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  1. I am thrilled that the craft gallery is in one of the kiosks. Don't get the hate from previous posters. When I worked downtown, it was VERY often that I needed to run out at lunch and find a gift for someone. I went to the gallery late Saturday afternoon and they were certainly open, although seemed to be writing down purchases. I understand that they were not given the go-ahead to get in the space til Wednesday, so it is amazing they got open at all. Frankly, I applaud Collector's for this venture. What other retail is downtown for downtown workers, convention goers and tourist shop
  2. Art gallery...really lame? With all the whining about lack of retail downtown, I don't understand all the opposition to an art gallery.
  3. Wow, Jibarra and Sitti opening downtown. YAY! I am excited about both of these.
  4. Anyone been to Capital Grocery lately? It is not looking good. I am sorry to see this happening again.
  5. Here's teh WRAL story on GSK. http://localtechwire.com/business/local_te.../story/3899613/
  6. I had heard that Yancey's had filed for Chpt. 11 and hope that after the CC opens that he would/will do better. But Longbranch has closed? Haven't they done this multiple times before? On another sushi topic, I checked out Hura Sushi in Glenwood Village S.C. the other night (Glenwood and Oberlin). It was pretty great, actually. Very fresh fish, good tempura, food came out fast. I think i am going to love having this place in my neighborhood.
  7. Neochina in Cary has good dim sum, but only on Saturday and Sunday lunch.
  8. I have been to the Globe too and think it is great. On Hideaway, I have been many times and love it. It may not appeal all the time to the "27 year old cool" crowd, but I think it really appeals to a crowd that just likes to have a drink and listen to good music. My main problem with seeing live music these days (I am in the over 40, gotta work in the morning crowd) and I am thrilled to have a place where I can get a drink, see a great band and be home by midnight, rather than just waiting for the band to start at midnight. The booker at Hideaway is the same woman that used to book for
  9. Uh, people, before this rumor gets too far, can we confirm it? According to their website they have shows booked in Janauary. I was there the other night and it was PACKED, as it has been every time I have been. Although, I admit, I have never eaten there.
  10. I am guessing the church wouldn't see this as such a good idea, since they have a pretty small parking lot, compared to their congregation, as it is.
  11. Has anyone else had trouble parking in the new deck and walking to the mall without walking in a traffic lane? We parked off the first ramp up and had to walk along a fairly narrow traffic lane, with two way traffic (from Belk to B&N) to get to Belks. Does anyone else have this problem? What were the designers thinking? Pretty dangerous walking, especially if you have more than one person (or in my case, me and three kids!). At least with a crowd, cars can see you.
  12. I am aggravated how Thanksgiving has just fallen by the wayside! My kids like to decorate for each holiday, but you just can't find Thanksgiving decorations anymore. The stores jump from Halloween to Christmas!
  13. I have certainly used Lee's to hem some jeans while I shopped or take something in, but I guess I have never thought of them as a "real" tailor, like someone that would make your clothes from scratch. Do they have a good selection of quality fabrics or designs to show you? I know when I have used a tailor before (in another city) that is all they did....make suits, shirts, etc.
  14. Anyone have any word on "Cameron's" which is opening in Cameron Village?
  15. Is Betski's getting outside seating now? I saw some tables out there the other day when I stopped in the grocery.
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