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  1. This is an area of town I know very well. I was one of the first tenants when Delta started their renovation of the upper floors of the Sackner building back in 1995 (ish). I had one of the nicest spaces on the 2nd floor. I had a roof top deck and big windows overlooking the entire downtown skyline. For several years, this was indeed a great location for creatives. There was a cool vibe back then, albeit a bit bohemian at times. The first wave of tenants was pretty top notch in terms of creative talent. Over time, tenant turnover diminished that creative culture quite a bit. I left around 2008 because I simply couldn't continue to justify paying city income and property taxes for both myself and my company. And Delta was a mediocre landlord at best. It's nice to see this space getting an upgrade from a landlord with better aesthetic tastes. For approx 10 years prior to 1995, I and a couple partners occupied the bldg at 800 Bond (corner of Newberry). We were one of the very first to move into that area of town back then. The big blue GR Stamping bldg was an empty parking lot back then and nearly every building in the area was empty or rarely used. We did a major renovation to create a film studio and offices and enjoyed the quiet of that part of town for several years before Autodie began growing and Monroe north started getting noticed. Sidebar: the bldg at 800 Bond (currently red painted masonry) was originally a Consumers Power substation that powered all the electric trollies that ran up and down Monroe early in the 20th century. I know this because we produced several documentary films for Consumers Power and I found pictures of this building in their archives while researching a project.
  2. Not that the tuba had anything to do with this attracting your attention...
  3. It sure looks like Chang's is going to face the Belt line instead of the "village main street". Does anyone else agree that this seems very contradictory to the original concept of the "village" - and perhaps at the same time even comically predictable?
  4. Hey! I know! What if there were tubas strolling the streets of GR? THAT would be BIG fun!!! (seriously)
  5. The fact that mustachioed Jack from Jack's Wholesale Windows is now dressed like a cowboy in his Halloween ads didn't help you decide?
  6. Speaks volumes about the notion of a "lifestyle center" being walkable, eh? Much as I love the idea of economic activity in these turbulent times, Knapps Corner will remain a prime textbook example of how not to do sustainable development.
  7. Although I haven't seen a grading plan for the site, these facts and past efforts by the excavators tell me that the site prep work on this corner will be anything but "gentle". Let's hope and pray that the "creative financing" doesn't run out before the site work is done.
  8. A strip club would certainly be an innovative application of the City's new "Form-Based" codes.
  9. I took a look at this many years ago when it was for sale briefly. It had some pretty serious structural issues as I recall. Interior wasn't laid out too well either. I think much of its charm comes from the hillside location and winding brick road more that the bldg itself.
  10. I can almost feel the breeze blowing my hair back! Wish I could have been there.
  11. Another glowing example of "investigative" reporting by our local rag... even Tuba Christmas isn't immune to folks looking for "dirt"... (rolling my eyes)
  12. There was a nice write up in the GR Press on Sunday about the Tuba Christmas concert. Gotta love our fellow UPers being in print! I could easily that Veloise charm and humor in the article!
  13. Doesn't look any different than it has for months on my computer...
  14. Future museum designers may also want to remember to include a large enough space to accommodate corporate events. While the GRAM appears to be a smash hit, this is one issue where it fails miserably - as it cannot accommodate a corp dinner crowd larger than 150 people... which I suppose only insures that corporate groups will have to continue spending their money in the much-more-boring-ballrooms at the AGP or JW... (I speak from vast personal professional experience trying to find appropriate local venues for major events held by several large local corporations). I'm personally very disappointed that the GRAM will not be a viable venue for my clients...
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