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  1. It will be Chinese Laundry, apparently opening in Mar or April. Owned by XO/Big Fish/Citron/Ten. Mills Tavern and Red Stripe are another restaurateur.
  2. When does the state house ever close after 5pm?!
  3. Can I just say that I have fallen in love with Filomena Lupo. I have no idea who she is but she is SO nice, and she took a week of vacation from work just to go to the charrettes. She got a nice round of a place at one of the sessions. Love her!
  4. I'm sorry I couldn't attend. I hope to make the next meeting.
  5. Rome has 2 subway lines and a great tram that runs from Largo Argentina up Viale di Trastevere. They attempted to build a third subway line but ran into important archaeological sites underground.
  6. True. Depressing but valid points. I know it sounds trite, but "that stuff can (and does) happen anywhere."
  7. I'd assume it's well-maintained because the federal government is responsible. Not that that says much these days...
  8. It is in the Chace (upstairs) Theater at Trinity tonight at 5:30. It will go on, despite the snow!
  9. Closer to downtown than Westminster? Westminster IS downtown!
  10. Welcome, Desolation. We'd be happy to tell you more about our city!
  11. The commuter is happening. That's what this thread is about.
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