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  1. Amazon HQ2

    While I never felt like Charlotte had a legit shot, we certainly didn’t do ourselves any favors by focusing on our “edginess.” Whoever came up with that game plan certainly doesn’t understand this city and the value it could bring to companies like Amazon. They probably dismissed our bid for being disingenuous. Apparently we are the “stable genius” of HQ2 submissions.
  2. Amazon HQ2

    7 Steps PSA...
  3. Stonewall - Northwood Ravin Project

    I'd like to see Charlotte's version of Hall of Heroes go there instead. Something that really speaks to our rich history and culture...
  4. SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    Related: http://charlottenc.gov/Projects/Pages/WilmoreDriveParkAveSewer-Replacement.aspx 2019 estimated completion date. Most major projects wouldn’t be flushing by then anyway.
  5. Hey who can I credit for the photo of Red House Cafe? I'm putting it on Charlotte Five.

  6. Hey who can I credit for the photo of Red House Cafe? I'm putting it on Charlotte Five.

    1. lewy2000


      @r0mpy is my Twitter handle

      Refer to me as NoDa development expert and man in the streets lol

  7. NoDa (N Davidson St Arts District) Projects

    Haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere — the red house at 34th and Davidson is having their soft launch this weekend. Italian cuisine. The Red House Cafe.
  8. Charlotte Bike Sharing

    Agree. Bcycle, Uber and TLR will all take a hit. Road LimeBike back and forth between South End and Uptown today. $1 per trip. Game changer.
  9. SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    Or, you know, walk on the other side of the tracks.
  10. Amazon HQ2

    http://tcrn.ch/2lRomQy Amazon chose Vancouver for a second corporate office (with 1000+ jobs). This is an obvious signal that 2nd tier east coast cities have no shot since their ONE advantage is lower costs. Vancouver is arguably the most expensive city in North America, and they chose it anyway. They are going to either Boston, NYC or DC.
  11. NoDa (N Davidson St Arts District) Projects

    Fourscore and 3.5 years later, Mango's prepares to open.
  12. Carolina Panthers

    Last year's 6-10 record ain't exactly winning, boss. He was fired because he's a better talent evaluator than a GM, and apparent all-round ahole.
  13. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    I'd add Unknown's Hospitali-tea to your list. Otherwise pretty amazing beer scene that's emerged in Charlotte.
  14. Ascent Uptown - 33 stories (3rd and Poplar)

    16 posts (and counting) about a social media contest. These guys are g*% damn marketing geniuses! #UptownStunner
  15. 615 South College (Portman Office Tower near Westin)

    Not calling anyone out but it's always fun to look back at the initial feedback to renderings. One reason I don't get overly excited one way or the other.