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  1. My old man lives over there. It's nice and now, as you said, pretty walkable. There's a great coffee shop over there (I forget the name of it - the owner's name is Eli and Eli's is what I've always called it). Plus, the No. 1 bus goes right through there and gets you downtown in 15 minutes.
  2. Weird...as soon as I moved back here, that was my first thought - how cool it would be to light up those triple deckers on the left side of 95N going into Providence a la Boat House Row. ....Or do something utilizing the dramatic turn on 95N at Thurbers Ave. where the city is literally, suddenly, right in front of you. The simple idea is a "Welcome to Providence" sign or just a "Providence" sign next to or over the highway, but really, with that 1-2 mile length of highway right there, the possibilities are endless. As it is, the best landmark we've got is Cheater's on the right hand side. I mean, I love the new pink paint, but would enjoy something a little more sophisticated.
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