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  1. Actually the Aloft is being planned with a full service restaurant and lounge. The owner wants it to be a destination hotel unlike most suburban Alofts. Similar to how stable 21 is in the Butgundy Hotel.
  2. Surprisingly The Tavern has closed...I’ve heard a strong rumor that Lost 40 will be taking over this location which would be an upgrade if true.
  3. There is no hoping to it...Apple has applied for and recieved a plumbing permit. They are going in.
  4. For those that thought Apple was questionable for this center, it is listed on the plumbing review...so I would say that is 100% official.... J-Crew is listed as well.
  5. Target will begin their expansion and renovation in the next two weeks.
  6. Its turning into Belk's because Belk's bought the Parisian name and every Parisian in the country is being converted.
  7. The Shoppes at Montclaire is further west. The work you are refering to is going to be a Hank's Furniture store....kind of boring.
  8. interesting news on the redevelopent of the greyhound bus station in downtown NLR. Possibilities include a 14 story hotel link: http://www.arkansasbusiness.com/article.as...37.37378.110580
  9. I dont believe Cohn's was ever going into the center. It is a Dunlap's which actually own's Cohn's but is a little lower tier store.
  10. Anyone know how the public hearing went today?
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