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  1. Black students not allowed at white prom in Georgia

    You have got to be kidding.
  2. predictions of the future

    I always take these with a grain of salt...there are actually studies one can engage in to learn the art of generalizing in a way that sounds convincingly true. Psychics learn these too. Very interesting to see the correlations between prediction and outcome, though.
  3. The Empire Room | Off-topic posting

    Hello all. Forum seems to be lagging. So, let's play a game: Word association! I'll start: Empire
  4. I would also offer that it gets there at a point when it has built a certain day-to-day trust and rapport with the folks in the community. People stop by and buy something as much for stopping in and having a person-to-person chat as to actually acquire whatever it is they bought.
  5. San Francisco/ Bay Area Transportation

    Wow...all the years I lived there they never achieved that. Kudos!
  6. How long is your morning commute?

    About 8 miles each way, takes me 15-20 min by car. It's a decent enough commute, able to garner around 40mpg each way, more on a good day.
  7. Off-Topic

    I guess it's the same old-same old then. Bay Area teams have been moving around for ages. Kind of silly to play in the South Bay and still be an SF team, but hey, what do I know. Incidentally, since you mentioned BART, have they made it 'round the bay yet? And I heard something about Caltrain expanding? As to Silicon Valley...yes I sort of see the bloom being off. There are tech hubs popping up all over - Austin, TX, Seattle, NC's Research Triangle among others - and we have seen a lot of Silicon Valey be consolidated again in Japan, take IBM's campus in S. San Jose which was pretty well emptied after Hitachi and Lenovo purchased major parts of their business.
  8. Australian Ghettos

    Sorry to dig this up, but it roused my curiosity. There's little online. Never associated Australia with ghettos either...
  9. Off-Topic

    How is California doing these days? I went there in '09 and my hometown of Milpitas looked pretty well worse for wear. How is public opinion on the high-speed rail after its passage? Unemployment getting better? Any prospects for Siiicon Valley regaining its total leadership in high-tech? How is it looking for mixed-use developments near transit options? What about that grand plan to divert water from the Delta to SoCal? Valley cities struggling or still gaining exurb residents? Man, I feel so disconnected!
  10. Pantheon Park | PROPOSED

    Hopefully they will integrate the historic structures into the campus in some way. I agree it's an interesting idea, but would like to know more details on the actual benefit sought from this development before I threw my support behind it.
  11. What are your top three cities?

    I love your third choice. From what I have seen on TV, Charleston looks like a really charming place.
  12. Simply put, what are your three favourite cities which you have visited? Why? For me: Washington, DC. It's a surprisingly chic, urbane, and multicultural city with tons of hidden eateries and a fantastic feel. It includes lots of priceless vistas and plenty of romantic nooks too. Nevermind the politicians and low skyline, I was taken with this city almost instantly. Lots of architectural character. You can have rowhouse, high-rise, or suburban living. Just over the river in Alexandria and Arlington, Virginia it felt just as tight and polished as in DC. Plenty of history here, too. Get a vista from above and much of the cityscape flirts with you, partially hidden behind mature trees. Plus the beach is not a terribly far drive away, nor is some sailing and a fantastic golf course in the Potomac. Chicago, IL. Another very urbane city. Granted the Loop feels deserted after dark, this is still a bustling city with a great transit system and some really great neighborhoods (Wicker Park, Logan Square, Near North). It's a hub of architecture (Burnham + Root, Frank Lloyd Wright, among others), has tons of charming brick buildings and plenty of old-growth trees. Inner-ring suburbs take the most advantage of this. Grant Park, situated in the heart of the downtown waterfront, is attractively nesled between the built environment and the water, offering a relatively short trek to many of the city's attractions. I also love the city's gritty feel. SF Bay Area, CA. OK, this is because it's home, where I was born and raised. The region itself was born of the gold rush, San Francisco quickly growing into one of the most dense cities in the nation. But it offers more than that. It was raised during the era of the suburb. Everything from urban to suburban living, to hilltop ranches are available in the area. It's surrounded by hills, so while the smog is bad during the summer, the vistas can be equally good, as are the driving roads. It may be arguably the most ethnically diverse metro area in the US, and there is no shortage of...just about anything you could want. Silicon Valley keeps it young and restless, meanwhile ToD's are popping up next to expanded and more integrated modes of public transit.
  13. I don't agree with it at all. Why should you pay to register your bike? CSU Chico made you do it for $10/yr, citing the tracking of stolen bicycles. I declined, since I had bought mine there for $7 lol.
  14. San Francisco Photo of the Day

    Glad you're keeping this going. The City is one of the most photogenic cities...well, maybe ever. My brother lived on the edge of the Tenderloin, ow lives in the Sunset. As a kid (I grew up in Milpitas), I always liked seeing "The Town", although I was always cold LOL. Now that I am older I have a lot of respect for this city and tge endless photographic opportunities it presents.
  15. SF Pictures of the Day II

    I can't believe you're still keeping this thread up! Fantastic! Great photos too, always something to keep me interested. The nighttime shots are great too, btw. Cities come alive to me at night.