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  1. Yesterday the N&O was all doom & gloom about the DT condo market. Today we're apparently stable.
  2. The buildings are definitely ugly with a capital 'U', but why in the heck cut down those beautiful old oaks??? They don't get that big in a week or a decade, even. Makes me mad.
  3. Pardon my dingbattyness, but doesn't retail include stuff like books and clothing? There needs to be more than just places to eat downtown.
  4. What's the scoop on Poole's? Anyone been since it reopened?
  5. Huh. I learn something everyday. Thanks!
  6. What is daylighting? And thanks ChiefJoJo!
  7. Sorry if this is already in discussion - I searched Hayes Barton and Harvey st but didn't find anything. What are they doing there where Harvey St is closed @ the light on Glenwood? Is it just routine improvements to the drainage systems? Moderators note: merged this topic with the Five Points topic.
  8. There's a sign in the window of the passive solar building that used to house Brown and Jones architecture on north Person street, diagonally across from Conti's. (It was an old gas station, has a big water collection tank out front so lots of people thought it was a brewery.) Anyway, the sign says coming soon, Rosie's Plate, specializing in allergy free food (like no peanuts, gluten, etc). Their website (www.rosiesplate.com) is a placeholder, no other info than that. Doesn't look like much happening inside yet - here are still rolls of plans on the tables.
  9. yoga

    The Edison

    IMO, the best way to "design down" is to reduce the amount of SF for each unit. If designed well, with efficient storage in the closets, laundry and takes advantage of other spaces off the floor & in out of the way areas within each room, a couple could easily live in less than 1500SF, and less than 1000SF for singles. It's more of a challenge for families & single parents than childless couples or single folks, but what's the statistic for couples with kids who live in high rise condos in Raleigh? The average hotel room is roughly 300SF. That's ample for a comfortable week's st
  10. Thankya kindly, ncwebguy. And here I was, about to ask if anyone here wore clothes.
  11. Has anyone used these guys? I stopped in yesterday to inquire about having some shirts made, the guy was really nice & price seemed reasonable ($60 plus material). Just wondering if any of you kids had used them before.
  12. I'm looking forward to Waraji also, having been to Sushi Blues and the Progress Energy place. I hope it lives up to the reviews!
  13. Probably not a quick lunch option (especially with the paving on Tryon Rd these days), but Mythos on the corner of Tryon and Cary Parkway is very good.
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