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  1. They quietly listed themselves for sale a few months back. $600k and it can be yours. Part of their problem is that they can't get loans/financing due to the CBD issue. Hard to run a business without access to capital and whatnot.
  2. LOL I live a block away in one of those dated single family homes and you can go f%$k yourself.
  3. Lame as hell. I’d fire you if you were my marketer.
  4. It also includes the two white buildings to the right of this one, fyi.
  5. Me too. Finally went there for the first time a few weeks ago and was shocked by how good it was. Don’t get the hate at all.
  6. Shiny = Check! New = Check! Sterile = Not so fast, dog! This building is not lacking in imagination and creativity. Save that criticism for the Lunion up the street.
  7. @ricky_davis_fan_21 Any renderings of the hotel/apartment building at the corner of West and Tryon? Looks like Beacon has only released the office renderings thus far.
  8. You have SFHs directly across the street. Three floors was probably the max. Between District Flats, this and Ferguson, yikes. At least 300 put some effort into an industrial feel (brick, steel, glass).
  9. That Rooney assist gave me goose bumps and I don't even follow soccer.
  10. Explains a lot. Looks like John W. Harris III has too much on his plate and is perhaps unwilling to delegate responsibilities to, dare we say, more capable teammates on issues of design. Dude must be overworked to the point of delirium to have made a statement like that. Look at his list of responsibilities for Christ’s sake.
  11. Haven't seen this mentioned elsewhere... Eighteen town homes being developed across from the Holiday Inn Express to the left of the Stop N Go on W. Kingston Ave. Land is currently occupied by four SFHs that once were combined to create a daycare, now closed. They've been denied several times by the HDC due to height, materials, offsets, etc. so who knows when/if this ever gets off the ground.
  12. Must say, it looks much better with the black accent and logo. Thanks @ricky_davis_fan_21
  13. It’s legit ruined our skyline and makes me want to move to an LU-free city. #soangry
  14. I was there when Jack Black ran through the fountains in front of BofA HQ. Also met Gwyneth Paltrow's body double, the skinny version. That's my top celebrity encounter, actually.
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