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  1. Anybody know whats going in on the parcel next to the used car dealership located were Walker Ave. dog legs into Stacking Ave? The parcel is fenced off and grading is going on. A contractors office trailer is set up on the south edge of the parcel.
  2. On my way back from my monthly coffee at Bagel Beanery a few days ago I saw the steel structure of GVSU's/ Its definitely much bigger than I expected. That poor McDonald's to the east is going to look so hemmed in by the addition and the parking ramp going up.
  3. Wow! The Clyde Park store is really coming out really nice. The interior seems like it will look every bit as good as the Knapp Corner store.
  4. In the Westside area, a project that converted the old St. James church school building into affordable housing is complete. Article here.
  5. This article is a very nice read on how Van Andel Research Institute touched off the establishment and growth of Medical Mile. Enjoy.
  6. This Mlive article features a diagram of the proposed on ramp from Division Ave. to WB I-196.
  7. Seems judging by where the new pet supplies section at the Clyde Park store is located, I have a feeling the grocery aisles will run along the back of the store. I could be wrong though. But I'm refering to the layout of the 28th street and K'zoo store. Its grocery aisles are along the back. I dont think the grocery aisles along the back layout would work well at the Alpine store though due to how unusually deep the store is compared to its width. Unless Meijer did a major format change, the Alpine store's current layout seems to make best use of space.
  8. Those cornices look like they only have primer on them. If that is the final color for them, then....meh.... Other than that the rest of the project seems to be turning out fine.
  9. I feel let down too. But I'll take a building that is sustainable from a business prospective than a tall empty building that would flunk business-wise . Maybe we will see something that will take the title of tallest building in the city sometime in the future. We still have empty lots, surface lots. So keeping fingers crossed. Can somebody please build something epic in place of the giant surface lot at Fulton and Market. That would be great.
  10. Yeap. I've been to the Alpine Meijer since the recent remodel. Its mostly a cosmetic redo replacing the older Rockford Prototype look with a cost cut but still very nice version of the Knapp Corner stores's interior. The exterior of the Alpine Store received a slight revision to its paint job. As for the 54 st and Clydpark store, it needed a drastic upgrade...badly. The last time I shopped their just before the remodel work began. The grocery section was a disorganized mess and the general merch side was much the same. Thank the Meiojer corporate gods its finally getting some much needed love.
  11. Been down there to thew 54 st. Meijer. I knew this was a big remodel coming. Most of the parking lot is sectioned off for storage containers for the store remodel. Looks like I'll need to snap some pics the next time I'm down in that area.
  12. I've use this gas stations since its near my home. I would have to say that the clerks their are nice. But given its decrepit state, it would be very nice to see the gas station replaced with something better. So I am very much looking forward to this coming to fruition.
  13. According to this article http://www.govtech.com/fs/transportation/Grand-Rapids-Mich-Considers-Autonomous-Shuttle-Pilot.html Grand Rapids might be seeing autonomous vehicles on Downtown and Westside streets as part of a pilot program.
  14. Does anyone know what's going on at the north east corner of Myrtle and Alpine. The old gas station has been barricaded off. Possible project of some kind?
  15. If GR had that skyline....I would love it. Make sure to focus on density and street life and Boom...perfection.
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