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  1. flemings is opening soon at epicentre (they are the best in my humble opinion)
  2. rdu is losing much more than that - aa service to kansas city, jacksonville, louisville, ne arkansas, newark and austin and i think united service to denver and delta service to slc. terrible timing with the new terminal coming online in a couple of months. i know the airport wanted to announce flights to paris or frankfurt but that probably wont be happening now. . .
  3. wasnt this flight always a seasonal flight? of course, if it was designed to be year-round, who would be surprised that it was cut being such a long-thin route
  4. i got to see it take off today - wow that is a beautiful plane - i love the four engines and it is really really long and it used most of the runway
  5. this is just anecdotal but the belk at crabtree is nothing compared to the sp belk - for example, the selection of hugo boss suits appeared an afterthought at crabtree whereas at sp, there are seemingly hundreds. the crabtree store just doesnt have a luxurious feel especially for a "flagship store". Anyway, they are both poor compared to nordstroms.
  6. im assuming that many of those "20 ft ceiling" condos will be loft style condos
  7. was that height before or after the removal of the spires? if that is after the spires, that will be one tall builing with an avg floor heigh above 13ft/fl
  8. so what was the deal at clt last evening - i was at dulles on the runway ready to take off and the captain came over the radio and said a "ground stop" had been issued at clt. We never did get an explanation but when we finally got to clt last evening, everything was delayed and the weather was perfect.
  9. on another message board there is scuttlebutt that usair will add three domestic flights this week. any of the usair insiders heard anything about this?
  10. cheap and SLOW compared to the gatwick express. When you arrive in gatwick at 7 in the morning and head into town, the highway (m25 i believe) is a parking lot and takes ages. oh well, the day clt gets heathrow service, now that will be very exciting
  11. remember, usair is a star alliance member. charlotte cant sustain o/d service to these destinations and in many cases would need a codeshare agreement (additional feed) to make it work. so if you look at the star alliance website (www.staralliance.com), locations such as portugal (tap airlines), zurich/geneva (swiss air), stockholm (sas), warsaw (lot), and vienna (austrian) would seem like the most likely candidates. star alliance has no partners in lat am but plenty in asia (though it will be a cold day in hell before clt gets direct asian service). to further ramble, i dont see santiago (too far, too small), rio (bumped in favor of sao paulo) or buenos aires (i would love ba direct bc its such an amazing city) any time soon. sao paulo is more likely but still a stretch. quito just wont happen (too small of market, city of 1 million). Lima could happen (much larger city).
  12. i was doing some research on this bogota flight and its not a done deal - usair is competing with jetblue and spirit air for route authority to bogota. essentially, the proposal from usai from charlotte has to beat one of the other proposals to get the gig. just an fyi
  13. wow that is from out in left field. I'm excited to get another route but I dont think this one will be a tourist heavy route. . .
  14. i appreciate the review - ive been a bit apprehensive about heading to check it out at $30/entree but ill have to check it out now. THANKS!!!
  15. im sorry but that is what they get for screwing everyone out of their contracts! that building was initially affordable and one of the properties i was seriously considering but now they are going to have to deal with apts, serves them right. ps why would anyone pay $350/sf to live in a stick built home when they could live in trademark, courtside, or elswhere
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