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  1. New hangars going in south of the Intermodal Center on eastern edge of the airport along Wall-Triana. Also, a recently resurfaced 18L-36R reopened this week after being closed for months.
  2. An apartment complex. Doster Construction is the GC.
  3. Thompson Tractor Company Caterpillar Dealership GC: Brasfield & Gorrie
  4. Tower almost done - to be activated in May. http://www.sellersphoto.com/clients/tower
  5. Just a random sampling of photos from today's flight. Construction Photos
  6. Hospital is expanding. Gadsden RMC
  7. Huntsville skyline as viewed from the new Embassy Suites http://www.sellersphoto.com/downtown/
  8. www.sellersphoto.com/huntsville has a new photo of downtown Huntsville
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