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  1. It will be Chinese Laundry, apparently opening in Mar or April. Owned by XO/Big Fish/Citron/Ten. Mills Tavern and Red Stripe are another restaurateur.
  2. AriPVD

    Oh the weather outside is...

    When does the state house ever close after 5pm?!
  3. AriPVD

    Providence Tomorrow

    I stand corrected.
  4. AriPVD

    Providence Tomorrow

    Can I just say that I have fallen in love with Filomena Lupo. I have no idea who she is but she is SO nice, and she took a week of vacation from work just to go to the charrettes. She got a nice round of a place at one of the sessions. Love her!
  5. AriPVD

    Lil' Rhody Lounge | Off-topic posting

    Providence guinea pigs?
  6. AriPVD

    Providence Tomorrow

    I'm sorry I couldn't attend. I hope to make the next meeting.
  7. AriPVD

    Lil' Rhody Lounge | Off-topic posting

    Rome has 2 subway lines and a great tram that runs from Largo Argentina up Viale di Trastevere. They attempted to build a third subway line but ran into important archaeological sites underground.
  8. AriPVD

    Lil' Rhody Lounge | Off-topic posting

    True. Depressing but valid points. I know it sounds trite, but "that stuff can (and does) happen anywhere."
  9. AriPVD

    Providence/RI Photo of the day - by Garris

    I'd assume it's well-maintained because the federal government is responsible. Not that that says much these days...
  10. AriPVD

    Lil' Rhody Lounge | Off-topic posting

    It is in the Chace (upstairs) Theater at Trinity tonight at 5:30. It will go on, despite the snow!
  11. AriPVD

    Thinking about moving to Providence?

    Closer to downtown than Westminster? Westminster IS downtown!
  12. AriPVD

    Lil' Rhody Lounge | Off-topic posting

    Welcome, Desolation. We'd be happy to tell you more about our city!
  13. The commuter is happening. That's what this thread is about.