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  1. Well- this may just be the Times' spin- I'm not sure- I believe the zoning height change was called for Vacant lots in the area and not for the Preserved ones... As I saw it, the developers wanted a tall zoned lot in exchange for redeveloping a warehouse in the district.... I'll report later as I find out more.
  2. http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/2007-02-08/news/leveled/full
  3. loftguy

    Arizona off-topic

    There has been a ton of activity as of late- just not much activity on this forum. Namely our baby: http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/092...yscape0929.html
  4. Colin- Amazing pic! 3rd Avenue Lofts pics:
  5. loftguy

    Arizona off-topic

    I think so... It sucks you have to wonder- mainly because most of Phoenix has sprawl mentality.. (Drive everywhere, oppose building upwards, keep building the city outward instead of upwards with higher density... ) -But I think it would make sense for a lot of people to use the rail...
  6. Historic Brick Downtown Phoenix... Camelview construction update James Hotel (Mondrian now) pic Cool 3rd Avenue Loft
  7. Kierland..... A few Modern Homes from around the Valley....
  8. Views from the 15th floor of Century Plaza.
  9. loftguy

    Arizona off-topic

  10. http://www.azstarnet.com/dailystar/business/141168.php
  11. It's not the Ernest & Young building? Colin- the hotel is abandoned... Probably getting ready for demolish from what I hear... Too bad huh?
  12. It's Downtown and it is the building with the umbellical walk way... What is it called? My photos of the day... Warehouses/ abandoned buildings Downtown- wouldn't these make cool lofts/ mixed use rennovations? Can't any of these Phx developers gets some BALLS?
  13. http://www.phxloftnetwork.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=255 ^ I have a thread on the issue...
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