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  1. Hello all. Forum seems to be lagging. So, let's play a game: Word association! I'll start: Empire
  2. Wow...all the years I lived there they never achieved that. Kudos!
  3. I guess it's the same old-same old then. Bay Area teams have been moving around for ages. Kind of silly to play in the South Bay and still be an SF team, but hey, what do I know. Incidentally, since you mentioned BART, have they made it 'round the bay yet? And I heard something about Caltrain expanding? As to Silicon Valley...yes I sort of see the bloom being off. There are tech hubs popping up all over - Austin, TX, Seattle, NC's Research Triangle among others - and we have seen a lot of Silicon Valey be consolidated again in Japan, take IBM's campus in S. San Jose which was pretty well em
  4. How is California doing these days? I went there in '09 and my hometown of Milpitas looked pretty well worse for wear. How is public opinion on the high-speed rail after its passage? Unemployment getting better? Any prospects for Siiicon Valley regaining its total leadership in high-tech? How is it looking for mixed-use developments near transit options? What about that grand plan to divert water from the Delta to SoCal? Valley cities struggling or still gaining exurb residents? Man, I feel so disconnected!
  5. I love your third choice. From what I have seen on TV, Charleston looks like a really charming place.
  6. Simply put, what are your three favourite cities which you have visited? Why? For me: Washington, DC. It's a surprisingly chic, urbane, and multicultural city with tons of hidden eateries and a fantastic feel. It includes lots of priceless vistas and plenty of romantic nooks too. Nevermind the politicians and low skyline, I was taken with this city almost instantly. Lots of architectural character. You can have rowhouse, high-rise, or suburban living. Just over the river in Alexandria and Arlington, Virginia it felt just as tight and polished as in DC. Plenty of history here, too. Get a
  7. Glad you're keeping this going. The City is one of the most photogenic cities...well, maybe ever. My brother lived on the edge of the Tenderloin, ow lives in the Sunset. As a kid (I grew up in Milpitas), I always liked seeing "The Town", although I was always cold LOL. Now that I am older I have a lot of respect for this city and tge endless photographic opportunities it presents.
  8. I can't believe you're still keeping this thread up! Fantastic! Great photos too, always something to keep me interested. The nighttime shots are great too, btw. Cities come alive to me at night.
  9. There's really no bad view of The City. Where I grew up in the South Bay, I never really appreciated San Francisco, but now that I live away from there I can say that I appreciate San Francisco the way a lot of people do. It's really a unique, beautiful place with a lot to offer. Thanks for all the amazing pictures of the ins and outs of one of the most unique places on the globe.
  10. No they didn't! The Wings did! With the Sharks out, that concludes most of my interest in the playoffs. Go Western Conference!
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