWA proposing more nonstop flights to Las Vegas (2x daily) and Orlando (4x daily) this summer. Capacity will also be increased on the Denver routes. The article stated that the flights to Denver include large aircraft operations. I am guessing 752s will be used for the 3x Denver route. This is going to be interesting, especially, with AirTran entering the mix. Its nice to see this type of activity at MEM. Here is the article: Memphis Business Journal
  4. Good move by the airport. I wonder how many jobs will be open to the Memphis Community?
  5. I like the trolley pictures with all of the cables.
  6. I agree that congestion is going to pay a huge role in Memphis remaining a hub. IMO, I think, if the merger was to happen, Memphis would still be in good shape because it is crazy in ATL. It is such a inconvenience there. Cross your fingers..
  7. I flew into Memphis the Saturday of the burning of that big building. We could see it from the sky so well the pilot acknowledged it during approach. Anyways, I got of the plane and the smell of BBQ hit me soon after. A lot good places to eat there.
  8. How could they miss that in the first place.. You said it all along Northern'. Thats one of the more logically discussions in a long time from that forum.. You have to think from a business standpoint...My girlfriends Dad works for NWA and said that the rumor is that NWA and Continental are discussing a possible merger. Anyone else hear this?
  9. Yeah, I think Indy has about 200 gates and Memphis over 800 (not for sure).. They really show their lack of credibility every time they type something.They even felt that Indy is a more ideal location for distribution.. Keep it coming Indy..
  10. Nothing more than a forum of biased posters. They could be from Indy..Oops below the belt.
  11. Airbutt..Ha I like that. The 15 orders of the Triple 7 sounds right. FedEx is moving way too fast to wait on the A380. I wound't mind seeing that 747-8; the wings flex pretty high above the fuselage. In regards to the 747-8, we saw a video in class about that particular aircraft and she is sweet. Instead of having window shades, there is a button you press on the window and the window tints until you can't see out of it (like a window shade, way more sophisticated).
  12. ^ The A380 project has been delayed three times. FedEx decided to go with I think 12 Triple 7's. And yes, Airbus is losing a good chunk of money. In class, we discussed that Airbus is trying to get ideas from the public. Thats all I know..
  13. I'm feeling the same way. But such a project has got take some time. This is a very bold move, everything has got to be right.. I am itching for this project to break ground.
  14. Building a new arena is the way to go, these days... Thats how those much smaller markets landed pro teams. If you really look at it, you can't blame Michael Heisley for relocating the team to Memphis if you look at demographics.. The nearest pro team near Memphis is, what, Nashville (which is 3 hours away, doing the speed limit) and not even the NBA.. The nearest NBA competitor is 6 hours away in Atl and 7 hours away in Indy.. In Hartford, you have NY Knicks which is about 1hour and 30 minutes away and Boston just an hour away. I could name at least 4 NBA teams within 3 hours (driving) away.. Heisley probably was trying to tap into an area that hasn't already been tapped into by the NBA market. Wether we want to believe it or not, but the South is growing in business and entertainment. Its a region thing not a local thing, IMO..
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