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    I'm a budding visual artist specializing in a wide rangs of edeavors from illustrations and graphic design to web design, digital art, and various other forms of digital media. I am also diving into composing electronic music in a veriety of styles from classical to techno.

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  1. tamias6

    New projects on the West Side

    I've use this gas stations since its near my home. I would have to say that the clerks their are nice. But given its decrepit state, it would be very nice to see the gas station replaced with something better. So I am very much looking forward to this coming to fruition.
  2. tamias6

    Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    According to this article http://www.govtech.com/fs/transportation/Grand-Rapids-Mich-Considers-Autonomous-Shuttle-Pilot.html Grand Rapids might be seeing autonomous vehicles on Downtown and Westside streets as part of a pilot program.
  3. tamias6

    Proposed Projects / Current Projects Underway 2017

    Does anyone know what's going on at the north east corner of Myrtle and Alpine. The old gas station has been barricaded off. Possible project of some kind?
  4. If GR had that skyline....I would love it. Make sure to focus on density and street life and Boom...perfection.
  5. New York City is a good example. Building height has been prompted by density and the subsiquent high cost of real estate especially in Manhaten. Tall buildings give more bang per buck than low rise structures. However note that there are exceptions. Washington DC is a densely populated city. However due to building codes strictly limiting building height there are no epic skyscrapers despite the demand being their for them to sprout up. Then there are European Cities most of which are low raise but still dense.
  6. tamias6

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    This project should be almost done.
  7. tamias6

    Warner Tower - Lyon and Ottawa

    I saw this project in person when I attended Pridefest. I will be loving the impact the new buildings will bring to that intersection. Its definitely giving the surrounding area a big city vibe already.
  8. Not sure why their is criticism on this design. Sketchup files are really only suppose to give a rough idea of what a project will look like,, I'll wait until the real thing is built before saying its pretty as lake Michigan during a sunset or looks like the rear end of a donkey.
  9. tamias6

    Subway (as in transportation) Fantasy Map

    Though this is purely fantasy, I think at least some of those routs would be good for BRT or light rail.
  10. As much as I would like to see the GR skyline reach for the sky. I'd much rather see street life, walkability, density, and anything that would encourage the people to gather. In short people before tallness.
  11. tamias6

    Proposed 400 room Hotel at Devos Place

    This will definitely change the look the of the skyline,
  12. A 400 room 24 story convention hotel proposed for Devos Place? Hmmmm I'm surprised to see something like this one sliped under the Urban Planet radar. http://www.mlive.com/business/west-michigan/index.ssf/2017/04/new_400-room_hotel_proposed_at.html
  13. tamias6

    Well...it's been fun

    Reasons I run an ad blocker: 1. Ads are annoying. Won't elaborate on that since I'm stating the obvious. 2. Security. Websites that host ads have little to no control of what ads can do to a user's computer. As said by another here, there are ads in circulation that contains malware. Since my PC is central to my livelihood, entertainment, and socializing, I don't need malware screwing up my system. 3. Conserving Bandwidth: Though I have not been hit by monthly data caps, its only a matter of time that I will. I have Comcast as my ISP and they have been testing monthly data caps in some of their service areas. If a customer goes over the cap, they pay an overage fee. As a user I cannot control how much bandwidth an ad takes up. Its all up to the web master as to how many ads are placed in a website. So if a website has allot of ads, that's more precious data usage I would have to burn through than loading a website with little or no ads. In short when I am hit with a monthly data cap, I'd much rather use precious data usage on content I want to see and interact with than wasting it on ads of products I don't want to buy any way. Oh and BTW. To any web master that does not like people using ad blockers, don't waste time with trying to force people to turn off their ad blockers. There are ways for a smart web user to get around ad blocker blockers.
  14. tamias6

    MSU Biomedical Research Campus

    RIP old press building. When I was a teen I was a press carrier for the Grand Rapids Press and I do remember going to the the old press building to turn in my collections, order rubber bands, and bags for my paper routes and talking to my district manager from time to time. I had mixed feelings about the building. On one hand it was not exactly the prettiest place in town. But on the other, I admired how well constructed the building was. It was almost like a military bunker in strength. The most distinctive memory of the building outside of its appearance is the smell of ink. The interior was awash in that bitter sweet odor which like it or hate it leaves a permanent mark in one's memory. On one hand it is sad to see a building go down especially one that once housed something important to the community. However it is a good thing to see the old press building go down to make way for a new edifice that will house something very important not only to the city but possibly the world as well. Progress, people. Progress.
  15. tamias6

    Medical Mile in Minecraft

    Oh and while I'm here. Here is a Dynmap of the Spectrum Health Project. Remember this is a 1:1 scale model of the entire medical mile. 1 block is one meter cube. Also here is a shot of my entire city that I am fitting Medical MIle into.