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  1. As simple as it sounds, belief. Going into the project it seemed like people were poised and ready to embrace downtown, they just needed a catalyst to support their desire. The City has led with the work around Market Square and the Downtown Events. Both of which are necessary components. Here is the rendering Hankster.
  2. I'll post about Knoxville. Our company is based out of Greenville SC and we marketed and sold phase 2 of Museum Bluffs in Downtown Chattanooga. We recently sold out The Candy Factory in Downtown Knoxville. The project was a success and underscored the growing demand in Knoxville. When we were in town working on the Knoxville project, we really got the feel that there is a growing belief in the Downtown Area. The city appears to be taking all of the necessary steps to facilitate growth. I think Knoxville has all of the right elements, ie strong population, riverfront, college, to become a special place.
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