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  1. Proposed 400 room Hotel at Devos Place

    This will definitely change the look the of the skyline,
  2. A 400 room 24 story convention hotel proposed for Devos Place? Hmmmm I'm surprised to see something like this one sliped under the Urban Planet radar. http://www.mlive.com/business/west-michigan/index.ssf/2017/04/new_400-room_hotel_proposed_at.html
  3. Well...it's been fun

    Reasons I run an ad blocker: 1. Ads are annoying. Won't elaborate on that since I'm stating the obvious. 2. Security. Websites that host ads have little to no control of what ads can do to a user's computer. As said by another here, there are ads in circulation that contains malware. Since my PC is central to my livelihood, entertainment, and socializing, I don't need malware screwing up my system. 3. Conserving Bandwidth: Though I have not been hit by monthly data caps, its only a matter of time that I will. I have Comcast as my ISP and they have been testing monthly data caps in some of their service areas. If a customer goes over the cap, they pay an overage fee. As a user I cannot control how much bandwidth an ad takes up. Its all up to the web master as to how many ads are placed in a website. So if a website has allot of ads, that's more precious data usage I would have to burn through than loading a website with little or no ads. In short when I am hit with a monthly data cap, I'd much rather use precious data usage on content I want to see and interact with than wasting it on ads of products I don't want to buy any way. Oh and BTW. To any web master that does not like people using ad blockers, don't waste time with trying to force people to turn off their ad blockers. There are ways for a smart web user to get around ad blocker blockers.
  4. MSU Biomedical Research Campus

    RIP old press building. When I was a teen I was a press carrier for the Grand Rapids Press and I do remember going to the the old press building to turn in my collections, order rubber bands, and bags for my paper routes and talking to my district manager from time to time. I had mixed feelings about the building. On one hand it was not exactly the prettiest place in town. But on the other, I admired how well constructed the building was. It was almost like a military bunker in strength. The most distinctive memory of the building outside of its appearance is the smell of ink. The interior was awash in that bitter sweet odor which like it or hate it leaves a permanent mark in one's memory. On one hand it is sad to see a building go down especially one that once housed something important to the community. However it is a good thing to see the old press building go down to make way for a new edifice that will house something very important not only to the city but possibly the world as well. Progress, people. Progress.
  5. Medical Mile in Minecraft

    Oh and while I'm here. Here is a Dynmap of the Spectrum Health Project. Remember this is a 1:1 scale model of the entire medical mile. 1 block is one meter cube. Also here is a shot of my entire city that I am fitting Medical MIle into.
  6. Medical Mile in Minecraft

    Since MSU is wanting to add the new Biomedical Research center to medical mile I needed to build it in Minecraft. I had to modify the building a bit to fit the context of my minecraft city. But otherwise it faithful to the renderings found on the MSU biomedical recearch center thread elsewhere her.
  7. Boston Square development

    There are two kinds of dollar stores. Dollar-and-up's and Dollar-and-under's. Dollar Tree is a Dollar-and-Under. Learned that from a close friend of mine who's very frugal when shopping.
  8. Van Andel Arena Expansion?

    I know its just a parking ramp. But I can't knock the fact that at least its infill. Plus the architecture, at least as how the concept renderings show, looks nice. Also if the hints of air rights over the ramp being handed off to a potential developer are right, maybe a mix use building of at least a dozen floors or so and featuring some world class architecture built over the ramp would make for an epic "Welcome to DT GR" for those coming in from the north bound lanes of US 131.
  9. CWD

    Confirmed by CWD's online press release right here.
  10. Proposed Projects / Current Projects Underway 2017

    lovin' all the construction and new developments. Keep 'em coming X3
  11. Walkerview

    Sounds like medical related jobs would be on the way with this. I'd say approve it Walker.
  12. CWD

    Looks like Rick Devos's Start Garden Venture will be moving into the Trust Building as well. According to this article they will be taking up the second floor of the building.
  13. East Beltline Developments

    I'm kind of meh about the plans I saw on the article. To me it looks more like a typical power strip center We just need a Target on one end and a Best Buy on the other and maybe a Burlington Coat Factory and a Marshalls in between. Oh and don't forget an Applebee's and a TGI Friday's up front and there you go. I would have like to have seen a lifestyle center. It would be a bit different than the typical exurban shopping center. But oh well its better than nothing I guess.
  14. West Michigan/Grand Rapids Economy

    Not just businesses would benefit from fiber. Residences who heavily use the internet would benefit too. If google fiber came to GR I'd drop my Comu-cast service in favor of that in a heartbeat.
  15. Meijer

    Wow the South gate store is a big one X33